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  • Between Loss and Hope – The Voices of Cross Lake Youth

    Posted by Victoria on March 15th, 2017

    Tune into CKUW 95.9FM on Monday March 27 from Noon to 1pm, and again from 4 to 5pm for Between Loss and Hope – The Voices of Cross Lake Youth.

    This special hour-long broadcast takes listeners into the midst of a community ravaged by a suicide epidemic that claimed the lives of six youth over a year ago, and saw over a hundred others threaten or make the attempt over a three month period.

    Our guides for this unique radio experience will be eight youth, themselves having had to confront the pain that would lead so many to take their lives. These young people share candid portraits of the hardships they and their community members have had to endure. As importantly however, they bring a sense of optimism for themselves and their community in spite of adverse circumstances.

    The voices were recorded by Brandon-based writer Alex Paul who visited the community in late summer of 2016. The audio was then prepared for radio by veteran CKUW programmer and former CKUW News Director Michael Welch.

    The interviews were turned into a book, We Grew Up Too Fast, but Love Never Fails, and is available at the website

  • Friends of CKUW 2017

    Posted by Rob on March 13th, 2017

    Did you get a Friends card during our recent Fundrive? Don’t forget to use your card at participating businesses and let them know that you support CKUW too!

    The updated Friends map can be found below, bookmark or add it to your Google Maps for reference.

  • Thank you community partners!

    Posted by Rob on March 2nd, 2017

    Thanks again to everyone who donated to our Fundrive. The pledge collection desk at the AnX is open Monday to Friday 8:30am – 5pm until March 10th. Pledges can still be made online: Donate

    At this time we need to acknowledge all the businesses who contributed food or other resources to help our Fundrive. It’s wonderful to have such great support from our community.

    Food Donations to fuel our volunteers:

    • A Little Pizza Heaven
    • Ali and Aynee Saeed
    • Booster Juice
    • Diversity Food Services/Elements
    • Garbonzo’s Pizza Pub
    • Have a Nice Day
    • Jonnie’s Sticky Buns
    • Organic Planet
    • Panago
    • Peg Beer Co
    • Pizza Pizza
    • Qdoba
    • The Good Will
    • The Yellow Dog

    Goods & services to thank our donors:

    • Andrew Mazurak 
    • Mint Records
    • Special T
    • Stomp Records
    • The Good Will
    • The Handsome Daughter
    • The University of Winnipeg Bookstore
    • Transistor 66
    • Vantage Studios & Print Shop
    • Yep Roc
    • …And many more record labels and supporters!


  • Community counts, thank you.

    Posted by Rob on February 17th, 2017

    As of 7pm Friday February 17th, listeners have contributed $56,821 to keep CKUW on the air and ad-free.

    We are truly grateful for all the support but we are still short of our overall goal of $63,000. You can donate online any time at Fundrive premiums like T-shirts, patches and Bluetooth radios are still available.

    Thanks so much to all who have already donated and our many community partners, we are humbled by your support this and every year. The pledge desk re-opens on Tuesday 8:30-5pm. Stay tuned for more of the dynamic and uncompromising radio you love!

  • Fundrives Final Hours!

    Posted by Rob on February 17th, 2017

    We are in the final hours of our annual Fundrive. Your donations empower us to bring you creative, uncompromising and alternative radio! Our on-air campaign ends at 7pm tonight and we need every listener to help us reach our goal of $63,000.

    Every donation helps, we love hearing the phone ring (204-774-6877) but you can also pledge online safe & secure at

    Please don’t wait, we need to hear from you now!