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Top 30 CD/Albums - August 10th, 2020

Posted on August 13th, 2020

TW LW Artist Album Label
1 The Dream Syndicate The Universe Inside Anti-
2 Silver Clouds Silver Clouds Disintegration
3 Sean Burns It Takes Luck To Get The Best Of Me Self-Released
4 Slow Leaves Shelf Life Birthday Cake
5 Pharis & Jason Romero Bet On Love Lula
6 Tami Neilson Chicka Boom Outside
7 Tommy And The Commies Hurtin’ 4 Certain Slovenly
8 Pip Skid/Rob Crooks Its Ok Marathon Of Dope
9 Tough Age Which Way Am I? Mint
10 Boyo Where Have All My Friends Gone Park The Van
11 Wares Survival Mint
12 Japandroids Massey Fucking Hall Anti-
13 Built To Spill Plays The Songs Of Daniel Johnston Ernest Jenning
14 Mr. Elevator Goodbye, Blue Sky Castle Face
15 Destroyer Have We Met Merge
16 Nestor Wynrush Roxbury And Wooden Legs Peanuts And Corn
17 Zombi 2020 Replase
18 Protomartyr Ultimate Success Today Domino
19 Caribou Suddenly Merge
20 Woods Strange To Explain Woodsist
21 Dehd Flower Of Devotion Fire Talk
22 Billy Simard Secret Ki-Keek
23 Braids Shadow Offering Secret City
24 Sports Club Super Athletics Self-Released
25 Wolf Parade Thin Mind Royal Mountain
26 Photay Waking Hours Mexican Summer
27 Gum Out In The World Spinning Top
28 The Dears Lovers Rock Dangerbird
29 Mouthfeel Mouthfeel Self-Released
30 Jobs Endless Birthdays Ramp Local

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