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Ptarmigan - Cocoon
1-Speed Bike - Droopy Butt Begone!
2RA - Sacred Dreams
2x the mono - Lo-Fi Christmas
3 Inches of Blood - Long Live Heavy Metal
3x3is9 - C. Bryan - First Album
3x3is9 - C. Bryan - Second Album
4 in da Morning Crew - The Album - Volume 1
5-Line Legacy - Switch EP
5.1.NINE.0.2 - When a name is just a number
The 6ixty 8eights - Pica Electric Armada
8linez - Rubber Bands
12 Gauge - Let Me Ride Again
12:34 - S/T
13 Engines - Byram Lake Blues
13 Engines - Conquistador
13 Engines - Perfect Largeness
13go - Domestic Tranquility
22 - Unlimited
36? & The Ashley Hundred - Split
40 Thieves - 40 Thieves
54-40 - Fight for Love
54-40 - Heavy Mellow
54-40 - Heavy Mellow - Heavy - disc 1
54-40 - Heavy Mellow - Mellow - disc 2
54-40 - Lost In The City
54-40 - Set the Fire
54-40 - Show Me
54-40 - Since When
54-40 - Sound of Truth (The Independent Collection)
64 Funnycars - Happy Go Lucky
65 Swimmers - Far Away ep
65 Swimmers - Welcome to the land of. (cassette)
The 68's - punch/speed/reverberation
69 KM - Satisfaction Guaranteed
70 Sunshine Devine - S/T
70 Sunshine Devine - Shakin' Not Stirred
86 Sound Laboratories - Sounds for Wax Museum
100 Mile House - Wait With Me
101 - Fully Bugged
101 - Thanksgiving Day
120 & the fighting 68's - wallmart anthems and anarchy
122 Greige - Moving Away From the Sun
283 - Grand Unified Theory
427's, The - Surf Noir
1971 - 1971
1971 - Burning Bridges Before They're Crossed
1971 - No Matter Where You Go, There You Are
1977 - 1977
1977 - So Is the Sea
1977 - Twister
[Evertrapped] - Under the Deep
`Rambone` & The Wet Reality - Destroy Everyone
A La Mode - A La Mode
A La Mode - perfection salad
A La Mode - Perfection Salad
A-OK - Sisyphean Symphonies
A. David MacKinnon - The Past Is a Foreign Country
A. Trozzo - Burger Songs
A. Trozzo & The Electric Few - EP
A.C. Newman - Shut Down the Streets
A.D.D. - A.D.D. and scream@bells
A.D.D. & scream@bells - A.D.D. & scream@bells
A.O.K. - q without u
A/B Trio - Out West
A/B Trio - Take No Prisoners
A/V - Hot Action
A_dontigny - Geisteswissenschaften
AA Wallace - (disambiguation)
AA Wallace - In Alpha Zone
Aaron Asselstine - Cadence Code
Aaron Booth - Back Stories
Aaron Booth - Tune Up
Aaron Kowal - Good Sins Bad Decisions
Aaron Riches - Rain
Aaron Starr - With Sunglasses and a Lighter
Aaron Young - Works
Aasiva - Aasiva
Ab Irato - Better Luck Next Time!!!
Abandoned Urge - Abandoned Urge
Abdominal and The Obliques - Sitting Music [Explicit]
Abductees - Dead Friends & Old Times
Abigail Lapell - Getaway
Abigail Lapell - Getaway
Abigail Lapell - Great Survivor
Above Club - We Are The City
Above Top Secret - Above Top Secret
Abrams Brothers, The - Northern Redemption
Abramson Singers, The - Late Riser
Abriosis - Vessel
Absent Sound - Black Dots
Absent Sound - Gathering of the Clan Mothers
Absent Sound - Hola Sol
Absent Sound - It's All True
Absent Sound - Music to Live and Die To
Absent Sound - Turn them off
Absofunkinlutely - Blues Kid City
Absolutely Free - Absolutely Free
Absolutely Free - Geneva Freeport
Abstract Artform - As the Crow Flies
Abstract Artform - Crows: Remixes, Reboots, and Alternative Versions
Abstract Artform - His Story in the Making
Ac Acoustics - Understanding Music
Accordes String Quartet/Members of the l'Esprit Orchestra/Lydia Wong - Music for a Thousand Autumns
Ace Frayley's Child - Dada
Ace Martens - Palm Springs
Aceface - Amazing Dementia
Acid Mud Flower - Girth
Acidjac - Timeless Traveller
Acorn - Glory Hope Mountain
Acorn - No Ghost
Acres & Acres - Truth & Sky
Acres of Lions - Home(s)
Action Makes - Charley & the C.F.F
Actual Water - Paisley Orchard
Ad Astra Per Aspera - Catapult Calypso
Ada Lea - one hand on the steering wheel the other sewing a garden
Ada Lea - What We Say in Private
Adaline - Modern Romantics
Adam & Kris - In the Garden
Adam A Palmer and the Specialist - Long time for anyone
Adam Chaki - Introducing Adam Chaki
Adam Cohen - Like a Man
Adam Hanney & Co. - 12/12
Adam Hill - Old Paint
Adam Hill - Water In The Dark
Adam Palmer & The Specialest - Lights
Adam Strangler - Ideas Of Order
Adam Strangler - Key West EP
Adam's Curse - Adam's Curse
Adaptive Reaction - Family Entertainment
ADiethylamide - This Is a Secret
Admiral - Now Playing
Adolf Glitter - Adolf Glitter
Adolyne - of Ash / of Shit / of Shame
Adonis Puentes - Dicen
Adonis Puentes - Vida
Adrean Farrugia - Ricochet
Adrenechrome - Hideous Appetites
Adrenechrome - Tales From Adrenechrome
Adri - Adrift
Adrian Dziewanski - Archival Anthems
Adrian Glynn - Bruise
Adrian Teacher and the Subs - Sorta Hafta
Adrian Teacher and the Subs - Terminal City
Adrian Underhill - CU Again
Adrien Sala - Diamond In The Mind
Adrien Sala - High Water Everywhere
Adventures of Buttons the Intergalactic Sleep Dog - Adventures of Buttons the Intergalactic Sleep Dog
Adverteyes - Myopia
Advertisement - Advertisement
Aengus Finnan - Fool's Gold
Aero Flynn - Aero Flynn
Aeroplane Trio - Naranja Ha
After All These Years - Louisiana Hayride
After Dark - After Dark
After Funk - Santa Barbara
Afterbeat, The - Afterbeat
Afterbeat, The - The Balls Out EP
Afternoon Bike Ride - Afternoon Bike Ride
Afterparty - Rain can't stop the fire
Against Time - ...And Not For Anyone
Agapito - 3 Song Demo
The Age Of Electric - Make a Pest a Pet
Agent Orange - This is the Voice
Agents of Balance - Infinitys Doubt
Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir, The - Ten Thousand
Agnostic-Phibes Rhythm & Blood Conspiracy, The - Campfire Tales
Agriculture Club - Smell the Dairy Air
Ahdom - Da Show's Over
Aidan and The Ultimas - She Says I am crazy
Aidan Knight - Each Other
Aidan Knight - Small Reveal
Aiden Baker; Tim Hecker - Fantasma Parastasie
AIDS Wolf - The Lovvers LP
Ainsley Friesen - Doucement
Ainsley Friesen - Scattered ... Inspired
Air Plane Voice - Demo
Airfoil - Airfoil
Aiwass - Aiwass
Ajilvsga - Gremlynz/Ajilvsga
Ajo and the Hungry Boys - Ride an Elephant
aKido - Gamechanger
Al Henderson Quintet - Fathers and Sons
Al Henderson Septet - Regneration
Al Lerman - Crowe River Blues
Al Tuck - All time Favorites
Al Tuck - Fair Country
Al Tuck - The New High Road of Song
Al Tuck - Stranger at the Wake
Al Tuck - Under Your Shadow
Alain Bedard and the Auguste Quintet - Bluesy Lunedi
Alain Caron - Conversations
Alain Caron - Live: Cabaret De Montreal
Alain Caron - Rhythm'n Jazz
Alain Lefevre - Chausson -- Concert/Mathieu -- Trio & Quintette
Alain Lefevre - Chopin: 24 Preludes
Alain Lefevre, Buffalo Philharmonic Orchestra - Mathieu: Concerto No. 3/Gershwin: An American in Paris
Alain Lefevre/Orchestre symphonique de Montreal - Rachmaninov: Concerto No 4/Scriabine: Promethee
Alan Curtis - More then i can be
Alan Curtis - This One Goes to 11
Alan Doyle - Week at the Warehouse
Alan Jeffries - Coffee 'til Midnight
Alan Macgregor - Rare and Beautiful
Alanadale - Hypocritters
Alanis Obomsawin - Bush Lady
Alanna Cherote - Paper Flower
Alanna Gurr - Oh, Horsefeathers
Alannah Zeebeck - Ghost Letters
Alaska - S/T
Albatross Note - Four Songs fro 18 Ottobre 03 Ore 19
Albert Humber - S/T
Albertans, The - Dangerous Anything
Albertans, The - New Age
Alden Penner - Exegesis
Alden Penner - Exegesis
Alden Penner - Precession
ALDER & ASH - The CrownHeater
Alec Ounsworth - Mo Beauty
Alejandra Nunez, Ramiro Puerta - Proyecto Urbano
Alejandra Ribera - This Island
Alex Bellegarde Quartet - Caminando
Alex Bent + The Emptiness - Baby
Alex Calder - Strange Dreams
Alex Cuba - Agua del Pozo
Alex Cuba - Alex Cuba
Alex Cuba - Healer
Alex Cuba - Lo Unico Constante
Alex Cuba - Static In The System/Ruido En El Sistema
alex cuba - sublime
Alex Dean Quintet - At This Point
alex giguere - the beatdown
Alex Goodman Quintet - Bridges
Alex Little and the Suspicious Minds - No Control
Alex Pangman - Alex Pangman's Hot Three!
Alex Pangman - Have a Little Fun
Alex Silas - The Alex Silas EP
Alex Silas & the Subterraneans - Tunnels Season One
Alex Silas and the Subterraneans - Roots
Alex Thorne - The View From Here
Alex Vissa - A Lot Less Gold
Alex Vissia - A Lot Less Gold
Alexander Forbes, Henry Small & the Shiftless Rounders, Tina Moore - The Bill Miner Roadshow
Alexander McCowan - Present Times
Alexander Tselyakov - In Live Performance-Music of B
Alexandre Côté - Transitions
Alexandre Da Costa/Orchestre symphonique de Montreal - Fire and Blood
Alexandre St-Onge - Entites
alexanne - stupid love
Alexis Baro - From The Other Side
Alexis Baro - Havana Banana
Alexis Machine - Tough Shit
Alfa - Harmattan
Ali Berkok - Never Get Lost For Long
Ali McCormick - Clean Water
Ali McCormick - That Place You Know
Ali Seifi - e.p.
Ali-Farka Toure - Talking Timbuktu
Alice Glass - Alice Glass EP
Alice Glass - Prey IV
Alicia Hansen - Before You
Alicia Hansen - Fractography
Alien Hybrid - Moriarty
Alienator - Pariahs
Aline Morales - Flores, Tambores e Amores
Alison Rose - Come a Little Closer
Alison Rose - Golden
Alison Rose - Nevermind
Alison Young - So Here We Are
Alive and Well - Way out east
Aliza Amihude - Some New Songs from a Small Girl
All Day Breakfast Stringband - Shanghai
All Else Fails - Fucktropolis
All Hands on Jane - Sorry I Set You on Fire
All of Your Friends - All of Your Friends
All Systems Go! - I'll Be Your Radio
All The King's Horses - All The King's Horses
All the Kings Men - Sunday Night at the Head
All Woman Brothers Band - at 164 bpm
The All-Woman Brothers Band - Pay Back...
Allen Dobb - Horses and Hills
Allen Harrington, Lottie Enns-Braun - Vanishing Point
The Allens - Who Told You
The Alley Dukes - Go Back to College
Alligator Pie - Swing Hard, Speak Easy
Allison Brown - Stitches and Incisions
Allison Brown - Viper at the Virgin's Feet
Almighty Rhombus - Almighty Rhombus
Almighty Trigger Happy - I Hate Us
Alpaha Galates - A Stimulation for Reason
Alpha Couple - Edna Pontellier
Alpha Strategy - The Gurgler
Alphonse Mouzon - The Night is Still Young
Alphonse Mouzon Quintet - Live in Hollywood
Altered Laws Jazz Quartet - Methaphora
Altered Laws Jazz Quartet - The Outsiders
Altogether Morris - Desire
Altogether Morris - Take Me Home
Alun Piggins - Balladesque
Alvvays - Alvvays
Alvvays - Antisocialites
Alvvays - Antisocialites
Always a Bad Thing - Always a Bad Thing
Alysha Gauthier - Candlelit Chandeliers
AM Static - A Life Well Lived
AM Static - Rise & Shine
Amakudari - Hypnostique
Amanda Falk - In Between the Now & Then
Amanda Martinez - Amor
Amanda Martinez - Manana
Amanda Rheaume - Light of Another Day
Amanda Tosoff - Looking North
Amanda Tosoff - Wait And See
Amanda Tosoff - Words
Amanda Tosoff Trio - Live at the Cellar
Amanita Bloom - Furniture Music
Amanita Bloom - Neither the Sea Nor the Land
Amber Epp - Inside Outside
Ambition - Just for Kicks
Amelia Curran - Hunter Hunter
Amelia Curran - Spectators
Amelia Curran - They Promised You Mercy
Amelia Curran - War Brides
Amelia Curran - Watershed
American Devices - Decensortized
American Lips - Kiss The Void
Amethyst's Universe - Alive
Amici Chamber Ensemble - Levant
Amity Beach - Amity Beach
Ammoye and Rise Ashen - Haffi Win
Amos Garrett - Third Man In
Amos the Transparent - Anniversaries
Amos the Transparent - Everything I've Forgotten to Forget
Amos the Transparent - Goodnight My Dear. I'm Falling Apart
Amour Fou - Grow On Your Own
Ampersand - Tony Is A Redneck
Amplified Of Retros Finest - Humble Breaks
Amy Campbell - Letters Home
Amy Cervini - Love Fool
Amy Cervini Quartet - Famous Blue
Amy Cunningham - to the stars we'll return...
