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  • Amateur Hour

    Electronic/Exploratory, Pop/Rock, Roots, Nostalgia, Spoken Word, Cultural Exchange, Variety, Poetry, Storytelling, Unexplored Realms

    Where bad is good and worse is better. Amateur Hour features the best of the worst. Artists and bands that never got their fair share of airtime for how seemingly weird, aweful or cheesy they are will finally get their due. Tune in every week to outsider artists, celeb singers, and novelty bands square off in a battle for amateur supremacy.

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  • Backbeat

    Hip Hop/Groove, Soul, Jazz, Pop/Rock, Eclectic, Roots, Bluegrass, Blues, World

    Backbeat is a one-hour radio show featuring vintage popular music. It’s not about nostalgia. It’s a fun and lively exploration of our shared music history with an emphasis on artists and records that have been underrated, forgotten or just ignored over the years.

    We also play new music from artists who understand and honour that history

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  • Barking Dog


    Come join your friends on the front porch for an afternoon hootenanny. Barking Dog is here to guide you through decades of folk and roots music from all over North America. Whether you’re a longtime folk fan or just discovering the origins of today’s music, we’ve got something for everyone, and our bark is always worse than our bite.

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  • Bluesday

    Roots, Blues

    Blues, jass, jump blues, country blues, psychodelic blues… blues.

    Host: Rockin’ Ronnie (Since 1985!)

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  • Boots and Saddle

    Roots, Country and Western

    From Austin, TX, to Austin, MB, from the Blue Door to the Times Change(d), expect a mix of classic and contemporary country from international and local artist when you tune into Boots & Saddle.

    Each Tuesday, if the good Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise, Sean and guests bring you country & western music that won’t be found anywhere else on your FM dial.

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  • CKUW Album Feature

    Electronic/Exploratory, Ambient/Down-Tempo, Electronica, Hip Hop/Groove, Soul, Jazz, Loud, Metal, Punk, Pop/Rock, Eclectic, Roots

    Local deep cuts. Every Friday from 2 to 3pm hear whole albums from (mostly) Winnipeg artists and bands.

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  • Dead Medium

    Loud, Punk, Roots, Country and Western

    Like Frankenstein’s monster, Dead Medium is an impish and deranged consolidation of obsession and excess. An obtuse love child of Mark E. Smith and Townes Van Zandt, Dead Medium is a celebration of music with a passion and purpose- specifically Punk and Country music. From hardcore to twang, ballad to psych sprawl, Dead Medium is a full-frontal barrage of two distinct and disparate genres.

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  • Destination Moon

    Roots, Nostalgia

    A Supersonic sock-hop a go-go shock. I play the wild cuts from stale nostalgia records in thrift store bargain bins and yard sales. Plus, theme episodes.

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  • Dollar Country

    Roots, Bluegrass, Blues, Country and Western, Nostalgia

    Dollar Country is a radio show hosted by WTFC radio. It primarily features country 45’s that I find in dollar bins around the country. Featuring everything from old hits to b-sides, common records to rarities, and everything between the most popular artists and private press junk. I try to play things that I find good, interesting, or at least amusing, and I hope you like the show too.

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  • Exile Files

    Jazz, Roots, Blues, World

    True story: host, Dave Quanbury, is an exile. Each week’s show starts with an anecdote related to his experience at the border and introduces the week’s musical theme. The music spans the gamut of genres keeping to the weekly theme.

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  • Julian Taylor’s Jukebox

    Pop/Rock, Eclectic, Indie, Roots

    Juno Award nominee and Canadian Folk Music Award winner Julian Taylor plays you some of his favourite tracks from artists all over the world. He’s spinning tunes he loves to listen to, and he wants to share them with you in this cozy and intimate radio experience.

    “The Jukebox is a really eclectic show. I’m playing tunes you’d hear hanging out in my living room but the focus is on artists like me – Indie/BIPOC. I do interviews with artists when I can and I record the show from home or on the road. ” – Julian

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  • New Found Records Radio hour

    Roots, Nostalgia

    If you’re a chronic nostalgic who loves the music of Newfoundland & Labrador, tune in to The NewFound Records Radio Hour. The show is recorded at the CHMR (MUN RADIO) studios at Memorial University in St. John’s, Newfoundland.

