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Hip Hop 50: The Culture is a Hip Hop R&B Show that takes us through 50 years of Hip Hop and how it’s evolved into the number 1 music genre. Hip Hop is not only music its a culture driven genre that has changed the lives of many, while allowing them to have to tell life and fictional stories of what is happening in personnel lives and world events. Host DJ Roc Tha Block takes you on an hour journey of this evolution. The audience will catch a vibe right at 7pm straight until 8pm.

DJ Roc Tha Block has travelled the world and DJ’d for many top Hip Hop artists in the world of Hip Hop and now he will be bringing these artist conversations 50 years later. Stay tuned to blown away for 60 minutes of non stop Hip Hop, & R&B.

This is The Culture

Hip Hop 50- The Culture broadcasts every Friday from 7:00pm – 8:00pm.

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