Amy Honey - Pioneer Woman
amy mcconnel & william sperandei - Stealing Genius
Amy Millan - Honey from the Tombs
Amy Millan - Masters of the Burial
Amy Seeley - Trees Are Glad You're Back
Amy Van Keeken - Live Right
Amy van Keeken - So Long
Anagnoson & Kinton - Piano Titans
Anagram - After Dark
Anamai - Sallows
Anami Vice - Are you serious
Anatomy Cats - A Matter of Minutes
Ancestors - Nightfall
Anchoress - Crime & Compass
Anchoress - Set Sail
Ancient Highways - Until the Cow Comes Home
Ancient Shapes - Ancient Shapes
Ancient Underground - Lovewise
Andino Suns - It's Time To Rise
Andino Suns - Madera
Andra Smith - Transition
Andre Bisson - Left with the Blues
Andre Dechesne - Reflexions
Andre Duchesne - Polaroide
Andre Ethier - Born of Blue Fog
Andre Ethier - on Blue Fog
Andre Ethier - Secondathallam
Andre Hamel - Les Musiques d’Urnos
Andre Larue Sextet - Jazz
Andre Leroux - Corpus Callosum
Andre Leroux - Synchronie-Cités
Andre Thibault - Samar
Andre Wickenheiser - A Happy Little Accident
Andre Williams & the Sadies - Night & Day
Andre Williams & the Sadies - Red Dirt
Andrea England - Heart Wide Open
Andrea Florian - somehurrygood
Andrea Petrity - It's About Time
Andrea Revel - House Of Sticks
Andrea Revel - Mile 0
Andrea Simone - Good Lovin'
Andrea Smith - Sweet Embrace
Andrea Smith - Transition
Andrea Superstein - Worlds Apart
Andrea von Wichert - Here, There & Nowhere
Andres del Castillo & Robert Leroux - We Will Remember
Andrew Aguiar - Ghosts
Andrew Austin - While It's Still Light Out
Andrew Boniwell and the Uncertainty Principle - Boomerang
Andrew Cash - Boomtown
Andrew Cash - Time and Place
Andrew Collins Trio, The - Groove
Andrew Collins Trio, The - Tongue
Andrew Courtnage - Langside Lounge Music
Andrew Downing - Silents
Andrew Downing, Kevin Turcotte, Jesse Zubot, Steve Dawson - Great Uncles of the Revolution Stand Up!
Andrew Duke - Consumer Vs. User
Andrew Duke - Highest Common Denominator
Andrew Duke - Just Because You Can Doesn't Mean You Should
Andrew Duke - Physical and Mental Health
Andrew Duke - Spring Has Sprung
Andrew Fraser - All These May Scenes
andrew hunter and the gatherers - warhorses
Andrew Johnston - The wake of the wonder years
Andrew Lewis - Au-delà
Andrew Mcpherson - Lefty Singer
Andrew Roblin - Perilous Pursuit
Andrew Vincent & the Pirates - Rotten Pear
Andrew Vincent & the Pirates - A Short Trip with the Pirates
andrew vivona - Do Nothing
andrew vivona - slow down for me
Andrew W.K. - A Wild Pear
Andy Ballantyne Large Ensemble - The Sume Of The Parts
Andy Boay - Music From RIP Eifdn AOD Sulie
Andy Clockwork - Scronk
Andy Dixon - Mice of Mt Career
Andy Milne & Benoit Delbecq - Where is Pannonica
Andy Northrup - Slow Burn Avenue
Andy Shauf - The Bearer of Bad News
Andy Shauf - The Party
Andy Shauf - Try Again
Anemone - Baby Only You & I
Anemone - Beat My Distance
Angel Forrest - Electric Love
Angel Forrest - Hell Bent With Grace
Angel Forrest - Mother Tongue Blues
Angela Cheng - Preludes Op 28; Polonaises
Angela Desveaux - Wandering Eyes
Angela Desveaux & the Mighty Ship - Angela Desveaux & the Mighty Ship
Angela Nepiak - Angela Nepiak
Angele Dubeau & La Pieta - Max Richter: Portrait
Angele Dubeau & La Pieta - Silence, on joue! A Time for Us
Angie Nussey - Circumstantial Overload
Angie Tysseland - Angie Tysseland
Angie Tysseland and Sage - Safe Passage
Angry Dragons, The - s/t
Animal Kingdom - Vikings
Animal Names - Oh Yes You Better Do
Animal Nation - A Great Impression Of A Charming Young Gentleman
Animal Nation - Tall Man 2: Every Day In The Life
Animal Nation - Understanding More About Nothing Than Anybody Ever Thought Impossible
Animal Parts - Animal Parts
Animal Parts - Six Arms to Hold You
Animal Parts - Wysteria / La Jeunesse
Animal Slaves - Dog Eat Dog
Animal Slaves - Secret Sharer
Animal Teeth - Happy to See You
Animal Teeth - A List of Things to Say
Animal Teeth - Me & You
Animal Teeth - Nice Cave
Animalistics - Demo '09
Animalistics - Run Amuck
Anita Athavale - In the Noise
Anita Proctor - Lighter on ther Peddle
Ann Mortifee - Into the Heart of the Sangoma
Annabelle Chvostek - Be The Media
Annabelle Chvostek Ensemble - Rise
Annalise - You Can Dye Your Hair... ...But Not Your Heart
Anne Janelle - So Long At The Fair
Anne Lederman - Old Man's Table: Tunes from Grandy Fagnan
Annette Ducharme - Bloom
Annie Goodwyne - Pastel
Annie Lou - Annie Lou
Annie Lou - Grandma's Rules for Drinking
Annie Lou - Tried and True
Annie Nolan Band - to be kind
Annie Sumi - Reflections
Annihilator - METAL
Anomaly - Stone or Rock
Anonymus - Chapter Chaos Begins
Another Girl - In the Galaxy
Another Joe - Pee Against The Wind
Another Joe - Plasti-Scene
Another White Male - Acid Coloured Eyes
An Ant and an Atom - Entropy
An Ant and an Atom - Exterior
An Ant And An Atom - There is No One.
An Ant and an Atom - You Are No One
Anthem Red - Dancing on the Dishwasher
An Anthology of Underground Music in Canada Vol. 1 - An Anthology of Underground Music in Canada Vol. 1
Antoine Berthiaume - Ellen's Bar
Antoine Berthiaume - Small Tease
Antoine Corriveau - Pissenlit
Antwood - Sponsored Content
Antwood - Virtuous.Scr
Anvil - This Is Thirteen
Any Nelson - Educated Woman
Anybodys - Necessity of Contrast
Anything But - Do or Die
anyway gang - anyway gang
anyway gang - still anyways
Ape - survial of the fittes
Ape-ettes, The - The Ape-ettes
Apollo Ghosts - Landmark
Apollo Suns - Dawn Offerings
Apollo Suns - Each Day a Differrent Sun
Apostle of Hustle - Eats Darkness
Apostle of Hustle - National Anthem of Nowhere
Apparatjik & Lowell - if YOu_ _ caN, 5olve thi5 jumble?
An April March - Adagio
An April March - Goes Without Saying
April Verch - Bright Like Gold
April Verch - From Where I Stand
April Verch - The Newpart
April Verch - That's How We Run
Aqua-Sinjels - The Aqua-Sinjels
Aquanaut - Radio Astronomer
Aquanettas, The - Love With the Proper Stranger
Aradia Ensemble - Concerti Grossi, Op. 6
Arbra Hill - Stand Tall EP
Arcade Fire - Everything Now
Arcade Fire - Neon Bible
Arcade Fire - Reflektor
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
Arcadia - Rick Fines
The Archaics - Two Ways Sideways EP
The Archers - Much More than Merry Men
Archivist - Learning to Live on Poison
Archon Legion - March Of The Inquistors
Archspire - Relentless Mutation
Ariana Brophy - Ink and Water
Ariane Mahryke Lemire - Je deviens le loup
Ariane Mahryke Lemire - Wrecked Tangles and Love Knots
Ariane Moffatt - 22h22
Ariane Moffatt - MA
ariel posen - headway
Ariel Sharratt & Mathias Kom - Don't Believe the Hyperreal
Aristo - Top of the World
Arkana Music - Hyprovision
Arkells - Jackson Square
Arkells - Michigan Left
Arlene Mantle - Solidarity
Arlibido - [safe 'n' sexy]
Arlo Maverick - Maybe Tomorrow
Armadillo String Quartet - Uncharted
Armand Richard - Life works
Armchair Cynics - Starting Today
Armistice - Armistice
Army Girls - Close to the Bone
Arnie Naiman - My Lucky Stars
AroarA - Aroara
AroarA - In the Pines
Aron D'Alesio - Aron D'Alesio
Arrogant Worms, The - Beige
Arrogant Worms, The - Christmas Turkey
The Arrogant Worms - Live Bait
Arrogant Worms, The - Semi-Conducted
Arrogant Worms, The - Toast!
Arrogant Worms, The - Torpid
Arson Cult - Arsonic Rituals EP
Arson Cult - Lay Waste to Past Erections
Art Bergmann - The Apostate
Art Bergmann - crawl with me
Art Bergmann - Remember Her Name
Art Bergmann - Songs For The Underclass
Art Bergmann - Vultura Freeway
Art Bergmann - What Fresh Hell Is This?
Art City (kids) - Emac Back
Art d'Ecco - After The Head Rush
Art D'Ecco - Trespasser
The Art Department - S/T
Art Imperial - Crush
Art Napolean - Siskabush Tales
Art Turner - Red Havens Rising
Artep - Thy Will Be Done On Earth As Is Done In Hell
Arthur Bull, Daniel Heïkalo - Concentrés et Amalgames
Arthur Bull, John Heward, Adam Linson - Trio
Arthur Capelin - Another World
Arthur Capelin - Cock of the Walk
Arthur Comeau - Prospare
Artichokes - Meet the Artichokes
Artificial Dissemination - Glare
Artificial Dissemination - Past. Present. Future.
Artificial Dissemination - Take Us To your Leader
Artificial Joy - Placebo
Artist of the Year - Up Yours
Artist of the Year - Velour Brigade
Arubix - Demo
As the Poets Affirm - Awake
Asani - Listen
Asexuals - Fitzjoy
ashely soft - leave
Ashen - The crackling
Ashes and Dreams - Havana
Ashes and Dreams - Heart of Stone
Ashgrove - Somnambulant
the Ashgrove - Photo Album
The Ashley Hundred - The Ashley Hundred
Ashley Macisaac - A Cape Breton Christmas
Ashley MacIsaac - A Cape Breton Christmas
Ashley Macisaac - Fine Thank You Very Much
Ashley Macisaac - Helter's Celtic
Ashley Macisaac - Hi How Are You Today
Ashley MacIsaac - Sleepy Maggie
Ashley MacIsaac feat. Mary Jane Lamond - Sleepy Maggie (Promotional Single)
Ashley Park - The American Scene
Ashley Park - Town and Country
Ashley Shadow - Ashley Shadow
asightforsewneyes - Alone together
Asiko Afrobeat Ensemble - Winners Never Quit
Ask the Oracle - Ask the Oracle
Aspen Switzer - Humble But Bearing No Apology
Assemblage Point - Protector
Assembly Required - Mike Owes Us Money
The Assistants - S-T
Astarte - Demo
Astrakhan - Reward In Purpose
Astral Gunk - Astral Gunk
Astral Swans - Strange Prison
Astre - Wood Songs
AstroCoven - Cold and Dead
AstroCoven - Time Dilation
Astroknaughts - Random Orbital
Astyplaz - Bi
Asylum Choir - Asylum Choir
At Mission Dolores - At Mission Dolores
At Random - At Random
Atlaas - One
Atlantis Jazz Ensemble - Oceanic Suite
Atom Smasher - Shut Down
Atom Smasher - Shut Down
The Atom.ic Cos.mo.naut - Phar.ma.co.poe.ia
Atomic 5 - Atomic 5
Atomic Cosmonaut, The - A Strange Planet
Atomic Folk - Winterland
Atomicos - Surfodelic
Atomis - Maelstrom
Atsuko Chiba - Trace
Attack In Black - Widows
Attack in Black - Years (By One Thousand Fingertips)
Attack. Sustain. Decay - let her feed
Attikus x Vago - Uproars and Downpours
Attila the Stockbroker - Live at the Rivoli
Attilan - Dysthymia
Attomik - Attomik
Auclair - Decor sonore
Audio/Rocketry - Eastward + Onward
Audio/Rocketry - Piloting a Vehicle of Audible Expression
Audrey Ochoa - Frankenhorn
Audrey Ochoa Trio - Afterthought
August Rival - Skyline Goodbyes
Aunts & Uncles - Aunts & Uncles
AUOH - Into Oblivion
AUOH - The Uncanny
Auroch - From Forgotten Works
Aurochs - Another Helpful Medicine
Austra - Feel It Break
Austra - Future Politics
Austra - Habitat 12
Austra - HiRUDiN
Austra - Olympia
Austra - Sparkle
Authority Fails - We Wanna Be Heard
Autocondo - Autocondo
Autogramm - Jessica Don't Like Rock 'N' Roll b/w Walk Don't Talk 2 Me
Autogramm - No Rules
Automatisme - Momentform Accumulations
Autopilot - Desert Dreams
Autopilot - Diamond Rough
Autopilot - Hurricane
Autopilot - Now It's Time You Know What We're Losing For
Autorickshaw - Four Higher
Autumn Still - Autumn Still EP
Autumn Still - When It Was
Avalon Blue - Avalon Blue
Avante - S/T
Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche - Pas pire pop, I Love You So Much
Avec Le Soleil Sortant De Sa Bouche - Zubberdust!
Avec pas d'casque - Effets speciaux
Avec pas d'casque - Trois chaudieres de sang
Avenues, The - S/T
Avi Granite - 6: Red Tree
Avi Granite 6 - Orbit
Avi Granite's Verse - Snow Umbrellas
Avi Katz - Ground Level Portraits
Avignon - The Ground Is Uneven
Awaiting the Answer - Awaiting the Answer
Away, Ri'o! - All Things Shining
Awful Truth, The - The Awful Truth
The Awkward Stage - Heaven Is for Easy Girls
Awkward Stage, The - Slimming Mirrors, Flattering Lights
Awol One, Josh Martinez, DJ Moves - Splitsville
Axis of Conversation - The House of Stay Together
Azam Ali - De la nuit au lever du jour
Azam Ali and Loga R. Torkian - Lamentation of Swans: A Journey Towards Silence
Azar Lawrence & Al McLean - Frontiers
Azeda Booth - Mysterious Body
Azrael & Inkspill - Mur-Diddly Urdlers
B'ehl - Bright Eyes
B. C. Read - My Tunes
B.A. Johnston - B.A. Johnston Presents Gremlins III
B.A. Johnston - Call Me When Old and Fat is the New Young and Sexy
B.A. Johnston - HI DUDES!
