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Fresh programs on Monday afternoon!

Posted by Sam on September 17th, 2019

Summer’s over, and everybody seems to be getting back into the grind. It’s no different for our volunteers – we haven’t welcomed new programming onto the schedule for a little bit, but all that is changing this month!

The Monday block from 1 to 2pm has been taken over by two new locally-produced programs: Movers and Makers with Zanna Joyce airs at 1, where she dives deep into the minds of Winnipeg’s finest craftspeople, artists, writers, and more. At 1:30, Tammy Wolfe takes over with Truth Before Reconciliation, wherein a variety of guests offer critical perspectives on education, public policy, community work, and how they all tie into the idea of reconciliation.

Please keep us in mind on Monday afternoon for back-to-back half-hours of fresh, engaging local radio!

We’d also like to acknowledge Victoria of the Right Cranky Morning Show, as well as Jason of The Moshpit for their countless hours of grade-A work as both of their shows recently have come to and end.

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