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  • Cacophone

    Classical, Electronic/Exploratory, New Classical

    This 2-hour music-focused show will illuminate the realities surrounding the genesis of great works of western art music of the last three and a half centuries. Each episode is built on a web centred around one or two featured works linked by personal, historical, sociopolitical, and/or philosophical threads. Each week will also feature an art music agenda in addition to critical segments, art song poetry analysis, and/or interviews with personalities of the Winnipeg, national, and international music scenes.

    Hosted by Sarah Jo.

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  • GroundSwell Radio

    Electronic/Exploratory, New Classical

    People are still writing classical music! Tune into GroundSwell Radio for chamber and orchestral music from the 20th century and beyond. Winnipeg’s only new music radio broadcast brought to you by Winnipeg’s only new music concert series.

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