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Between Loss and Hope – The Voices of Cross Lake Youth

Posted by Victoria on March 15th, 2017

Tune into CKUW 95.9FM on Monday March 27 from Noon to 1pm, and again from 4 to 5pm for Between Loss and Hope – The Voices of Cross Lake Youth.

This special hour-long broadcast takes listeners into the midst of a community ravaged by a suicide epidemic that claimed the lives of six youth over a year ago, and saw over a hundred others threaten or make the attempt over a three month period.

Our guides for this unique radio experience will be eight youth, themselves having had to confront the pain that would lead so many to take their lives. These young people share candid portraits of the hardships they and their community members have had to endure. As importantly however, they bring a sense of optimism for themselves and their community in spite of adverse circumstances.

The voices were recorded by Brandon-based writer Alex Paul who visited the community in late summer of 2016. The audio was then prepared for radio by veteran CKUW programmer and former CKUW News Director Michael Welch.

The interviews were turned into a book, We Grew Up Too Fast, but Love Never Fails, and is available at the website

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