    Join producer and host Wayne Tucker as he shines a light on rare gems retrieved from the vinyl deeps and supplements the music of the 50s, 60s, 70s & 80s with a generous sprinkling of history and trivia. Relive all kinds of local music featuring well-known pioneers like Sagebrush Sam, John White, Wilf Doyle, Dick Nolan, Joan Morrissey, the Du-cats, and more. And enjoy the resurrection of music by the likes of Burt Cuff, TNT, Borealis, Dave Nicol, the CJON Glee Club, Red Island, Anne Marie Murray, Bonnie Lou Nolan, the Keatniks and many, many more. So whether you’re a sentimental old-timer who’s stuck in a vinyl groove or a newbie eager to hear hard-to-find roots music of Newfoundland & Labrador, tune in to The NewFound Records Radio Hour.

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  • Old Parlour Radio

    Roots, Nostalgia

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  • Radio Free Winnipeg

    Electronic/Exploratory, Electronica, Hip Hop/Groove, Jazz, Loud, Metal, Punk, Pop/Rock, Indie, Roots, Blues, Spoken Word, Cooking, International News, Politics, Public Affairs, Sports, Unexplored Realms, World

    Radio Free Winnipeg explores the intersection between art, culture and politics.

    First hour: Weather report show listings with a mix of indie, folk, blues and BAM (Black American Music)

    Second hour: Mandatory Heavy (punk\metal) at the top of the hour, psych rock, afrobeat and other tributaries of the weird and wonderful, recipe of the week to impress and gross out your friends.

    Sometimes there will be interviews

    Hosted by Scott Price DJ Dill Gherkin

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  • Sunnyroad

    Pop/Rock, Eclectic, Roots

    From a dimly lit juke joint to a country field and everything in between — meet me on the Sunnyroad. An eclectic melange of roots, folk, indie and the undefinable. Think locally is a motto! Sometimes there will be a special guest sharing and discussing their dreams, delights and musical loves. Listen and be pleasantly surprised.

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  • Temple Tent Revival

    Classical, Electronic/Exploratory, Hip Hop/Groove, Jazz, Loud, Pop/Rock, Roots, Spoken Word, World

    Temple Tent Revival is Triple E Radio ~ Eclectic, Exceptional, and thoroughly Excellent! [And independently elected too, by Kits and listeners.]

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  • The C.A.R.P

    Electronic/Exploratory, Hip Hop/Groove, Loud, Pop/Rock, Eclectic, Roots, World

    every sunday evening your host, chris friesen, plays lounge music for a beach party in hades, the lounge is located beside a broken elevator that is blasting out ‘elevator music’ through a shattered transistor radio speaker that really shouldn’t work at all but somehow still does. a different version of Duke Ellington’s CARAVAN every week.

    Intermittent tweeting via that twitter thing available to be followed at

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  • The Gashlycrumb Tinies

    Electronic/Exploratory, Hip Hop/Groove, Jazz, Pop/Rock, Roots, World

    The English alphabet hath 26 letters, and the calendar year 52 weeks. Every week, this musical radio program focuses on a different letter of the week, following the alphabet’s order from A to Z (and neatly completing the cycle twice a year). Playing only music by artists whose names begin with that week’s letter, our hosts Sheldon and Daniel bring you their joyful discoveries every Sunday from the heart of downtown Winnipeg, on Treaty 1 Territory.

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  • The How Do You Do Revue

    Pop/Rock, Eclectic, Roots

    Headquartered in Churchill, Manitoba. Like the slow train north, The How Do You Do Revue connects music & friends from Winnipeg to the Hudson Bay coast. We feature dispatches from folks across the province and the country. And just like that train, no two trips are the same!

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  • The Ivory Tower

    Jazz, Roots, Bluegrass, World

    The Ivory Tower broadcasts jazz, world music and traditional folk from the dizzying heights of the fourth-and-a-half floor of the University of Winnipeg. Legendary entertainment impresario Kelly Hughes has been called “staccato and laconic” (poet Méira Cook), “so funny I peed myself” (CBC’s Shelagh Rogers), “off-putting, rude and tasteless”, and “kingpin to mavericks and musicians.” The Ivory Tower is 90 minutes fortified with the best music you haven’t heard, anecdotes, lies, recipes, and sparkling conversation with one of said mavericks/musicians, each and every week.

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