Album Review :: Dil Brito :: Fences Glimpses Glances

by Gabriel Fars

In most parts of his music, he doesn’t need lyrics; the melodies say it all. The small comforts of this album make it feel incredibly warm and welcoming. It has almost a nostalgic haze type of vibe to it. I think the best part about it is that this isn’t some pretentious ass shit. It’s complex and beautiful, but it still doesn’t feel as though it’s trying to aim too hard for that target audience of ‘snobby hipsters who listen to folk music and probably think that they’re both better than you AND too smart for you.’ 

The track ‘Full Time Dazing’ is almost too real for me. From the background static to the repeating guitar melodies to all the lines about being lost at sea, this track is like a dissociative episode. 

That feeling is similarly echoed in ‘That Room,’ where I’m not really all there, and the world around me no longer feels real. It’s the type of track you could just turn on, sit back, and let yourself get completely lost in it. 

I think that within his music, there’s also a bit of connection there too. It goes around full circle. There’s a type of weird deja vu throughout the album where you hear a new sound and go, “wait, I think I heard that before” or there’s some musical repetitiveness there, just enough that it seems as though it’s really tying the whole album together in a sense. 

Dil Brito’s music overall feels incredibly powerful and poetic. In both the aspects of musical parts and lyrics, I believe that Dil Drito truly does have an incredibly unique and interesting style and sound. 

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