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Anishinaabe Bird Names Special Oct 17th

Posted by Scott on October 11th, 2023

This past spring, an Anishinaabe Bird Names pamphlet was published by Creator’s Garden in conjunction with Birds Canada. It’s a resource that aims to introduce, or reintroduce readers to the names given to birds by the Anishinaabe people well before European settlement of Turtle Island. Creator’s Garden is the brainchild of Joseph Pitawanakwat, and also includes the work of his colleagues Andres Jimenez, and Junaid Khan. All three of them joined CKUW host Jonny B to talk about the pamphlet, about the lengths they have to go to uncover and recover these bird names, and about the future for this very important work.

Tune in on Oct 17th at 8am to hear this special interview.

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