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We are proud to report that students are still the coolest

Posted by Sam on November 21st, 2019

The sun has set on another amazing edition of the Student Radio Marathon. Yesterday, we were privileged to welcome students of all ages, experiences, nationalities, musical interests, academic paths, and much more. It was a joy to welcome them to our humble studio – and hopefully a sign of future involvement with the station! Check out the links below to listen back to the twenty-one (!!!) different programs we featured this year.

Rachel and Francine discussing faith and inner-city activism
Gurpuneet and Harmeet sharing Sikh music and mantras
Lil’ Raspy and J-Dog playing tunes and talking about the Cheese Museum
Dru spinning some glam, new wave, disco, and more
Joe talking Super Smash Bros.

Ezra showcasing some of the weirdest music out there
Nick and Joe trading punches about movies
Miranda and Karla from GESA hyping their group’s events
DJ Mr. Noodles rocking tunes from around the world
Timi and Wumi sharing insights from the Nigerian Students’ Association

Thomas playing live acoustic tunes of his own making
Oluwatofunmi giving a brief but energetic snapshot of African culture
Razia giving us a dose of fun and inspiration
Seventh Star presenting Spirit Radio – songs of faith and Indigenous language revitalization
Tyler. Doom. That is all.

Four reps from the Bangladeshi Student’s Association sharing stories and music
Karla and Marie promoting the Youth Parliament of Manitoba
Cory Coyote bringing us on a nostalgic musical journey
Vicente praising the mighty Diane Warren
Kate and Izzy reciting some late-night poetry
Michelle wrapping up the night with Zimbabwean jams!

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