Secret Colours – Positive Distractions Parts I & II


Originating from the Windy City of Chicago, Secret Colours are set to release the newest version of their psych-pop sound in the form of a double-EP, Positive Distractions Parts I & II, their third and fourth efforts after 2010’s eponymous debut and 2013’s Peach. Having slimmed down to a four-piece from the sextet that graced the previous two releases, the band looks to put together a “leaner, meaner” sound.
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Shooting Guns :: Motherfuckers Never Learn


by Sheldon Birnie

The barren landscape before you is obscured in a thick, pungent haze as the red orb of the sun begins to climb the horizon. The earth beneath your feet is charred and oozing, like the flesh on a burn victim’s face. The air is still, but your head buzzes with the terrible knowledge that something cataclysmic has just transpired. Only you can’t remember what it was. The only sound that can be heard is the ringing drone where your eardrums used to be. Are your ears bleeding? Yes. Yes they are. Continue reading “Shooting Guns :: Motherfuckers Never Learn”