Album Review :: The Bros. Landreth :: Come Morning

by Keeley Braunstein-Black

The Bros. Landreth are back and have done it again. Joey and Dave Landreth’s new album, released May 13, comes with a run time of just under 40 minutes. Come Morning is chalked full of emotion and harmony-heavy soulfulness. Tackling difficult emotional themes, Come Morning is about balance, fatherhood, priorities, emotional healing, hard truths, new beginnings, and change.

Come Morning has layers of harmonies over atmospheric analog synth, Hammond organ, and guitar. Beginning with the singles “Stay” and “What in the World,” the album continues to “Drive All Night,” a song filled with ethereal synths, guitar, and driving rhythms and vocals on the chorus. Traveling onto the next songs, the brothers wrap you in a blanket of slow, sorrowful melodies in “Shame” and “You Don’t Know Me” about loss of friendship. “After the Rain” is more an upbeat, uplifting, and hopeful song about needing a change. Moving on, “Don’t Feel Like Crying” is a powerful, relatable song about moving on and the next step in the healing process. “Corduroy” highlights the keys reminiscent of the past. Layered melodic guitar and vocals, “Come Morning” holds you in sway, making you wish you were still dreaming before morning. Taking you by the hand, “Back to Thee” leads you back to reuniting and mending relationships to conclude the album. 

In Come Morning, The Bros. Landreth collaborates with others. Two songs, including “After the Rain,” a song about the need for deep, meaningful change, were co-written with Jonathan Singleton. The album also has appearances with Leith Ross (“Don’t Feel Like Crying”), Joe Pisapia (“You Don’t Know Me”), drummers Aaron Sterling and Daniel Roy.

The Bros. Landreth takes you along on their journey of sadness, healing, change and hope for new beginnings. Perfect for long drives and chilling at home Come Morning is a beautifully crafted and soul-touching album you will want to add to your collection.