B.A. Johnston - I Was A Young Man Once
B.A. Johnston - Mission Accomplished
B.A. Johnston - Shit Sucks
B.A. Johnston - The Skid Is Hot Tonight
B.A. Johnston - Stairway to Hamilton
B.A. Johnston - Thank You For Being A Friend
B.A. Johnston & The Magnificent Sevens - B. A. Johnston featuring the Magnificent Sevens
B.C. Read - 1000 Miles
B.D. Willoughby - The Qu'Appelle Valley
B.D. Willoughby & The Lazy MKs - Forget About Me
B.J. Roberts - The Musical Dream Lives On
B.T.K. - Contagious bacteria
Babayaga - Blue rosin
Babbette hayward - you might be somebody
Babe Rainbow - Today
Baby Blue Soundcrew - Private Party Collectors Edition
Baby Blue Soundcrew - Private Party Vol 2
Baby Blue Soundcrew - Urban Nostalgia
Baby Cages - Bitter Melon
Baby Eagle - Dog Weather
Baby Eagle - No Blues
Baby Eagle and the Proud Mothers - Bone Soliders
Babylon Warchild - Baylon Warchild 2011
Babylon Warchild - War Journals
Babysitter - Babysitter
Babysitter - Eye
Babysitter - Tape IV
Babysitter & Monster Treasure - Split '13
Bachman-Turner Overdrive - II
Backburner - Eclipse
Backburner - Heatwave
The Backhomes - Only Friend
Backstabber - Conspiracy Theorist
Bad Animal - Growing Pains
Bad Beats, The - His Vengeful Hand
Bad Blood - 1400+
Bad Breed - The Violent World Of Bad Breed
Bad Fate - Olympic City
Bad Flirt - Virgin Talk
Bad Hoo - Two Tin Cans and a Lollipop
Bad Hoo & The Scrunt Brothers - HaHa Munny
Bad Nerves - Alienate
the bad nerves - alienate
Bad News Brown - Born 2 Sin (Digi)
Bad People - Little One
Bad Vibrations - Black Train
Bad Waitress - no taste
Bad Waitress - Party Bangers volume 1
Badanglos - No Apology
Badbadnotgood - III
Badbadnotgood - IV
Badbadnotgood - Tried (Feat. Little Dragon)
Badbadnotgood & Ghostface Killah - Sour Soul
Badgermouth - The impossible beauty
Badpants - Genre Fluid
Bahamas - Bahamas Is Afie
Bahamas - Barchords
Bahamas - Pink Strat
Baiji - Felix Stussi 5
bailey kate - within/without
Bakunin's Bum - Fight to Win! A Benefit for OCAP
Balacade - Malaise Era
Balacade - Specific, Northwest
Balconies, The - The Balconies
The Balconies - The Balconies EP
Balconies, The - Fast Motions
Bald Vulture - Life is all about
Ballantynes - The Message b/w The Railtown Abbey
Ballantynes - Misery/Stay
Ballantynes, The - Dark Drives, Life Signs
BallGagn' Chain Gang - Bang!
Ballroom Babies - Change to Silver
Ballroom Zombies - Ballroom Zombies
Ballroom Zombies - Jojo
Balsam Sunrise - Phono D'nfant
Balthazar - Balthazar
Band of Drifters - Heavy On The Lightfoot
The band of Ladner - Sub-titled
Banjo Consorsium, The - A Turning One
Banlieue Rouge - Sous Un Ciel Écarlate
Banned From Atlantis - People Write To Geena Davis In Japanese
Baptized in Blood - Baptized in Blood
Barachois - Encore!
Barbra Lica - You're Fine
Barbudos - Barbudos
Bardos - Stolen Sex Tapes
Bare Bones - Happy International Women's Day Baby
Bareil/Tetreault/Milot - Trios for Violin, Cello and Harp
Barenaked Ladies - Rock Spectacle (Enhan CD)
Baritone Madness - Baritone Madness
Barmitzvah Brothers, The - The Century of Invention
Barmitzvah Brothers, The - Growing Branches
The Barmitzvah Brothers - Let's Express Our Motives: An Album of Underappreciated Job Songs
Barmitzvah Brothers, The - Mr. Bones' Walk-In Closet
Barmitzvah Brothers, The - The Night of the Party
Barn Burner - Bangers II: Scum of the Earth
Barnaby Bennett - Shadows And Reflections
Barney Bentall - The Drifter & The Preacher
Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts - Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts
Barney Bentall and the Legendary Hearts - Jelly Roll
The Baron - Phantasy
Barr Brothers - The Barr Brothers
The Barr Brothers - Queens Of The Breakers (Vinyl)
The Barr Brothers - Sleeping Operator
The Barra MacNeils - On The Bright Side
Barra MacNeils, The - Until Now
Barracuda Sunrise - Battery
Barrel Boys, The - Cold Spring
Barry Elmes Quintet - The Five Minute Warning
Barry Elmes Quintet - Redshift
Barry Romberg's Random Access - Crab People
Barry Romberg's Random Access - The Gods Must Be Smiling
Barry Romberg's Random Access - Was, Shall, Why, Because
Barrymores - New Invasion!
Barrymores, The - All Nighters
Barrymores, The - The Barrymores
Bars and Tone - Aboard the Floating Palace of a Good Time Billionaire
Bars and Tone - Aboard the Floating Palace of a Good Time Billionaire, Volume 2
Barstool Prophets - Last Of The Big Game Hunters
Bart - Holomew
Bart - Today, Tomorrow and The Next Day
Bart House Band - A House of Kraic
Bartley Knives - Lone Goose
Barzin - Barzin
Barzin - My Life in Rooms
Basement Paintings, The - Mystic
Basement Paintings, The - Time Lapse City
Basement Revolver - Heavy Eyes
Basia Bulat - Are You In Love?
Basia Bulat - the garden
Basia Bulat - Good Advice
Basia Bulat - Heart of My Own
Basia Bulat - Tall Tall Shadow
Basic Nature - Circles & Lines
Basic Nature - Circles & Lines
Basil Storey - 2001 Greatest Hits
Basketball - Maw
Bastard Poetry - Whole
Battle of Santiago - La Migra
The Battle of Santiago - Full Colour
Battle Snakes - On Fire '99
Bazooka Joe & Rob Crooks - Schadenfreude
BC Double Quartet - Departure
BCASA, The - Bateman Begins
BCASA, The - Fuck You Shredder
Be Afraid - One More Year
Be Bad - Vision Correction
Be Good Tanyas, The - Blue Horse
Be Good Tanyas, The - A Collection (2000 - 2012)
The Be Good Tanyas - Hello Love
Beams - Teach Me to Love
Beans - Crane Wars
Beans - Portage
Bear Mountain - Xo
Bearfight - Screaming at Snakes
Beast - Beast
Beat Cops - Mean Streets
Beat Market - All Good
Beat Prophets - Beat Prophets
Beatdown, The - The Beatdown Meets Hugo Mudie
Beatdown, The - Walkin' Proud
beatlenauts - i was there
Beatox - Late Nights
Beatrice Deer - My All to You
Beatroute - 5 Year Compilation
Beau Kavanagh & the Broken Hearted - Beau Kavanagh & the Broken Hearted
The Beauticians - Imperiale
The Beauticians - New Age Song For A Cynical Gereation
The Beauties - The Beauties
Beautiful 2000 - What it is...What is was...What it could be...
Beautiful Nothing - Sleep Walk
Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band - Fere
Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band - Iwa
Bebop Cowboys Western Swing Orchestra - Canadian Dance Hall
Becoming The Martyr - It Seems More Likely Sickness
Beef Terminal - 20 Goto 10
Beef Terminal - Humidex
Beefdonut - Famous For Quality
Beefdonut - Triple Back Flip Into the Splits
The Beekeepers - Letter # One One
The Beekeepers - the world won't let me sleep
Beginners Guide To Endings - Everybody's Got Something To Hide
Begonia - Fear
Begonia - Heaven [single]
Begonia - Lady in Mind
Behind Sapphire - Self-titled
Beija Flor - the american
Bel Canto - Dreaming Girl
Bel Riose - Moving Targets
Beladeans, The - The Beladeans
Beladeans, The - The Beladeans
Belanger, Guilbeault - Les salines
Beliefs - Habitat
Beliefs - Leaper
Bell Orchestre - As Seen Through Windows
Bella - No One Will Know
Bella Cava - Holy Crow
BellaDonnas and the Temps, The - You're Welcome
Bellchamber - Eight track and a quarter
Belle Comedians - Charlotte
Belle Game, The - Fear/Nothing
Belle Game, The - Ritual Tradition Habit
Belle Game, The - Sleep to Grow
Belle Plaine - Malice, Mercy, Grief & Wrath
Belle Starr - The Burning of Atlanta
Bellegarde - Anba Tonel
Bellevue - The Road To Recovery
Bells - Fly, Little White Dove, Fly
Below the Sea - The Loss of Our Winter
Belvedere - 'Twas Hell Said Former Child
Belvedere - Angels live in my town
Belvedere - Because No One Stopped Us
Ben and Nathan - 11 Songs for the Hungover and Heartbroken
Ben Caplan - Birds With Broken Wings
Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers - Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers
Ben Caplan and the Casual Smokers - In the Time of Great Remembering
Ben Century - Unwanted
Ben Disaster - Another Word b/w Come Alive, Close My Eyes
Ben Disaster - Lloyd Tillman is ...
Ben Disaster - Not Running
Ben Disaster - See You Next Spring
Ben Everyman - Subourbon
Ben Funeral Spencer - Saboteurs
Ben Harper - By My Side
Ben Henriques - Captain Awesome
Ben Lee - The Rebirth of Venus
Ben Mahony - Yukon Loves Ghosts
Ben Olson - With Nothing Framed
Ben Plotnick - Dancing at the end of the world
Ben Rogers - The Bloodred Yonder
Ben Rogers - Wildfire
Ben Sidran - Mr. P's Shuffle
Ben Spencer - Ben Spencer (cassette)
Ben Stevenson - Dirty Laundry
Ben Stevenson and the Wondertones - S/T
Ben Sures - Field Guide To Loneliness
Ben Sures - Gone to Bolivia
Ben Sures - Poema Poematis
Ben Sures - Son of Trouble
Ben Tamana - "EP"
Ben Veneer - Self-titled
Bend Sinister - Animals
Bend Sinister - Animals
Bend Sinister - Foolish Games
Bend Sinister - On My Mind
Bend Sinister - Small Fame
Bend Sinister - Stories of Brothers Tales of Lovers
Bend The River - So Long Joan Fontaine
benderenos, the - self-titled
Benghazi Saxophone Quartet - Night Time Uptown
Benj funk - looking up
benjamin deschamps - augmented reality
Benjamin Hermann - Windows Wide Open
Benowa - We Could Go Away
Bent - Bent
Bent Spoon Duo - With Christopher Riggs and Jack Wright
Benton Roark Band, The - Deep in the Pocket, Still No Change
Benwah - Clonage
Beny Esguerra - Return of the Kuisi
Bernard Adamus - C'qui nous reste du Texas
Bernard Adamus - No. 2
Bernard Adamus - Sorel Soviet So What
Bernard Gagnon - Musique Électronique (1975-1983)
Bernardino Femminielli - Las Enamoradas
Bernice - Puff: In The Air Without A Shape
Bernice - What Was That
Berthiaume, Sharp - Base
Besharah - Cereal Suite
Besnard Lakes, The - Besnard Lakes Are the Dark Horse
Besnard Lakes, The - Besnard Lakes Are the Roaring Night
The Besnard Lakes - A Coliseum Complex Museum
Besnard Lakes, The - Until in Excess, Imperceptible UFO
Best Revenge - Young Nihilists' Gun Club
Bet.e & Stef - Remix Deluxe
Beta Frontiers - Beta Frontiers
Beth - Beth
Betrayers, The - Let The Good Times Die
Better Friends Than Lovers - Great Loves
betterhalf - cute doom E.P.
Bettie Doon - Dooner Nooner
betty and the kid - queen of the beltane
Betty Burke - Dirty Mouth of the St. Lawrence River
Betty Moon - Stir
Beyond the Pale - Routes
Beyries - Landing
Bible Belts - The Cost of Music split 7" (vinyl)
Biblical - The City that Always Sleeps
Biblical - Monsoon Season
Bicycle Face [CAN] - Bicycle Face
Bicycles - the good the bad and the cuddly
Bicycles - Oh No, It's Love
Bicycles, The - Stop Thinking So Much
Bidiniband - Land Is Wild
Bidiniband - The Motherland
Bif - I Bificus
Bif Naked - Okenspay Ordway I. (a.k.a. Things I Forgot to Tell Mommy)
The Big Bad - Middle of the Night
Big Cookie - Goldenhips
Big Daddy 'A' and The Merves - We Stole Your Wallet
Big Dave McLean - Acoustic Blues
Big Dave McLean - Better the Devil You Know
Big Dave McLean - Blues from the Middle
Big Dave McLean - Faded but Not Gone
Big Dave McLean - For The Blues...Always
Big Dave McLean - Outside the Box
Big Dave McLean - Pocket Full of Nothin'
Big Dave McLean, The Muddy-Tones - Muddy Waters for President
Big Dick - Big Dick
Big Dick - Disappointment
Big Dick - Jensen
Big Ethel - "9 hours later"
Big Fancy - Legendary Loser
Big Honkin' Log - Where's My Money, Eh?
Big John Bates - From the Bestiary to the Leathering Room
Big John Bates - Headless Fowl
Big John Bates - Take Your Medicine
Big John Bates - Trailer Hitch
Big Johnny Blue - Big Johnny Blue
Big Knife Little Knife - Anchor Rights
Big Miller and the Tommy Banks Big Band and Quartet - Big Miller and the Tommy Banks Big Band and Quartet
Big Mo - Life Courage Death
Big Old Eyes - Cathedral & Cathedral
Big Phatty - Big Phatty
Big Rude Jake - Blue Pariah
Big Rude Jake - Quicksand
Big Sap & the Sugarshack - Same But Different
Big Sugar - Heated
Big Sugar - Hemi-Vision
Big Sugar - Revolution Per Minute
Big Sugar - Yardstyle
Big Tobacco and the Pickers - The King Is Gone
Big Trouble in Little China - Diamond Cutter
Big Trouble in Little China - Sweet Delirum
Big Trouble in Little China - TBA 8 song Demo
Big Yellow Taxi - A Far Fethced Tale
Bigfoot Joe - Bare Bones
Bil McRackin - I Am the Eggman
Bill & Joel Plaskett - Solidarity
Bill Bourne - Farmer, Philanthropist & Musician
Bill Bourne - No Special Rider
Bill Bourne - Sally's Dream
Bill Bourne - Songs from a Gypsy Caravan
Bill Bourne, Lester Quitzau, Madagascar Slim - Boon Tang
Bill Bourne, Lester Quitzau, Madagascar Slim - Tri Continental
Bill Coon Quartet - Scudders Groove
Bill Dawe - Travelin'
Bill Durst - Good Good Lovin
Bill Durst - The Great Willy Mammoth
Bill Durst - Hard and Heavy
Bill Durst - Live
Bill Garrett - Seems To Me
Bill Gilliam - Spirit Matter
Bill Johnson - Still Blue
Bill King's Rhythm Express - Beat Street
Bill Prouten - Low-down, No Good....
