Culture Days - DIY DJ

Culture Days is back on September 29th 2017 and CKUW will be passing the mic – to you!

We’re opening up our doors, our studios and sharing the airwaves with the public. As a campus/community station we’ve always set ourselves apart from mainstream media by presenting music and ideas that can’t be heard anywhere else.

Now it’s your chance to be a part of the CKUW philosophy. We want you, the listener – to share your most beloved, unique, notable recording with us – live on air!

It may be your 1978 high school jazz band performance. It may be that local 80’s hair metal group you liked. It may be a rare demo of Neil Young no one has ever heard before. While you’re here you can take a tour of our studios, check out our record collection, record a radio spot for broadcast and more!

Sign ups open in August.

DIY DJ on the Culture Days website