CKUW Donor Agreement Policy

The purpose of this policy is to specify and disclose the terms by which donations to CKUW are managed including the expectations and limitations for both the donor and CKUW.

All donations received by CKUW are unrestricted and will be allocated to strengthen CKUW’s ability to better serve its community in ways consistent with CKUW’s mission statement, Bylaws and policies (found at and as might be directed by CKUW’s Board and membership.

Examples or claims made by CKUW representatives of how donations might be utilized do not specify, limit or bind how donated funds could be used as directed by the CKUW administration, Board or membership.

Pledges of monetary support made by phone or in other ways are considered as good faith donations in the same manner as on-line credit card or cash donations.

Donors are responsible for picking up any items they might be eligible to receive in appreciation of their support. All items must be picked up, or the donor must contact CKUW to make alternate arrangements within 120 days of the date of their donation or the item may no longer be held.

All personal information, such as name and contact information of donors will be received and managed in accordance with applicable privacy laws. CKUW will not share this information with third parties with the exception of the University of Winnipeg Foundation as required. Please see the University of Winnipeg Foundation donor bill of rights here:

CKUW may revise these terms from time to time and the revised version will be effective at the time posted at, unless otherwise noted.

By processing your donation and submitting payment you agree to the terms of this policy.

Thank you sincerely for your support