Weekenders 05/16 – 05/20


May Long Weekend is finally here! What are you checking out this Weekend?

Friday, May 17 2013

Here’s what you need to make your Friday night all right – Peg City’s version of Neko Case & Her Boyfriends – roots rocker Romi Mayes along with three of her favourite sidemen at the Windsor Hotel.  Drummer Emmet Van Etten hails from New York where he beats the skins for the Weber Brothers; you know Jay Nowicki from the Perpetrators and Romi & Jay; Chris Carmichael you may not recognize his name, but you’ve heard him play, often with Romi, he’s one of the best guitarists around.  It’s anyone’s guess what exactly they’ll play, but it’ll be blistering.

Show starts rocking at the Windsor at 10pm. $10 at the door! –BT

Saskatoon, the Paris of the Prairies, has been pumping out a lot of good music lately. The boys in Castle River are passing through town on Friday, playing a set at the Cavern. The group has been getting a bit of buzz around them, and what better environment to check them out but the dingy old basement of the Toad? Remember when nobody went to see the Sheepdogs down there, and the next thing you know, they’re fucking massive? Don’t make the same mistake this weekend.

As per usual for Cavern shows, this one will likely get ripping around 10pm, and cost about $5 to get in. Or so I’m assuming… -SB

Saturday, May 18 2013

Man.. oh… Man… does Mount Elgon Productions ever have a punk rock extravaganza planned for this Saturday at Negative Space. Opening the night we have Satanic Rights featuring (ex members of the Squareheads, Evil Survives and Caniform) and word on the street is they sound like The Wipers if they had Danzig on vocals. This must be seen to be believed, so see it.

Next up we have Just Piss a band that has a scream more powerful then anything else this town has to offer. Lead singer Erica Jacobs (ex The Quiff) is a treasure/local legend/consummate entertainer.

From Vancover we have pop punk all stars, The Pro Teens, bringing their patented gnarly, snarl and dirty hooks to town, to show all the kids you don’t gotta be a goober to get this town-a-dancin’.

And last up we get The Strap (Annihilator, Stagmummer, Meatrack) pumping out a wall of sound and infuences as disperate as Zappa and Jesus Lizard. So don’t be stupid, get your ass to Negative Space this Saturday.

This show goes down at NGTV SPC on Princess Saturday night. Don’t miss out! – DS

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