Bill Tonsaker and the Kitsilano Cowboys - Five Bucks a lick
Billfold - S/T
Billie Dre and the Poor Boys - Garlic Fingers
The Billie Hollies - Light of Mind
Bills, The - Trail of Tales
Bills, The - Yes Please
Billy Boy Arnold - Boogie 'n' Shuffle
Billy Bragg - Tooth & Nail
Billy cromb - The city phenomenal
Billy Joe Green - Fender Bender
Billy Joe Green - My Ojibway Experience: Strength & Hope
Billy Joe Green - Shotgun Wedding Blues
Billy Manzik - Altogether Now
Billy Manzik - Billy Manzik
Billy Rockwell - The Mod Parlour Orchestra
Billy Simard - Being Free
Billy Simard - Secret
Binge - A Thousand Bands Like Us
Bionic - Bionic
Bionic - Black Blood
Birch Barks - abcc
Birch Barks - Red Thread
Bird City - Winnowng
Bird Sisters - she & she & she
Birdapres - Get it done
Birds of Wales - Belgravia Hotel
Birthday Boys - Tin Head
Birthday Cakes - Expansion Pack 7"
Birthday Cakes - Romper Room
Birthday Tapes - Birthday Wishes Vol. 1
Bishop & Masse - Twelve Reasons to Believe
Bisia - Thirsty Desert
Bison - Demo
Bison - Earthbound
Bison - You Are Not The Ocean You Are The Patient
Bison B.C. - Dark Ages
Bison B.C. - Lovelessness
Bison B.C. - Quiet Earth
Bitter Fictions - Bitter Fictions
Bitter Fictions - Jettison
The Bittermen - Frequency
Bitterweed Draw - Heart of the Old West
Black and Gogol - Groov-a-lator
Black Cloud - Black Cloud
Black Cloud - Sundogs
Black Cloud - Void
Black Devils Brigade - 3 Miles Long, 66 Feet Wide
Black Drink Crier & The Lazy mk's - Porch Fire
Black Dub - S/T
Black Feelings - Black Feelings
The Black Frame Spectacle - Grady Sessions
Black Halos, The - The Violent Years
Black Lion - Free Association
Black Lungs - Send Flowers
Black Mastiff - Loser Delusions
Black Mastiff - Music Machine
Black Mastiff - Pyramids
Black Mold - Snow Blindness Is Crystal Antz
Black Moor - The Conquering
Black Mountain - Destroyer
Black Mountain - In the Future
Black Mountain - IV
Black Pestilence - In Defiance
Black Phoenix Orchestra - Black Phoenix Orchestra
Black Pistol Fire - Hush or Howl
Black Rainbows, The - I Met This Chick
Black River Drifters - Drive by Feel
Black River Drifters - Hearts Gone Cold
Black Sea Station, The - Transylvania Avenue
Black Spruce Bog - Confluence
Black Thunder - Black Thunder
Black Thunder - III
Black Thunder - La Fine Creata
Black Thunder - Through the Mirror
Black Tuesday - Hangovers and Bad Decisions
Black Turtlenecks - Musical Chairs
Blackberry Wood - Strong Man vs. Russian Bears
Blackbiters - Blackbiters
Blackboltt - Leader of the Opposition
Blackburn - Brotherhood
Blackie & the Rodeo Kings - Bark
Blackie & The Rodeo Kings - Kings and Queens
Blackie & the Rodeo Kings - Kings of Love
Blackie & The Rodeo Kings - Kings of Love Disc 2
Blackie & The Rodeo Kings - Let's Frolic
Blackie & The Rodeo Kings - South
Blackie Jackett Jr. - For a Good Time Call
Blackout Beach - Fuck Death
Blades of Steel - Kind Face
Blades of Steel - Like a Calf in a Tubesock
Blah Blah 666 - It's Only Life!
The Blair Hordeski Sandwich - The Blair Hordeski Sandwich
Blair Hordeski Sandwich, The - Fresh Daily Specials
Blair Hordeski Sandwich, The - I Woke Up This Morning
Blair Petrie - Metempsyhosis
Blaise Pascaf - Hairspray
Blake Berglund - Coyote
Blake Berglund + The Vultures - Jasper
Blanche - Companion
Blanket - pockmarky
Blankket - Pegatively Nositive
Blasphenaut, The - The Blasphenaut
Blasternaut - Eden Pit
Blaze - My People
Bleach Fiend - Go Away
Bleating Hearts - Bleating Hearts
Bleeding Horse Express - Going South
Blend - Symbiotic
Bless - Spoil of War
Blessed [TOR] - Blessed
Blessed [VAN] - II
Blessed [VAN] - Salt
Blimp Rock - Blimp Rock
Blimp Rock - Sophomore Slump
blind willy - love is like music
Blink - Cello
Blinker the Star - August Everywhere
Blinker the Star - Bourgeois Kitten
Blinki - Acid Mudd
Blissom & Ashen - Mr. Tran Travels in Sound
Blist - Blism
Blisterene - So I Have Them
Blisters, The - Are you Awake
The Blisters - Gloves
The Blisters - Insects
Bloated Pig - Bloated Pig
Bloggers, The - The Bloggers
Blonde Elvis - On Vanity
Blood and Glass - Museum with No Walls
blood lines - s/t
Blood Meridian - Kick Up the Dust
Blood Wurm - Cold Dead Stare 7"
Bloodshot Bill - Get High Tonite!
Bloodshot Bill - Out The Door
Bloodshot Bill - So Blue
The Bloody Chicletts - Presenting... Bloody Chicletts
The Bloody Chicletts - She's a Freak!
The Bloody Chicletts - She's A Freak/Kaos
The Bloody Historians - Cigarette Beach
Bloom - Bloom
Bloomsday - Bloomsday
Bloomsday - Tasteless
Blowholes - Blowholes
Blowseeds - Bobo
Blu Shorts - Blu Wave Music
Blue Bones - No mind No matter
Blue Hawaii - Blooming Summer
Blue Hawaii - Tenderness
Blue Hawaii - Untogether
Blue Noise Remix Project - The Blue Noise Remix Project EP vol. 1
Blue Rodeo - 1000 Arms
Blue Rodeo - The Days in Between
Blue Rodeo - Just Like A Vacation
Blue Rodeo - Just Like A Vacation Disc 2
Blue Room - Great to Be Alive
Blue Room - Into The Night
The Blue Shadows - On The Floor Of Heaven (Dlx Ed)
Blue T-Shirt - Gravity & Other Phenomena
Blue Violets, The - S/T
Blue Warblers, The - Birds
Blue Warblers, The - Pretty Good
blue Willow - S/T
Bluebloods - Make It Rain
Blueprint Gallery - Of Love. Lived and Failed.
Bluesland Horn Band, The - Radio Waves
Blume Hinges - We Float
blunderspublik - For Back of a Letter Word
blunderspublik - Kittens & Shit
blunderspublik - Kittens & Shit
blunderspublik - odd and end
Blunderspublik - Rainbow Remains
blunderspublik - S/T
blunderspublik - up jumpt the jynt sylents
blunderspublik - you are the best ever
Blurtonia - Adventures in the kingdom of blues
Blush - Blush
Blush - Crowded Alone
Blvd Noir - Ombres EP
Boat/Bridge and Stick - Split Cassette
Boats - Cannonballs, Cannonballs
Boats - Fairway Full of Miners
Boats - A Fairway Full of Miners
Boats - Intercontinental Champion
Boats - Marblemouth
Bob Ardern - Craftsman
Bob Ardern - Eight Winds
Bob Ardern - Wires Rosewood & Roots
bob bossin - the roses on annie's table
Bob Bossin - Vor1XO
Bob Brough Quartet - Time Away
Bob Bryden - Polaroid Verite
Bob Egan - The Promise
Bob Erlendson - Volume Two The Octet
Bob King - Space To Run
Bob King and family band - how the west was fun
Bob King and the great canadian popcorn band - self titled
Bob Moses - All in All
Bob Moses - Back Down remixes
Bob Moses - Battle Lines
Bob Snider - A Maze In Greys
Bob Snider - Words and Pictures
Bob the Singing Bass Player - Waiting for Godard
Bob Wiseman - Giulietta Masina At The Oscars Crying
Bob Wiseman - In Her Dream: Bob wiseman Sings Wrench Tuttle
Bob Wiseman - The Legend
Bob Wiseman - Sings Wrench Tuttle
Bob Wiseman - Theme and Variations
Bob's Your Uncle - Bob's Your Uncle
Bob's Your Uncle - Tale of 2 Legs
Bobby Charles - Secrets of the Heart
Bobby James - Direction of the World
Bobby Tenderloin Universe, The - The Bobby Tenderloin Universe
Bobnoxious - Rockaholics
Bobnoxious - Superscar
Boboski & Brakus - Sessions
Bocce - Disambiguation
Bocce - Future 1.0
Bocce - Hi Birdbear/Can't Reason Do It?
Bocephus King and the Rgalattos - The Blue Sickness
Bodega - Bring Yourself Up
Bodhi Jar - Bodhi Jar
Bodies That Matter - Glorify! Glorify! Glorify!
Body Electric - Body Electric
Body Electric - Two Worlds
Body Lens - Body Lens
Bog River - Hands in the Ground
Bog River - Lost in the Woods
Bogart! - In A Post Oil World...
Boids - Superbafrango
Bokononists, The - Cold. Calm. Blind. Dumb.
The Bokononists - The Dangerously Empty Lives Of Teenage Girls
Bombadils, The - Grassy Roads, Wandering Feet
Bombadils, The - New Shoes
Bombnivores - Metamorphonic
bon, the - static electricity
The Bonaduces - "Everything's Rachel"
The Bonaduces - "K" is For Catherine.
Bonafides, The - Taking Shallowness to New Depths
Bonafly - Orange-LemonLime-Grape
BoneDevil - The BoneDevil b/w Chickenpox
Bones Malone - BoomHaus
Boneyard - Boneyard
Boniface - Phantom Limbs EP
Bonjay - Broughtupsy
Bonn Smith - Secret lives
Bonnaventure James - Buena Aventura
Bonnaventure James - Not By The Mile
Bonzai Suzuki - Bonzai Suzuki
Boo Hoo - Don't Die
Boogat - El Dorado Sunset
Boogat - San Cristobal Baile Inn
Boogie Patrol - Alive
Boogie Patrol - Man on Fire
Book Of Caverns - Homes
The Book of Lists - The Book of Lists
Boolean 4 - Boolean 4
Boombox Saints - Bringing the boom back
Boombox Saints - For the Moment
Booming Airplanes - Yarn
Boonie Doon - Dooner Nooner
Boosh & the Dip - River City Riot, Part 1
Boosh & the Dip - River City Riot, Part 2
Booster Fawn - Psychic Laundry from Smoke-and-Mirror World
Boots and the Hoots - III
Bootsauce - Bootism
Bootsauce - Brown Album
Bootsauce - Byfleet & New Haw
Border Patrol - Toxic Thought Machine
Boreal - Winter's Welcome
Boreal Sons - Bedtime Briar
Boreal Sons - Threadbare
Boreal Sons - You & Everyone
Born Gold - Bodysongs
Born Ruffians - Birthmarks
Born Ruffians - Red Yellow & Blue
Born Ruffians - Ruff
Born Ruffians - Say It
Born Ruffians - Uncle, Duke & The Chief
Boss Hog - Boss Hog
Bossanova - Bossanova
Boswalos - self-titled
Bottleneck - Bottleneck
Bottomfeeders, The - Waterview
Boulevards - Cold Call & Up On Your Love
Boum Ding Band - Voici le Boum ding Band
Boundary - Boundary
Bourassa, Lozano, Tanguay Donato - Autour de Bill Evans
Bowfire - Bowfire
Boxcar Boys, The - Cicada Ball
The Boxcar Boys - Don't Be Blue
Boxcar Gloryholes, THe - In the West, No Means Yes
Boxed In - Boxed In
Boxer the Horse - french residency
Boxer the Horse - Would You Please
Boy Genius - Sampling with Impunity
Boy Golden - Church Of Better Daze
Boyce's Road - Sunnyday
Boyko - Duncan - Martin - Idiolalla
Boys Who Say No - Contingencies
BPM Project - Save The Rave
Brad Curtis & The SOME x 6 Band - The Devils's In My Pocket
Brad Fillatre - Strangers
Brad Squires - Semantics
Brad Turner - Pacific
Brad Turner Quartet - It's That Time
Brad Turner Quartet - Jump Up
Brad Weber - Pick a Piper
Braden Gates - Ferris Wheel
bradley - MountainTigerWolf
Bradley Boy with Scott Nolan and Joanna Miller - Onitoba
Bradley J. Preston - Bradley J. Preston
Bradleyboy - The Farm
Bradshaw Pack - Alogos
Brady Allard - Days Leave
Brady Enslen - Beautiful Things
Bradyworks/Vivavoce - Atacama: Symphonie No. 3
Brahja Waldman - Brahja Waldman's Quartet
Brahja Waldman's Quartet - Cosmic Brahjas/Closer to the Tones
Brahm Goldhamer & Linda Dempster - Folklore in Song
Braids - Flourish // Perish
Braids - Native Speaker
Braids - Shadow Offering
Brain Armstrong - Tunnelhead and other stuff
Brain Chain freedom - Freedom From Tyrants
Brain Size 61 - National Pinecone
Brains of the Operation - Go Forth and Irritate
Brains, The - Drunk Not Dead
The Brains - Hell N Back
Brains, The - s/t
The Brains - Zombie Nation
Brainwashed Proper Citizens - Anomalies
Brainwashed Proper Citizens - Streetlights in Stereo
Brakada - Brakada
Brake Light Fade - Brake Light Fade
Brampton Indie Arts Festival Comp - The Suburban Manifesto
Bramwell Tovey, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra - Islamey
Bran Van 3000 - Discosis
Bran Van 3000 - Glee
Branded Moore - Branded Moore
Branded Moore & Exit Only - Hardcore
Brandi Disterheft - Gratitude
Brandi Disterheft - Second side
brandon isaak - Bluesman's Plea
Brandon Quigley - Thread
Brandy Zdan - Live at 280
Brandy Zdan & Dave Quanbury - Brandy Zdan & Dave Quanbury
The Brannock Device - Making Al's Lunch
Brans - Brands
Brasstronaut - Mean Sun
Brasstronaut - Mount Chimaera
Brat Attack - Destruction Sound System
Brat Attack - One Revolution Per Minute
Bratty and the Babysitters - In A State
Brave Parents - Someone to Jump Out at You
Brave Radar - Message Centre
Brave Radar - Ultramarine
Brave Shores - Brave Shores
Bravenous - Outta the East
bRavenous - The Sunset Never Looked So Bad
Bravestation - 2010EP
Bravofunken - Coeur rubik
Bravofunken - Tu t'es a crier
Braze - Supremacy
Brazilian Money - Doug Nasty
Brazilian Money - Friendly Neighbor
Brazilian Money - Jive With The Killer Instinct
Brazilian Money - Old Bones: Rarities, Misfits, and Loose Teeth
Brazilian Money - This is Not a Dream
Bre McDaniel - Howl
Bread N Butta - Hot Sauce
Break Bread - Break Bread EP
The Breakmen - When You Leave Town
Breaks, The - Honeybees
Breaks, The - Rhythm and Roots
Breath Grenades - Space Rawk Replicas for a Thuggin' Tomorrow
Breathe Knives - Helen Keller
Breathe Knives and Kataplexis - split cd
Breathe Underwater - Breathe Underwater
Breathe Underwater - Is Anybody Listening?
