Teleharmonium :: The Mother Generator


Grand, lush, atmospheric, ethereal, and powerful. These are all words that were immediately brought into my mind when I had the good luck of being turned onto this band for the first time.

Teleharmonium captures many vibes and moods in this album. Mother Generator is the debut album from the band, and they have the courage to make a concept album – a very good one at that, my friends. My favourite tunes were the powerful “The Influencing Machine Parts I, II, III,” the hauntingly wonderful “Love: The Invisible Clock,”and the trippy “The Past is Particles.” I also really enjoyed the lyrical content, as it is very insightful and not over the top. They mix together seamlessly, and without fear, elements of prog, psychedelia, folk, rock, and jazz. Please do not let this frighten you, for the songs have a nice pop sensibility about them, especially the vocals. Every song is easily hummable and catchy after the very first listen. So take a chance and check out this band on their bandcamp, and get your tickets to Rainbow Trout Music Festival where Teleharmonium will be bringing their vision and beauty to the stage. (¬†

Ed Durocher

Recommended if you like The Trip on CKUW 95.9