2015 Rainbow Trout Music Festival


By Selci

TROUT. TROUT. TROUT. Rainbow Trout Music Festival returns for another year from August 14-16. Based on the banks of the Roseau River, just south of St. Malo MB, the fest celebrates all genres of music. I caught up with several artists and organizers from this year’s festival.

Ben Jones (Rainbow Trout Co-Founder)

Stylus: On a scale of 1 to super-crazy-monster-stoked, how excited are you for this year’s festival?

Ben Jones: For the past six years, the RTMF has been this massive annual punctuation mark in my life. There is nothing I look forward to more than sitting next to the Roseau River surrounded by friends while listening to all our favourite bands! Best weekend of the year, every year.

Stylus: How did the festival come into fruition?

BJ: One afternoon at Reynolds Ponds a really motivated and talented group of friends who love music and camping decided to build a little festival. It was so much fun that they kept doing it. For a longer version of that story, check out our website (rainbowtroutmusicfestival.com)

Stylus: I heard you guys sold out in 40 minutes. How do you feel about selling out so quick this year?

BJ: It was mind-blowing. I used to spend days sitting at Old Market Square with a hand-painted sign selling tickets. I would deliver tickets to friends houses just to make sure that they would show up. I’m happy that people have really embraced the fest. It’s encouraging to know that all the grinding finally paid off.

Stylus: Are there acts you are particularly excited for?

BJ: Holy Void is really bringing it together for me right now. I think having lunch while listening to their dark drone will be real weird and wonderful.

Stylus: Do you have plans to expand the festival in the future?

BJ: We are small and intend to stay that way. We aren’t trying to build a mega festival, there are enough of those. Part of the magic of the RTMF is that it isn’t overrun with people.

Stylus: Can you share a highlight from festivals past? A fond memory, something funny, or something unexpected?

BJ: When Smoky Tiger rolled up in his van (named “Elfmyst”) just minutes before his set on Saturday night, after spending a hellish three-week odyssey trying to get across the country. It’s just as ridiculous as it sounds, and it was magic, as was his set.

Claire Morrison (2015 RTMF Performer)

Stylus: On a scale of 1 to super-crazy-monster-stoked, how stoked are you for this year’s fest?

Claire Morrison: My excitement is as big as Saturn’s rings!

Stylus: Have you played or attended Rainbow Trout in the past?

CM: I haven’t. I was invited to play last year and sadly, it didn’t work out. I’m very happy to have the chance to perform this year and finally check out the fest.

Stylus: What are you most excited about for this year’s festival?

CM: Sharing the stage with some great musical pals of mine for my set (you’ll have to come see us to find out who)! Like with any festival, I’m stoked to unplug from technology and spend a weekend outside. Working in the music industry requires way too much time spent staring at screens. I’m also excited to make some new hometown discoveries. There are all sorts of new names popping up on the Manitoba scene, and lots of bands I’m unfamiliar with.

Stylus: Are there any bands you’re really looking forward to?

CM: I’m looking forward to checking out Slow Leaves for the first time. I’ve heard great things about his stuff. I’ll definitely be catching The Empty Standards as well, if only to hear them play “Let You Go.” That tune brings up some really powerful late-teens nostalgia for me.

Stylus: We’re so happy to catch you at RTMF because now you’re in Montreal all the time. Any other shows we can see you at while you’re in town?

CM: I’m pretty sure that my show at RTMF will be my only performance in Manitoba this time around. If I decide to do another surprise show in August, I’ll announce it online at clairemorrison.com and on Twitter at @clairemwpg.

Catch Claire Morrison at RTMF on Saturday, August 15 at 1:00 p.m.

M&M Meats (2015 RTMF Performer)

Stylus: On a scale of 1 to super-crazy-monster-stoked, how stoked are you for this year’s fest?

M&M Meats: Pretty excited, which in Meats-speak is approximately a ten.

Stylus: Have you played or attended Rainbow Trout in the past?

M&MM: 2/3 of us have been out. 0/3 have played.

Stylus: What is a highlight from your memories of festivals past?

M&MM: Last year, Rob drove that damn luggage van back and forth in the middle of the day when it was hotter than Pluto’s alleged molten core. Also, seeing Vikings play a few years ago blew Rob away.

Stylus: What are you most excited about this years festival?

M&MM: Floating in the stream, and Parlour bringing their coffee tamper.

Stylus: Are there any bands you’re really looking forward to?

M&MM: The Will To Power, Blonde Goth, Ghost Twin.

Stylus: You guys just released your EP Runners Love on July 18, can you tell us a bit about the album?

M&MM: It’s a rock album with a couple of  twists and turns.  We recorded with Joel Mierau at Private Ear Recording last fall.  Joel is a genius and a genuinely nice guy who apparently doesn’t need sleep. Without him, there would be no record.

M&M Meats will kick-off the festival at 6 p.m. on Friday, August 14.

Find all festival information at rainbowtroutmusicfestival.com.