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You Power Our Tower!

Posted by Rob on February 21st, 2022

From 1963 to our FM launch in 1999 our radio dream was kept alive by students and their belief in the power of music and communication! Today it is your contributions at Fundrive time that help keep our radio station on the air.

We have raised $33,575 so far for CKUW, just past half of our goal of $60,000. Phones are open 8am-8pm for calls or you can pledge any time online at

Without the dreams of students we wouldn’t have ever made it onto the FM dial, without the contributions of listeners like you we won’t be able to continue nurturing our dream of independent community radio in downtown Winnipeg. Please give today, for donations of $160 or more you can select the warm & stylish CKUW hoodie as your premium thank you gift. Go to to see all the options and make your donation today.

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