Breathe Underwater - Unbeliever
Bred - Rough Mixes
Breeding Ground - Obscurity & Flair
Breeding Ground - Tales of Adventure
The Breits - No Regrets
The Bremen Town Musicians - West-coast celtic rock Radio Singles 1999
Brenda Maclntyre - Medicine Song
Brendan Canning - Home Wrecking Years
Brendan Canning - Something For All of Us...
Brenna Lowrie - The Body Electric
Brenna Lowrie - Hungry Ghost
Brent Jarvis - Solo Piano
Brent Parkin - Treasure by The Long River
Brent Parkin - Vintage Rhythm
Brent Truitt - City Rain
Brett Deitzer - Lying Times
Brett Larner - Itadakimasu - Improvised Duets 1994-2000
Brett Nelson - Buffalo Jump Art & Crafts
Brett Polegato, Iain Burnside - To a Poet
Brett Ryan - Escaping Gravity
Bretton Lee John - Find Yourself Missing
Brews Willis - Nerped By a Zircon
Brian Cram - The Play Ethic
Brian Dickinson Quartet, The - Other Places
Brian Dunn - Examine The Fallout
Brian Dunn - Tvs & Radios
Brian Green - One Stop Carnival
Brian Joseph Davis - The Definitive Host
Brian Liss - Lisseries, Volume 1
Brian Rose - Live From sand Hills?
Bridal Party - Too Much
Brides - Queens
Bridgeview Hymns - Trophy Wife
Brie Neilson - Picture Show
Briga - Diaspora
Brigade - The Dividing Line
Brigham Phillips Big Band, The - And it Really Was
Brigitte Lebel - The View
Brigitte Pace - Weird Voices
Brinsk - A Hamster Speaks
British Columbians - The British Columbians
British Columbians - Made For Darker Things
Broadcast Zero - Some Concerns Regarding This Revolt
Broadcast Zero - Yesterday You Could Change the World
Broadcasting for Reels - #5 Media Distortion (cassette)
Broadcasting for Reels - #6 Power Tools (cassette)
Brock Davis - The River Runs Fast, The River Runs Deep
Brock Geiger - Invitation
Brock Pytel - Second Choice
Brock Zeman - Rotten Tooth
Brock Zeman - Ya Ain't Crazy Henny Penny
Brodie Moniker - No Where Left To Ghost
Broken Bricks - Little Fugitives
Broken Bricks - Pasquale
Broken Girl - Dog Love Part II
Broken Girl - Nora
Broken Muse - Broken Muse
Broken Orchestra - 1 & 2 Radio Edits
Broken Record Chamber - Free Improv For Robots
Broken Social Scene - Feel Good Lost
Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record
Broken Social Scene - Hug of Thunder
Broken Social Scene - Let's Try The After (Vol. 2)
Brokenspoken - Stories they told me
Bronswick - Chasses Croises
Bronte Bros. - Inventing Ghosts
Bronx Cheerleader - Real Punks Don't Sing About Girls
Brood, The - Deranged Love
Brood, The - Transistor
Brooke Palsson - Willow
Brooke Wylie - Don't Waste the Silence
Bros. Landreth, The - '87
the bros. landreth - come morning
Bros. Landreth, The - Let It Lie
Brother Octopus - Sea of Champions
Brother Vibe - Brother Vibe
Brother Voodoo - Everybody Looks The Other Way
Brothers Cosmoline, The - The Brothers Cosmoline
The Brothers Creeggan - Brothers Creeggan, Vol. 2
Brothers Creeggan, The - Trunks
Brothers the Band - Go That Far
Brown Eyed Susans - Afraid of Heights
Brr - Brr
Bruce Atchison - lagomorph 2
Bruce Atchison - Megamorph
Bruce Atchison - Space in My Head
Bruce Cockburn - Anything Anytime Anywhere: Singles 1979-2002
Bruce Cockburn - Bone on Bone
Bruce Cockburn - Breakfast In New Orleans, Dinner In Timbuktu
Bruce Cockburn - Crowing Ignites
Bruce Cockburn - Life Short Call Now
Bruce Cockburn - Rumours of Glory
Bruce Cockburn - Small Source Of Comfort
Bruce Cockburn - You Pay Your Money And You Take Your Chance
Bruce Freedman Trio - Enormous Moments
Bruce Guthro - Of Your Son
Bruce Haack - Electric Lucifer Book II
Bruce Hallett - The Shroud
Bruce Hotchkies - A different point of view
Bruce Mitchell - New Earth Goddess
Bruce Peninsula - A Mountain Is A Mouth
Bruce Peninsula - Open Flames
Brundlefly - Locked in this House
Brunette - Brunette
Bruno Hubert Trio - Live At The Cellar
Brutal Knights - Feast of Shame
Brutal Knights - Living By Yourself
Brutal Youth - Sanguine
Brutus Begins - Uncanny Valley
Bry Webb - Free Will
Bry Webb - Provider
Bryan Joseph - Songs From The Summer Of God
Bryan Lee - Crawfish Lady
BRYAN LEE - Heat Seeking Missile
Bryan Pole - List of Grievances
Bryan Potvin - Heartbreakthrough
Bryn Roberts - Present Tense
Bubba B the MC - Wish My Teacher Was Bubba B: School's in Session
Bubba Sparxxx - Dark Days, Bright Nights
Buck 65 - 20 Odd Years Vol.2
Buck 65 - Language Arts
Buck 65 - Neverlove
Buck 65 - Twenty Odd Years: Volume 1
Buck N' Nice - Us Versus Them
Buck-N-Nice - EMAG
Bucket Of Shrimp Ears - Hillbilly Savant
Buckethitch - Filthy Little Savages
Buckshot Bebee & the Secret Boyfriends - Merchants of Youth
Bud Osborn - Hundred Block Rock
Buddha Belly - Live Off the Floor
Buddy and the Magic Mirrors - Introducing Once Again
Buddy Macdonald - We Remember You Well
Buddy McNeil and the Magic Mirrors - Help Me Mama!
Budokan - Spin A Little Gold
Buffy Sainte-Marie - Medicine Songs
Buffy Sainte-Marie - Power in the Blood
Buffy Sainte-Marie - Up Where We Belong
Bugs of Budsland - Just Living
Buhr Quartet, The - Live at the Academy Road Coffee Co.
Buick Six - Rollercoaster
Built In Shellbrook - Airs and Graces
Built in Shellbrook - The Apparatus must be Earthed
Bulletproof Kar - Zazen
Bulletproof Nothing - Fizzle and Fade
Bullfrog, Kid Koala - Slow Down
Bullyproof - Uno Glancero
Bumblepuppy - An Evening at the Feelies
Bumpin' Uglies, The [CAN] - Heart of Gold
Bunk Mustangs - Bunk Mustangs
Burdocks, The - Airplane Tracks
The Burdocks - Lips and Assholes
Burn to Black - Mach 666
Burning Bridges - In The Strangest of Places
Burning Freud - Burning Freud
Burning Hell, The - Flux Capacitor
Burning Hell, The - Happy Birthday
Burning Hell, The - Mixtape
Burning Hell, The - People
The Burning Hell - Public Library
Burning Hell, The - Revival Beach
Burning Hell, The - This Charmed Life LP
The Burning Hell - Tick Tock
Burning Love - Songs For Burning Lovers
Burning Spring & Cuddlefish - Split 7"
Burning Squirrel - Burning Squirrel
Burnt Out Sun - Burnt Out Sun
Burnt Project 1 - The Avenue
Burnt Project 1 - The Black List
Burnt Witch Survivors Group - Demo
burnt witch survivors group - support ep
Burnthe8track - Ocean
Burro - Tangerine Rising
Burying Ground, The - The Burying Ground
Bus - Programming Phenomenon
Bush Wiebe and the Mennonite Blues Experiment - Mennist to Society
Busty and the Bass - Eddie
Busty and the Bass - Glam
Busty and the Bass - Uncommon Good
Busy Doing Nothing! - Busy Doing Nothing! (Vinyl)
Butcher/Muller/van der Schyff - Way Out Northwest
Butter City Poster Boys - Salt Nights
Butterflies & Zebras - Butterflies & Zebras
Butterfly Tongue - Butterfly Tongue
Buttermilk 5 - Wookie pa-pa
Buttless Chaps - Cartography
Buttless Chaps - Death Scenes I II III
Buttless Chaps - S/T
Buttless Chaps - Tumblewire
The Buzz Trouts - Don't Pee in the Pool!
By a Thread - The Last of the Daydreams
By Divine Right - All Hail Discordia
By Divine Right - Good Morning Beautiful
By Divine Right - Organized Accidents
BYEG - The Eh List: Volume 4
Byron - The Alien, The Rabbit & The Monkey
C 101.5 FM - 10
C and C Surf Factory - Garage City
C'Mon - Beyond the Pale Horse
C-Weed - Redemption
C. R. Avery Band, The - Chainsmoking Blues
C. Samms - Synthetic Properties
C.R. Avery - All the Angels Didn't Scare Me
C.R. Avery - Magic Hour Sailor Songs
Cactus Flower - Magic Hour
Cadence & Nathan - Cadence & Nathan
Cadence Weapon - Afterparty Babies
Cadence Weapon - Cadence Weapon
Cadence Weapon - Hope in Dirt City
Cadillac Bill & the Creeping Bent - Eating Out
Caffeine - What the hell am I gonna do when she comes
Cairo [CAN] - A History of Reasons
Calamalka - All the Way Up
Cale Sampson - The Big Picture
Cale Sampson - Cale Sampson
Caleb - Crows in the Corn
Caledonia - Waiting to Burn
Caledonia - We Are America
Call Me Poupee - Western Shanghai
Calla Kinglit - Dreamer's Sea
Calon - Le Projet Ulysse
Calpurnia - Scout
Calum Graham - Thread of Creation
Cam Malcolm - A Little Bit of History
Cam Penner - At War with Reason
Cam Penner - Gypsy Summer
Camaro '67 - Burn Rubber, Not Your Soul
Camaromance - Chasing Clouds
Camaromance - The Parade
Cambrian String Quartet - humans in quartet
Cambridge - This is not a victory
Camden Blues Band, The - Blacklisted Blues
Camerata Nova - Camerata Nova
Camerata Nova - Christmas in Early America
Camerata Nova - Mystica
Camerata Nova - Nova Noel
Cameron Latimer - Fallen Apart
Cameron Latimer - Fallen Apart
Camp Radio - Campista Socialista
Camp Radio - Turn Up The Radio
Campbell Woods - Oxford Street
Campfire Sigh - Brother Sun
Canadian Brass - Canadian Brass Takes Flight
Canadian Brass - Christmas Time Is Here
Canadian Brass - A Tribute to Louis Armstrong
Canailles - Backflips
Canailles - Manger du bois
Canailles - Ronds-points
Cancer Bats - Birthing the Giant
Cancer Bats - Dead Set on Living
Cancer Bats - Hail Destroyer
Cancer Bats - Searching for Zero
Cancer Bats - Searching for Zero
Cancer Bats - The Spark That Moves
The Candidates - Meet The Candidates
Canned Hamm - Karazma
Cannon Bros. - Cannon Bros.
Cannon Bros. - Dream City
Cannon Bros. - Firecracker/Cloudglow
Cannonhead - We can be silent now
Cannons - In a Heartbeat
Canons - The Bitter End of Man
The CANROCK Renaissance 1985 * 1995 - Have Not Been The Same
Canteen Knockout - Broken Down Town
Canteen Knockout - Navajo Steel
Cantoo - Cantoo
Cantor Dust - Blind Date
Cantor Dust - The Contaminated Man
Cantor Dust - I Can't Find My Cape
Cantor Dust - Plays the Three Penised Man
Cantor Dust - Safaris I've Been On
Cantor Dust - Swallowed By the Night
Canzona - Amoroso Canto
Canzona - Hallelujah! schoner Morgen
Canzona - J. S. Bach: The Six Motets
Canzona - Lasst die Herzen immer frohlich
Canzona - Stille Nacht
The Cape May - Glass Mountain Roads
Capeech Cappucino - Sky's the Limit
Capenwray - Texas
The Capones - Made on a Wednesday
The Capones - Made on a Wednesday
Capt. Nemo - The Clam Before the Strum
Capt. Nemo - Hooked on Mnemonics
Captain Crunch & Let' s Do Lunch - More Baroque Post-Industrial Hillbilly Lounge Music!!
Captain Ron - Debut Single
Captain Tractor - Bought the Farm
Captain Tractor - Celebrity Traffic Jam
Captain Tractor - East of Edson
Captain Tractor - Hoserista
Cara Luft - Darlingford
Cara Luft - Tempting The Storm
Caracol - Symbolism
Caravan, The - The Caravan
Carbolizer - Carbolizer
Carbon Dating Service - Reliquiae (2009)
Cardboard Nationals - Its Wonderful Light in Pictures
Cardigans - Life
Cardinals Pride - The Quiet Erosion
Cares - Coping Strategies
Cares - Who Else Are You
Carey J. Buss - Answer the Bell
Caribou - Andorra
Caribou - Our Love
Caribou - Start Breaking My Heart/Up in Flames Sampler
Caribou - Swim
Carl Lorusso Jr - Borderline
Carl Naud - L'Ascenseur
Carleton Stone - Carleton Stone
Carleton Stone - Draws Blood
Carlo - Carlo
Carlos del Junco Band - Big Boy
Carly Dow - Ingrained
Carly Maicher - Hiding
Carly Maicher - Hiding
Carmel Mikol - Creature
Carmen Townsend - Waitin & Seein
Carnations, The - The Carnations
Carol Jiani - Superstar
Carol McCartney - Be Cool
Carol Welsman - Carol Welsman
caroline marie brooks - everything at the same time
Carolyn Fe - Sugat Ko
Carolyn Mark - Nothing is Free
Carolyn Mark - Party Girl
Carolyn Mark - Queen of Vancouver Island
Carolyn Mark & The New Best Friends - The Pros and Cons of Collaboration
Carolyn Mark, NQ Arbuckle - Let's Just Stay Here
Carpet - Translation
Carps, The - The Young and Passionate Days of Carpedia
Carrie Cain Sparks - Fire and Snow
Carrie Hryniw - Finding Grace
Carsick - Carsick
Carson Band Downey - All the Way
Carson Cole - Thermostat
The Cartels - Kingpin
Carter & the Capitals - Carter & the Capitals
Cartoon Lizard - Not Punk Not Raw
Cartoons - Cartoons/Hellayula Split EP
Carvelli - Hooah
Carvelli - The Movement
Casati - There Will Be Days
Casati - This Is Just to Say
Cash Brothers, The - How Was Tomorrow?
