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Top 20+ Local Spring 2024

Posted on April 23rd, 2024

TW LW Artist Album Label
1 Begonia Powder Blue Birthday Cake
2 Vivat Virtute Hold Music Vivat Virtute
3 Agassiz Pulse 1D - EP Post-Glacial Recordings
4 William Prince Stand in the Joy Six Shooter Records Inc.
5 The Secret Beach 22 - Single Victory Pool Records
6 Andrina Turenne Bold as Logs Independent
7 Zrada Legend Zrada
8 Greg Rekus & The Inside Job Sinners Go To Church Saints Go to Jail Self-released
9 Paige Drobot The Psychics Album Transistor 66 Record Co
10 Two Crows for Comfort 17 Feet 970383 Records DK
11 Bloc Parents EP - EP Self-Released
12 Boy Golden For Jimmy - EP Six Shooter Records Inc.
13 Single Medical Jargon Fold Paper
14 Curtis Nowosad If I had La Reserve Records
15 VVonder Now and Again Huntsman Records
16 Stiff Wiggle This Machine - Single Dealable-Withable
17 Zoon Bekka Ma’iingan Paper Bag Records
18 Boogey the Beat Cousins Red Music Rising
19 Nuclear Man Demo 2023 - EP NUKE MANE BOYZZ
20 Apollo Suns Departures DO RIGHT! MUSIC
21 Amos the Kid Enough as it Was House of Wonders Records
22 Death Cassette Get Rid of It - EP High End Denim Records
23 The Gerry Hatricks Hockey Tape - Single The Gerry Hatricks
24 Touching I Can Be Two People At Once Head In The Sand
25 Guilty Sleep Passenger Self-released
26 Juilene’s Daughter Rockefeller Single Self-released

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