Album Review :: Sweet Alibi :: Make a Scene

by Matt Harrison

Released in late January 2022, Make a Scene is the newest album from Winnipeg’s own Sweet Alibi. These eight songs were collectively written by Amber Nielson, Jessica Rae Ayre and Michelle Anderson with bassist Alasdair Dunlop and drummer Sandy Fernandez.

Each of the eight tracks on this album have a clean mix of instruments with thoughtful and interesting lyrics. With beautifully sung harmonies, unique instrumentals and interesting rhythms this album plays like the soundtrack for the start of summer. 

Track three, “Same Roads,” tells the story of a person caught wandering the same wrong paths in life again and again. Try as they might to break through and live a new life, the writer stays caught in the  same tracks: “I keep walking the same roads again; that road keeps breaking me down.”

The very next track, “Really Great,” picks listeners up from the disposition of old ways. 

An interesting song to note is “Confetti.” The story of this song is of a wealthy older woman who has a lesson to teach her “money grubbing children.” Since she can’t take her great wealth with her to the otherside, the woman chooses to have her riches used as confetti at her funeral. 

“She had this one idea

To teach her money hungry children

That stuff is temporary

And you just can’t take it with you when you go.”Sweet Alibi has gifted listeners with a fresh and upbeat sound. It makes me want to throw the windows open or take a walk somewhere the sun is shining. An exploration of oneself and what is most valuable in life, Make a Scene is sure to make an impression on all who hear it.