The Cash Brothers - Phonebooth Tornado
Casimiro Nhussi - Gweka
Casimiro Nhussi - Makonde: Roots of Northern Mozambique
Casimiro Nhussi - Ximbombo
Casper Fly - Looks Like Those Guys
Casper Skulls - Mercy Works
Cassandra Vasik - Different
The Cassidys - Tula
Cast - All Change
Castrati - 20 X 707
Cat Jahnke - Cathartic
cat jahnke - the stories are taking their toll
Catahoula Brown - The Journey
Catamounts, The - Here's ...The Catamounts
Catamounts, The - St Nuomatac
Catgut - Fightpicker
Catgut - Fightpicker
Catharsis - Sun
Catherine Hume - Hinges
Catherine Hunter - Rush Hour
Catherine Hunter/The Weakerthans - "Rush hour" from Forthcoming CD
CATHERINE LEDUC - Un Bras De Distance Avec Le Soleil
Catherine Lee & Matt Hannafin - Five Shapes: Improvisations for Oboe d'Amore & Percussion
Catherine MacLellan - The Raven's Sun
Catherine MacLellan - Silhouette
Cathode Ray - Cathode Ray
Catholic Girls - Sheila Joined A Cult
Catl. - Bide my time until I die
Catl. - Soon this will all be gone.
the cats advice - makin it right
Catskill - Heir to the Throne
Caught Off Guard - Let's Play
Caveat - Red
Caveboy - Night In The Dark,Kiss In The Dark
Cavern / Anthesis - Cavern / Anthesis
Cayley Thomas - Ash Mountain
Cayley Thomas - Weird Love
Caymans - Caymans EP
CC Trubiak - Tiny Army
CCF Devastators - CCF Devastators
Cecil Seaskull - Whoever
Cecile Doo-Kingue - Anybody Listening Part 2: Dialogues
Cecile Doo-Kingue - Anybody Listening Pt. 1: Monologues
Cecilia String Quartet - Dvorak
Cecilia String Quartet - Mendelssohn Op. 44 Nos 1, 2
Cee & Dr. MaD - Steps to the Peak
Celestial Magenta - Westbound
Cell - Ancient Incantations of Xarbos
Cello - Solid Ground
Cellos - Bomb Shelter
Cellos - The Great Leap Backward
Cellphone - Excellent Condition
Celso Machado - Varal
The Celtic Connection - Higher
Celtic Way - Gameday
Centrifugal Force - Matter
Century Palm - Century Palm
Century Palm - Meet You
Century Palm - Royal Mt.
Century Thief - Reverie
Ceramony - Ceramony
Ceremony - Our First Mistake
Certain Breeds - Certain Breeds
Cerulean Skies - The Dream Journal
Cerulean Skies - Stagnation; or, Communion with a Benign Hyperintelligence
Cetascean - Cetascean
Ceti Alpha - Angels Glue
Ceti Alpha - Pista Loca
Ceti Alpha - Seaweed and Roses
Ceti Alpha - Telemetry
CFCF - Continent
CFCF - Exercises
CFCF - Music for Objects
CFCF - Outside
The CFL Sessions - The CFL Sessions
Chacal - Peter Said It Was Problematic
Chad Allen and the Reflections - Early Roots
Chad Makela Quartet - Flicker
Chad Pab - The Arms That Surround Us
Chad VanGaalen - Diaper Island
Chad VanGaalen - Shrink Dust
Chad Vangaalen - Skelliconnection
Chad VanGaalen - Soft Airplane
Chad Vangaalen - worlds most stressed out gardener
Chadwick Moir - The Man in the Chair
Chains of Love - Strange Grey Days
Chair Face - Monogamy and Landownership
Chairs - Drawn Into Mazes
Chairs - The Droning of an Insect Wing
Chakobsa - s/t
Chalk Circle - As the Crow Flies
Champa - Always. If Ever. After
Champion - Chill Em All
Champion - °1
Champion Lawnmower - Babies
Chandelle Rimmer & Tom Van Seters - Stillness Falls
The Change - Cracked And Faded
The Change - Long Way From OZ
Changelings - Changelings
Chantal Kreviazuk - Psycho Boot 101
Chapter 3 - Fire it up
Chapter 3 - A Real Texas Juke
Charalambides - Likeness
Charge - SIRR
Chariots of Eggs - Chariots of Eggs
Chariots of the Gods - Tides Of War
Chariots of the Gods - Tides Of War
Charlene Pauls and ian hodges - canciones
Charles Boyd - Douchebag Zombie
Charles Boyd - Fuck You You Fuckin' Fuck
Charles Boyd - Servant of God
Charles Di Raimondo - The Arias
Charlie Redstar - Charlie Redstar
Charlie Redstar - Sundog
Charlie Sohmer - Casual Rake
Charlie Sohmer - The kiss before the calm
Charlie, Monster! - The Voice that Suits Us All
Charlotte Cornfield - Two Horses
Charlotte Day Wilson - Stone Woman (10 inch, 33 1/3 RPM)
Chastity - Death Lust
Chastity - Tape
Che Chapter 127 - Profit Prophet
Cheatron - All What Missiles, Who Put Up Where?
Checkmate & Concise - Love & War
Cheer - Swimming to Work
Cheering for the Bad Guy - Next Year Country
Cheering for the Bad Guy - s/t
Cheering for the Bad Guy - To the Last Drop
Chegahno - Buffalo
Chelsea Mourning - 3 song promo
Cheryl`Fisher - Too Late to Hurry
Chess Club, Jack Semple & Greg Lowe - Wake Up Time
Chessmen, The - The Chessmen Collection 1964--1966
Chester Chicken - Clucking the Classics
Chester Knight + The Wind - Falling Down
Chesterfield Suite - Chesterfield suite
Chet - Fight Against Darkness
Chet Breau - Lone Pine III
Chet Doxas - Big Sky
Chet Doxas - Dive
Chet Doxas Quartet - Sidewalk Etiquette
Chet Singh - Diasporic Dub
Chet Singh - Occupation Nation
Cheticamp - Aeroplane Vs. Auromobile
Cheval de Trois - Emrical
Chevalier Avant Garde - Resurrection Machine
Chez Willi - I Saw The Wolf
Cheza - Cheza
Chic Gamine - Chic Gamine
Chic Gamine - City City
Chic Gamine - Light a Match
Chicago Jim - Chicago Jim
The Chicharones - Swine Flew
Chick Boyd - bunch of fucking hits
Chick Boyd - Monster on the Campus
The Chick Magnets - Low Budget Superheroes
Chicken Milk - You Gert Nothing E.P.
Chicken-Like Birds - On the Dusty Trail
Chikara - Die...Me
Chikara - Jesus Was A Capricorn
Chilblaine Winters - North Delta Blues
Child Actress - Milking a Dead Cow
Children of Celebrities - We're Not Bitter
Childsplay - Righteous Rampage
Chilly Gonzales - The Entertainist
Chilly Gonzales - Ivory Tower
Chilly Gonzales - Solo Piano II
Chimney Swallows , The - The Chimney Swallows
Chin - D' Tach
Chin Injeti - The Reverb
Chino - Mala Leche
Chion - Requiem
Chips - Into The Black
Chis Hauer - HUM
Chivas & Kream - Secret Ingredientz
Chixdiggit! - Born on the First of July
Chixdiggit! - From Scene to Shining Scene
Chixdiggit! - Humped
Chixdiggit! - Nothing Beats a Royal Flush
Chixdiggt - Chixdiggt
Chloe - 5 Song EP
Chloe Charles - Break the Balance
Choclair - Ice Cold
Choclair - What It Takes
CHOCOLAT - Rencontrer Looloo
Chocolat [CAN] - Tss Tss
Chocolate Grinder - Oceans
Choir and Marching Band - So Duh Pop!
Choir of St John's, Elora/Michael Bloss - Psalms and Motets for Reflection
Choir Practice - Choir Practice
Choke - Foreward
Choke - Needless to Say
Choke - There's a Story to This Moral
Chokeules - Hypergraphia
Chokeules - Stay Up
CHOM 97.7 FM - L'Esprit 97
Chom 97.7 fm - L'esprit 98
Chore - Another Plebeian
Chore - The Coastaline Fire
Chore - The Coastaline Fire
Chore - Take My Mask & Breathe
Chris - I Don't Think Anything
Chris Abrahams - I don't think anything
Chris Andrew - Strange Days
Chris Antonik - Self-titled
Chris Brown, Kate Fenner - O Witness
Chris Carmichael - Chris Carmichael
Chris Colepaugh & the Cosmic Crew - In Time
Chris Colepaugh & the Cosmic Crew - In Your Backyard
Chris Colepaugh & the Cosmic Crew - Trip
Chris Coole - Old Dog
Chris Coole - The Tumbling River
Chris Coole and Ivan Rosenberg - Return to Trion
Chris Culgin - It's Only Time
Chris Culgin - Mind in the Blue Sky
Chris Davis - Baile Bonita
Chris Davis - A Night Remembered
Chris De Burgh - Moonfleet & Other Stories
Chris Donnelly - Metamorphosis
Chris Donnelly - Solo
Chris Field - Chris Field
Chris Gestrin Trio - The Melody That Is
Chris Gheran - Coup D'Etat
Chris Gheran - Matterhorn
Chris Goertzen & The Lazy Pilgrims - Devil's Rawking Chair
Chris Houston - Einstein's Brain b/w Shit for Brains
Chris Houston - Evil Twang
Chris MAMA Bauer - A Universe Of Horrors
Chris Mitchell - The Witches of Redbeard
Chris Murphy - Hotwired
Chris Picco - The Beach
Chris Snowboy - Shine
Chris Tarry - Almost Certainly Dreaming
Chris Velan - Fables For Fighters
Chris Velan - Solidago
Chris Wallace's Many Names - Somewhere Sacred
Chris Whiteley - Blues Party
Chris Yang - may all yr children be dragons
Chris-a-riffic - Post-Season
Christ Appearing As Sun - The Love Hour Series Volume One
Christa Couture - The Living Record
Christa Mercey - Floorboards
Christian Bouchard - Automacite
Christian Calon - Les Corps eblouis
Christina Martin - Impossible to Hold
Christina Rosenvinge - Evolution
Christina Smith & Jean Hewson - Like Ducks
Christine Fellows - 2 Little Birds
Christine Fellows - Femmes De Chez Nous
Christine Fellows - Last One Standing
Christine Fellows - Nevertheless
Christine Fellows - Paper Anniversary
Christine Fellows - Roses on the Vine
Christine Jensen - Collage
Christine Jensen - Look Left
Christine Jensen Jazz Orchestra - Habitat
Christine Jensen Jazz Orchestra - Treelines
Christine Vanderkooy - Schubert and Schumann
Christof Migone - Greatest Hits
Christof Migone - Vex
Christopher Bissonette - Essays in Idleness
Christopher Cape - The Biggest Lie
Christopher dignan - Let the sparks fly
Christopher Eckart - Elegy for Diamond Lake
Christopher Plock - Blue Skies for Loveday
Christopher Smith - Beckon Call
Christopher Smith - Earning Keep
Chrome Yellow Co. - Man Waiting for Train
Chromeo - White Women
Chron Goblin - Life for the Living
ChronicPhonics - Static
chubb - from us to you
Chuck Copenace Group - EP 1
Chuck Copenace Group - EP 1
Chuckee Zehr - Just a Taste ...
Chucklehead - Chucklehead
Chucky Danger - self-titled
Chunder Buffet - Cesspool
Chunder Buffet - Lemon Sleazy
Church Of Trees - Primitive Creatures
Church ofTrees - Pish Posh
Cigarettes - Will to War and Wreck It
Cinderpop - A Lesson in Science
Cinderpop - Manic Sparkles
Cinderpop - Violet Gamma Rays
Cindy Dell - Heart of the House
Cindy Doire - Sticks and Mud
Cindy Lee - Act of Tenderness
Cindy O'Neil - Hight
Cinema - Take One
Circlesquare - Filtering Blue E.P.
Circlesquare - Songs About Dancing and Drugs
Circuit Breaker - Circuit Breaker
Circus in Flames, The - Outside America
The Circus in Flames - S/T
Cirkus Mind - Demo
Cirque du Soleil - Totem
Citadel - Aquarian
Cities in Dust - Night Creatures
Citizen Rage - Citizen Rage
City & Colour - Little Hell
City and Colour - Guide Me Back Home
City and Colour - The Hurry and the Harm
City Champs, The - The City Champs
City Real & Wes Mackey - Good Morning Blues
City Streets with Myrol - Peacemaker
City Streets, The - Concentrated Living
City Streets, The - The Jazz Age
City Streets, The - Sawdust & Rum
Civil Disobedients, The - Another Dead Medium
Civvie - Inheritance
CJSW 90.9 - Nothing on but the radio
CKXU - "More Than Radio" Compilation
Claire Bestland - La Moreneta
Claire Morrison - Here's to You, Here's to Me
Clara Engel - Ashes & Tangerine
Clara Engel - The Bethlehem Tapes
Clara Engel - Looking Glass Fire
Clara Engel - The Lovebird's Throat
Clara Engel - Secret Beasts
Clara Engel - Songs for Leonora Carrington
Clara Engel - Visitors are allowed one kiss
Clare De Lune - Sleepytime
Clare De Lune - Voyageur
Clark - Clark
Clark - Terra Incognita
Clark Bryan - The Piano Music of Remi Bouchard
Clarke Bouchard Daniel - Scenes d'enfants
Clash Contrast - Twice a Tricycle EP
Class Action - An Extra Bar of the Wrong Song
Class Assassins, The - No Justice...No Peace
Class War Kids - Reflection! Rage! Rebellion!
Class War Kids - A Strong People Need No Leader
Claude Schryer - Autour
Claudia's Cage - Girlcrush
Clay - Marigold and Zenia
Claymen - Claymen
Clayton Healey - Expedition
Clea Roddick - Songs of the year vol. 1
Clea Roddick - songs of the year: vol. 2
Clearwater Quartet, The - Matthews: String Quartets
Cleats, The - Lost Voices, Broken Strings
Clemens Merkel - l'hiver monastique
Cleopatra - Mirror Mirror on the wall
Cleopatrick - The boys
Cliche [CAN] - Folk Yeah
Cliff Herman - Yellow House
Cliff Stevens - Grass Won't Grow
The Cliks - Snakehouse
Clint Flick - Winnipeg'd or: How I Learned to Stop Hipstering and Love Domesticated Life
Clinton St. John - Black Forest Levitation
Clinton St. John - Storied Hearts and the Three Assimilations
Clipwing - Ashford
Clipwing / Icons Down! - Clipwing X Icons Down!
Clipwing / Icons Down! - Clipwing X Icons Down!
