TRANSISTOR 66 WEEKENDER :: Park Theatre Saturday :: April 28, 2012

TRANSISTOR 66 WEEKENDER w/ Miesha & the Spanks, This Hisses, Les Sexy, and Microdot

By Shanell Dupras

After ten years of providing Winnipeg with rock n’ roll, rockabilly, folk, and whatever other genres Art MacIntyre found exciting, it was time to celebrate! I had the pleasure of attending two out of the three shows from that weekend (although missing Friday was slightly devastating), and was impressed and disappointed all at the same time. What was disappointing was not the actual performances. No, they were all incredible in their own ways! What was disappointing was the turn out. After how much these concerts were promoted, I expected more than 30 people to show up. Continue reading “TRANSISTOR 66 WEEKENDER :: Park Theatre Saturday :: April 28, 2012”