Clive Holden, John Samson, Christine Fellows, Jason Tait - Trains of Winnipeg
Clock Strikes Music - Clock Strikes Music
Clockroom - Lokking Forward
Clockwork Towns - Dusk
Close Talker - Flux
Close Talker - How Do We Stay Here?
Close Talker - Lens
Closed Caption Radio - Slang X Generator
closetjudas - subaltern
closetjudas - subaltern (un)classified
Cloud City Classic - Brand New Kicks
Clove - Rollercoaster
Clover Honey - Clover Honey
Clover Honey - Go Horse Go
Club Thunderbolt - City of Salt
Clues - Clues
Clunt & The Scrunts - Clunt & The Scrunts
Clunt and the Scrunts - Kindred E.P.
Cluttertones, The - Leeways
Co-op - 2nd Veiw
Co-op - Co-op
Co-operators - Tell Me Something I Don't Know
Coach Longlegs - Coach Longlegs
Coast - Queen Cities
Cobra & Vulture - Grasslands
cocktail hostages - self-titled
Coco Love Alcorn - Sugar
Coconut - Coconut
Code Pie - Love Meets Rage
Code Pie - Pop Cycle
Coeur de pirate - Blonde
Coeur de pirate - En cas de tempete, ce jardin sera ferme.
Coeur de pirate - Roses
The Cohorts - Friends Shuffled Apart
Coin Gutter - Pigeonless
Cold Creature - Cold Creature
Cold Specks - Bodies At Bay
Cold Specks - Fool's Paradise
Cold Specks - Fool's Paradise
Cold Specks - I Predict A Graceful Expulsion
Cold Specks - Neuroplasticity
Cold Warps - S/T EP + Endless Bummer Ep
Cold Water - Cold Water
Cold Water - Wolf Willow
Cold Water & Eamon McGrath - Cold Water Eamon McGrath Split 7 inch
Cole Shway - Sleepwalking
Coleco - Sampler
Colin Boland - Colin Boland
Colin James - Blue Highways
Colin James - Miles to Go
Colin James - Sudden Stop
Colin James - Take It From The Top: The Best Of
Colin Linden - Big Mouth
Colin Linden - Big Mouth
Colin Linden - From The Water
Colin Linden - Raised by Wolves
Colin Linden - Rich in Love
Colin Linden - South At Eight, North At Nine
Colin Linden - When the Spirit Comes
Colin Linden & Luther Dickinson - Amour
Colin Stetson - New History Warfare Vol. 3: To See More Light
Colin Stetson - New History Warfare Vol.2 Judges
collage-à-trois - collage-à-trois
Collapse - Collapse E.P.
Collapsing Opposites - The Cost of Music - (7" vinyl)
Collapsing Opposites - In Time LP
Collapsing Opposites - Inside Chance
Collapsing Opposites - Mean Letters
Colleen Brown - Direction
Colleen Brown - Dirt
Colleen Eccleston - In Essence
Colleen Rennison - See the Sky About to Rain
Collide - Collide
Collington Daley - Enigmatic
Collomb. - Manitoba Roses
Colonizer - Les Bidonvilles
Colorifics - Living City
Colour by Numbers - Among the Stars
Colour by Numbers - The Colour by Numbers EP
Colter Wall - Imaginary Appalachia
The Combine - Void And Vessel
Comeback Kid - Broadcasting...
Comeback Kid - Die Knowing
Comeback Kid - Die Knowing
Comeback Kid - Outsider
Comeback Kid - Wake the Dead
Comments & Concerns - Alibi
Common Denominator - s/t
Compadres - ?Buddy Where You Been?
Compassion Gorilla - Coalesce
Complete - Anything But...
The Composers Collective Big Band - The Composers Collective Big Band
Compost - S/T
Concealer - Feted:Fetid
Concerns of Royalty - Concerns of Royalty
Concrete Mob - Boiling Point
Conduct - Fear and Desire
Cone Five - De-Ionized Water
Cone Five - Fond of
Cone Five - Picture of Wheat
Cone of Silence - Lift Twist and Jerk
Confabulation, The - Tunnels and Visions
Confuschia - Quit in Moderation
Confusionaires, The - It's Time to Make a Little Mess with....
conn-sharwnery feat. Blurum13 and N'FA - CS01
Connecti_icut - Music for Granular Synthesizer
Connie Kaldor - Everyday Moments
Connie Saulnier - Dark Desert Night
Connoisseurs of Porn - Connoisseurs of Porn
Connoisseurs of Porn - Dead Pets
Connoisseurs of Porn - Falling Down the Stairs
Conrad - Never Would Have Guessed We Were All Blessed
Conscience - No Weakness
Consonance, The - Come the Day
Constantines, The - 13 Songs
The Constantines - Kensington Heights
Constantines, The - Modern Sinner Nervous Man
Construction - Construction Vol. 1
Construction & Destruction - Dark Lark
Construction & Destruction - Mutatis Mutandis
Consumer Goods, The - But We Don't Shoot Pistols?
Consumer Goods, The - Happy Bidet (2007)
Consumer Goods, The - Pop Goes the Pigdog
Contageous - Doc Holliday Rides Again
cooldown - Ether
Cooper - Evening Shadows
Cop Shades - Cop Shades
Cope - EPs
Copilots - Escape Through the Trees
Copilots - Sunstroke
Copperhead - Copperhead
Copperhead - Touch
Copyright - Love Story
Corb Lund - Cabin Fever
Corb Lund - Counterfeit Blues
Corb Lund - Horse Soldier! Horse Soldier!
Corb Lund - Losin' Lately Gambler
Corb Lund - Things That Can't Be Undone
Corb Lund - Unforgiving Mistress
Corboe - Take Off Your Glasses
Cordame - Cordame
Cordcalling - Obsessed by the Light
Cordcalling - We are Still
Cordâme + François Bourassa - Rêve éveillé
Corey Edwards - Le nom de la prose
Corey Edwards - Les deux solitudes
Corey Ellis - Last Great Alibi
Corey Isenor - Frost
Corey Isenor - Hollowbody
Corey Isenor - hunting party, the
Cori Brewster - Stones
Corin Raymond - Dirty Mansions
Corin Raymond - Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams
Corin Raymond and the Sundowners - Paper Nickels
Corinna Rose - Northeast Southwest
Corinna Rose - The Wharf EP
Corinthian - Eurozone Ghost
Cork - Speed of Thought
The Corn Sisters, Neko Case, Carolyn Mark - The Other Women
Corndogs - Love Is All
Cornflower Blue - Invincible
Corpusse - Precious Memento
Corpusse - Surrender to the Passion
Corvid Lorax - Chin EP
Corvid Lorax - Die a Little
Corvid Lorax - Encyclopedia of Insanica
Corvid Lorax - Kalashni-Cancerous
Corvid Lorax - N.I.C.E. Ninjas In Cities Everywhere
Corwin Fox and the CumberLand Brothers - Corwin Fox and the CumberLand Brothers
Cory Weeds - As of Now
Cory Weeds - Just Like That
Cory Weeds Quartet - Big Weeds
Cory Weeds Quintet - Everything's Coming Up Weeds
Cory Weeds Quintet - Live at Frankie's Jazz Club
Cosmic Range, The - The Gratitude Principle
Cosmopolitans - It's Cosmopolitan Time!
The Cosmos - Life-size
Cosy Father - Loser Birds
Cote, Derome, Guilbeault, Tetreault - Bruire Chants Rupestres
Cottage Industry - Spin
Cottage Industry - The Winter's Tale
cotvbl - gang crimes
Couchpotatoes - Cool Ride
Couleur Dessin - Couleur Dessin
Couloir - Wine Dark Sea
Counterfeit Jeans - Counterfeit Jeans
Counterfeit Jeans - Good Morning
Countermeasure - Made to Measure
Counterparts - Tragedy Will Find Us
Counterparts - You're Not You Anymore
Counterrevolutionaries - afterbirth of the cool
Couples - Couples
Courage Of Lassie - This Side of Heaven
Courier News - Fuxtures
Courtney Wing - Bouquet Of Might & Fury
Cousin Harley - Blue Smoke: The Music of Merle Travis
Cousin Henry - Play Something I Know
Cousins - The Halls of Wickwire
COUSINS - Out on town
COUSINS - The Palm at The End of The Mind
Couteau Papillon - Archipel
Couteau Papillon - Black River/Noirs corridors
Cowards - Cowards
Cowboy Junkies - All That Reckoning
Cowboy Junkies - Lay It Down
Cowboy Junkies - Live!
Cowboy Junkies - Miles from Our Home
Cowboy Junkies - The Nomad Series Demons Vol.2
Cowboy Junkies - Open
Cowboy Junkies - Rarities, B-Sides and Slow, Sad Waltzes
Cowboy Junkies - Sweet Jane
Cowboy Junkies - V1 Nomad Series Renmin Park
Cowboy Junkies - The Wilderness: The Nomad Series Volume 4
Cowpuncher - Call me when you're single(2011)
Cowpuncher - Hooscow b/w Get In The Truck
Cowpuncher - Self Titled
Coyote Merlot - Coyote Merlot
Cozy - Ladystough
Crabe - Ero Gaki
Crabskull - Jovian Black Opera
Crack Cloud - Anchoring Point
Crack Cloud - Crack Cloud EP
Crackdown vs. Hiroshima Mon Amour - Broken Guitars & Trashy Bars
Crackling, The - Keep Full Ambitious
Crackling, The - Mary Magdalene
Craic the Lens - The Cannon
Craig Cardiff - Floods & Fires
Craig Cardiff - Judy Garland! (You're Never Home ...)
Craig Cardiff - Love Is Louder (Than All This Noise): Part One
Craig McKerron - S/T
Craig Moreau - The Daredevil Kid
Craig Pedersen & Taylor Brook - Flux
Craig Pedersen and Joel Kerr - It's a Free Country
Craig Pedersen Quartet - Days Like Today
Craig Pedersen Quartet - Why Paint at All?
Craig Pedersen Quartet, The - Ghosts
Craig Pedersen Quintet - Approaching the Absence of Doing
Cranium - Necropolis
Crash 13 - Hey Lopez!
Crash 13 - Porch Crawlers E.P.
Crash Test Dummies - The Ghosts That Haunt Me
Crash Test Dummies - Give Yourself a Hand
Crash Test Dummies - A Portrait Of The Artist As A Young Dummy
Crashing Into Things - Smaller Than Death
Crashing Into Things - To Consume, and to Be Consumed
Crazy Rhythm Daddies! - Crazy Rhythm Daddies!
Creaking Tree String Quartet, The - The Soundtrack
Creaking Tree String Quartet, The - Sundogs
The Creators - Mixed Nuts
Creature - No Sleep At All
Cree Confederation - Kihtawasoh Wapakwani: Beautiful Flower
Cree Confederation - Piciciwin: Cree Round Dance Songs
Creef - Good Herbs
Creeping Nobodies, The - Fragments 2005-2008
Creeping Nobodies, The - Half Saboteur EP
Creeping Nobodies, The - I-X-4
Creeping Nobodies, The - Sound of Joy
Creeping Nobodies, The - Stop Movement Stop Loss
Creepshow - Death At My Door
Creepshow - Life After Death
Creepshow - Run for your Life
Creepshow - Sell Your Soul
Crimes In Paris - Modern Ghost Stories
Crimson Finch - Silver Bees
Crimson Jimson - Blunt Trauma
Crimson Jimson - Freak
The Crimson Tides - s/t
Cripple - Cripple
Cripple Creek Fairies - Eater of Astronauts
Cripple Creek Fairies - The Suction
Cris Cuddy - The Boy from Beaumont
Cris Derksen - Cusp
Crissi Cochrane - Darling, Darling
Crissi Cochrane - Pretty Alright
Critters Buggin - Guest
Crocodile! - Yoma: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Crooked Brothers - Deathbed Pillowtalk
Crooked Brothers - Postcard
Crooked Brothers - Thank You I'm Sorry
Crooked Creek - Crooked Ness
Crooked Stovepipe - Newfoundland Bluegrass
Crop Failure - Crop Failure
Crosss - Lo
Crosss - Obsidian Spectre
Crosstown Rivals - EP
Crotch - S/T
Crowbar - Bad Manors
Crowbar - Larger Than Life
Crowd the Joanna - Crowd the Joanna
Crown Land - S/T
Crusty Comp. 2 - Don't eat the crust!
Crybaby - Paintings
Cryptopsy - The Unspoken King
Crystal Castles - Amnesty (I)
Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles
Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles II
Crystal Castles - III
Crystal Eyes - The Female Imagination
Crystal Eyes & Marlaena Moore - Radical Softness - The Split
Crystal Mess - Unholy Neckbreaker
Crystal Precious - The Striphop EP
Crystal Swells - Harsh side/sludge freaks
Cub - Betti-Cola
Cub - Betti-Cola
Cub - Box of Hair
Cub - Brave New Waves Session
Cub - Mauler
Cud Eastbound - Leaving
Cuff the Duke - In Our Time
Cuff the Duke - Morning Comes
Cuff the Duke - Union
Cuff the Duke - Way Down Here
Culls, The - If Your Horse Returns Alone
Culted - Vespertina Synaxis - A Prayer For Union and Emptiness
Culture Reject - s/t
Cumberland Brothers, The - Gamey E.P.
Cunter - 27
Current Swell - Long Time Ago
Current Swell - Ulysses
Cursed - III: Architects of Troubled Sleep
Cursed - Two
Cursed Arrows - Rebirth
Curtis Macdonald - Community Immunity
Curtis Nowosad - Dialectics
Curtis Nowosad - The Skeptic & the Cynic
Cut Throat Britva - S/T
Cyclist (Electronica) - Double Dip
Cygnets - Bleak Anthems
Cygnets - Dark Days
Cyrillic Typewriter, The - Water Over Glass
Cyrus - Sun to Star
Cyrus - Sun to Star
Cœur de pirate - Trauma
D & C - E.S.P. Night at the Civic Center
D & C - Play Music
d'Eon - Darkbloom (Split Album with Grimes)
The D'Urbervilles - We Are the Hunters
d-ray - Supertonez
D-Sisive - Jonestown 2: Jimmy Go Bye Bye
D-Sisive - Let The Children Die
D-Sisive - Like This
D-Sisive - Run with the Creeps
D-Sisive - Vaudeville
D. K. Ibomeka - I'm Your Man
D. Rangers - D. Rangers
D. Rangers - the paw-paw patch
D. Rangers - We Stay High and Lonesome
D.B. Buxton - Dirty Dace Party
D.B.S. - D.B.S.
D.B.S. - If the Music's Loud Enough
D.D. Jackson - Paired Down, Vol. 1
D.F. - Snowshell
D.J. Magic Mike and M.C. Madness - Ain't No Doubt About It
D.O.A. - 1978
D.O.A. - Bloodied But Unbowed
D.O.A. - Festival of Atheists
D.O.A. - Fight Back
D.O.A. - Hard Rain Falling
D.O.A. - Hardcore 81
D.O.A. - Just Play it Over & Over
D.O.A. - Kings of Punk, Hockey and Beer
D.O.A. - Let's Wreck the Party
D.O.A. - Northern Avenger
D.O.A. - The Only Thing Green
D.O.A. - Punk Rock Singles
D.O.A. - Something Better Change
D.O.A. - Talk Minus Action Equals Zero
D.O.A. - We Come in Peace
D.O.A. - Welcome to Chinatown: D.O.A. Live
D.O.A., Thor - Are U Ready
D/A A/D - Goliath
d2ur - Rev U Up
The Dabs - The Dabs
Dada Centauri - IV
Dada Plan - A Dada Plan Is Free
DADADADA:Lazers - Whims of Fantasy
Daddy Szigeti - Daddy Szigeti
Daddy's Hands - Tutankhamun
Daddy's Hands - Welcome Kings
Dads - Live at Club Fuck
Dadweed - I Dreamt I Was Running
Dag [CAN] - No Name
Dag [CAN] - Daggy Style
Daily - In My Corner
Daily Alice - Daily Alice
Daily Ice Cream Man - 31 Flavors and not a damn ones free
Daisy DeBolt - I Can
Daisy Debolt - Just Mountain Songs
Daisychain - Mary
Dala - Everyone is Someone
The Dalai Lamas - Return to Funk-Fu Alley
Dalannah Gail Bowen - Them Menz
Dalbello - Whore
Dale Boyle - Throwback
Dale Morningstar - Dale Morningstar
Dale Murray - Dream Mountain Dream
Dale Nikkel - Still Learning Tricks
Dallas Arcand - Modern Day Warrior
Damages - Scars - 45
Damhnait Doyle - Hyperdramatic
Damhnait Doyle - Hyperdramatic
damhnait doyle - lights down low
Damhnait Doyle - Shadows Wake Me
damian nisenson, jean felix mailloux & pierre tanguay - muzika
Damn Truth, The - Dear In The Headlights
The Damn Truth - Devilish Folk
Dan Beausoleil - Reflections
Dan Doiron - Stand Back I Don't Know How Loud This Thing Gets ...
Dan Frechette - Life Without Home
Dan Frechette - Lucky Day
Dan Frechette - Performer
Dan Frechette - Revelations
Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen - Between the Rain
Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen - Driving by Candlelight
Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen - New Disguise
Dan MacCormack - Symphony of Ghosts
Dan Mangan - Oh Fortune
Dan Mangan + Blacksmith - Club Meds
Dan McCarthy - City Abstract
Dan McKinnon - The Cleaner
Dan Misha Goldman - Champion of the Afterworld
Dan Nash - Dan Nash
DAN-E-O - Immortal
Dana Sipos - Roll Up the Night Sky
Dance Movie - Interlopers
Dancing Alone - Songs Of William Hawkins
Dancing with Paris - The Drought
The dancing Wu Li masters - Self titled
Dandi Wind - yolk of the golden egg
Danger Cat - The Danger Cat EP
Danger Grove - Want, for Nothing
Dangercat - To the Moon
Dangercat - Where I'll Be
Dani Nash - Dani Nash
Daniel Barnes - Culmination
Daniel Fernandez - Forever Romance
Daniel Isaiah - Come Into Gone
Daniel Isaiah - High Twilight
Daniel Jamieson's Danjam Orchestra - Sudden Appearance
Daniel Joseph AKA Sugarlips - WTF -- Heavy Metal - Hip Hop Harmonica
Daniel Leduc - Le Voyage D'hiver
Daniel Matto Quintet - I'm Old Fashioned
Daniel Parsons - Trilogy (And Then Some)
Daniel Romano - Come Cry With Me
Daniel Romano - Finally Free
Daniel Romano - If I've Only One Time Askin'
Daniel Romano - Modern Pressure
Daniel Romano - Mosey
Daniel Romano - Sleep Beneath the Willow
Daniel Romano - Workin' For the Music Man
daniel romanos outfit - cobra poems
Daniel Sky - On The Round
Daniel Sky - Spider Milk
Daniel Tapp - Be Different
Daniel Taylor - Lamento
Daniel, Fred & Julie - S/T
Daniela Nardi - The Rose Tattoo
Daniela Nardi - The Rose Tattoo
Danielle Duval - Lose It
Danielle Duval - Of the Valley
Danielle French - Drive
Danielle French - Foreshadow
Danielle Lennon - String Theory
Danielle Palardy Roger - Bruiducœur, prières des infidèles
Danielle Palardy Roger - Le caillou
Danielle Smith - Little Seeds
Danishka Esterhazy - The Harper's hands
Danko Jones - Garage Rock! A Collection of Lost Songs From 1996-1998
Danko Jones - Garage Rock! A Collection of Lost Songs from 1996-1998
Danko Jones - A Rock Supreme
Danks, The - Are You Afraid Of
Danks, The - Gank
Danny Brooks - After the Storm (vinyl !)
Danny Michel - In The Belly of a Whale
Danny Michel - Khlebnikov
Danny Michel - Matadora
danny michel - sunset sea
Danny Michel - Valhalla
Danny Michel & the Benque Players - Black Birds Are Dancing Over Me
Dante's Flaming Uterus - In Flagrante Delicto
Dany Laj and the Looks - Alive & Kicking
Dany Laj And The Looks - Everything New Is New Again
Dany Laj and the Looks - Word on the Street
Daphni - Jiaolong
Darby and Joan Club, The - Everything Is Fine
The Darby and Joan Club - s/t
Darcy James Argue's Secret Society - Brooklyn Babylon
Darcy James Argue's Secret Society - Infernal Machines
Darcys, The - Aja
Darcys, The - Centerfold
Darcys, The - Darcys
Darcys, The - Warring
Dardanelles, The - The Eastern Light
The Daredevil Christopher Wright - The Nature of Things
Dark Arps - Hanging On The Wall [EP]
Dark for Dark - All Dressed
Dark for Dark - Warboats
Dark Glasses - Dark Glasses
Dark Mourning - Dark Mourning
Dark Orchard - Dark Orchard
Dark Time - Dark Time
Dark Time - radiation
DarkBlueWorld - Perilous Beauty of Madness
Darkest of the Hillside Thickets, The - Great Old Ones
The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets - The Shadow Out Of Tim
The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets - Spaceship Zero
Darkhouse - Mr. Happy
Darlene Graham - Everybody Dance
Darlene Graham and the Shades of Green Band - Big Hugs for Mama
Darling Arms - all the ghosts
Darrelle London - Edible Word Parade
Darren Copeland - Rendu visible
Darren Frank - That Lived-In Look
Darren Sigesmund - Strands
Darryl Hurs - Lifted
Daryl Branson - Gentle Reminders
The Darylectones - A christmas gift for you
Das Macht Show! - Four Legs Good
Das Macht Show! - One Night in Berlin
Data Romance - Other
The Datsons - The Datsons
The Datsons - See!
Dave Barchyn - The Tools You Have
Dave Chose - Dave Chose
Dave Douglas - Riverside
Dave McCann and the Firehearts - Circle of Light
Dave McCann and the Ten Toed Frogs - Shoot the Horses
Dave Monks - All Signs Point to Yes
Dave Norris & Local Ivan - They Let You Paint Your Darker Dreams
Dave Quanbury - In the Meantime Let's Attend to Our Pleasures
Dave Quanbury - No Vacancy
Dave Quanbury - Still Life with Canadian
Dave Rave - Live W/What You Know
Dave Rave Conspiracy - Three Octave Fantastic Hexagram
Dave Rave, Mark Mccarron - Another Side of Love
Dave Reachill - These Random Places
Dave Restivo - Prayer For Humankind(ness)
Dave Robbins Sextet - Joan of Art
Dave Spivak Project - West of the Red
Dave Teichroeb - Yesterday Motel
Dave Tough - Fortune's Wheel
Dave White & The Stone Farmers - Dave White & The Stone Farmers
dave withers - fires burning
Dave Young - Mean What You Say
Dave Young - Piano-Bass Duets Volume Three
Dave Young & Gary Burton - Inner Urge
the dave young terry promane octet - Octet Volume One
Dave Young Terry Promane Octet, The - Octet Volume One
Davers - Davers
David Austin and The Jordanaires - I Miss Elvis Presley
David Beckingham - Just When the Light
David Berezan - Allusions sonores
David Bridie - Act Of Free Choice
David Browning - Mexico
David Buchbinder's Odessa/Havana - Walk to the Sea
David Deacon & The Word - Iron Clock
David Essig & Rick Scott - Double Vision
David Findlay - Of This I Dream
David Francey - Empty Train
David Francey - Late Edition
David Francey - Right Of Passage
David Francey - Seaway
David Francey - So Say We All
David French - Dance of the Bees
David Gibson - Rhythm Method
David Gogo - 17 Vultures
David Gogo - Bare Bones
David Gogo - Change of Pace
David Gogo - Christmas With the Blues
David Gogo - Come on Down
David Gogo - Halfway to Memphis
David Gogo - Silver Cup
David Gogo - Soul-Bender
David Gogo - Vibe
David Gogo - Vicksburg Call
David Hasselfield - Freeze
David Hasselfield - How to Survive a Nasty Winter: Potted Palm Song
David Hasselfield - Sweet Metigoshe
David Hodkin - Half Past Thursday
David John Bitner - Duff on the Rocks
David Kristian - Beneath the Valley of the Modulars
David Kristian, Sam Shalabi, Alexandre St-Onge - Kristian, Shalabi, St-Onge
David Leask - Six in 6/8
David Liberty - Ecstasy Street
David Liberty Band, The - Chains and Bones
david macleod - strange biology
David Mott & Jesse Stewart - Anagrams
David Myles - It's Christmas
David Nelson Ostrosser - Second Hand Store
David Newberry - No One Will Remember You
David Occhipinti - Forty Revolutions
David P. Smith - Striving for a new Tomorrow
David Ratzklaff - Population
David Rogers - The Chase
David Running - Quell, Quench
David Shaw Trio - Live at the Academy
David Simard - Slower, Lower
David Sinclair - Take My Hand
David Southcombe - Pedalling Faster Than Entropy
David St. Germain - My Country Song
David Storey - Coming Home
David Usher - Little Songs
David Vertesi - Cardiography
David Vest - East Meets Vest
David Vest - Roadhouse Revelation
David Virelles - Motion
David White - David White
David Wilcox - Blood Money
David Wilcox - Greatest Hits Too
David Wilcox - Layin' Pipe
David Wilcox - Review, Interview, Question Period
David Wilcox - Rhythm of Love
David Young - Generic Love Songs
Davis/Plimley/Neil/Kameel Farah - Past : Piano : Present --- Live at Western Front 1985-2015
Dawn and Marra - Teaspoons and Tablespoons
Dawson Blaine - Hope On the Shores of Bedlam
Day Off - Picnic in the Cemetery
Day Shine Dark - Day Shine Dark
Dayda Banks - The Lucid Dreamer
Dayfather, The - Indie Rock West Coast Cowboy
Dayglo Abortions - Corporate Whores
Day Glo Abortions - Death Race 2000
Day Glo Abortions - Stupid World Stupid Songs
Dayglo Abortions - Stupid World, Stupid Songs
Dayliner - III
Daypass - Morphine Breakfast
Dazzlebrights - Dazzlebrights
DB Buxton Revue - No Refund EP
DCM - One For The Road
DD/MM/YYYY - 777
DD/MM/YYYY - Are They Masks?
DD/MM/YYYY - Black Square
DDT - Lotgoop
De temps Antan - Les habits de papier
Dead Air Animal - Dead Air Animal
Dead And Divine - The Fanciful - A Transcendence Through The Afterlife
Dead Fibres, The - The Dead Fibres
Dead Fibres, The - Disgusting People with Disgusting Motives
Dead Ghosts - Can't Get No
Dead Ghosts - Love And Death And All The Rest
Dead Letter Dept. - Dead Letter Dept.
Dead Letters - Dead Letters EP
Dead Mans Bones - Dead Mans Bones
Dead Obies - Dead
Dead Obies - Gesamtkunstwerk
Dead Obies - Montreal Sud
Dead Quiet - Grand Rites
Dead Ranch - Antler Royal
Dead Ranch - Birds of prey
Dead Ranch - Birds of Prey
Dead Ranch - Brumation
Dead Reckoning - Time's Time
Dead Red - Static
Dead Soft - Big Blue
Dead South, The - Good Company
Dead South, The - Illusion & Doubt
Dead South, The - Sugar & Joy
Dead Tired - Full Vol.
Deadbeat - Primordia
Deadbeat & Camara - Trinity Thirty
Deadhorse - Deadhorse
Deadly Apples - Infected
The Deadly Hearts - The Deadly Hearts
Deadman - The`Dimmer EP
deadmau5 - while (1<2)
The Deal - Delta Crush
The Deal - Run Until You're Done
Dean Baltesson - Into
Dean Drouillard - UFO Houses
Dear Sister - Dear Sister
Dear Suzy - Die Holle Orchestra
Dearly Beloved - Enduro
Dearly Beloved - Hawk vs Pigeon
Dearly Beloved - Times Square Discount
DearRougue - kids wanna know
The Dears - Degeneration Street
Dears, The - End of a Hollywood Bedtime Story
Dears, The - Gang of Losers
The Dears - Lover's Rock
Dears, The - Missiles
Dears, The - Nor the Dahlias: The Dears 1995-1998
Dears, The - Orchestral Pop Noir Romantique
Dears, The - Times Infinity Volume One
Dears, The - Times Infinity Volume One
Dears, The - Times Infinity Volume Two
Death Cassette - GRIM
Death From Above 1979 - Live From Third Man Records
Death From Above 1979 - Outrage! Is Now
Death From Above 1979 - The Physical World
Death from Above 1979 - Romance Bloody Romance: Remixes & B-Sides
Death From Above 1979 - You're a Woman, I'm a Machine
Death Notice Group - Call Me Back
Death Party Playgroung - Bruce Willis' Jog Playlist #3
The Death Rays - Twelve Gauge Blues
death to sexy - fall of the prom queen
Death Toll Rising - Defecation Suffocation
Death Toll Rising - Infection Legacy
Death Valley Driver - Graveyard Dead
Death Wheelers, The / Witchstone - Mind Blowing Trip!!! / Summon the End
Debi Sander Walker - Suprise!!
Deborah Romeyn - Diamonds in her hands
Deborah Romeyn - Distance in her eyes
Decade of Sleep - S/P
Declaration of Dependence - king of convenience
Decollage - Decollage
Decomposure - At Home And Unaffected
Decomposure - Taking Things Apart
Decomposure - Vertical Lines A
Decoy - Volv
DecoyDecoy - Pretty In Peril
Ded Sheppard - Ded Sheppard
Dee Daniels - Jazzinit
Dee Daniels - Love Story
Deeds, The - Late O'Clock
Deep Covers - Deep Covers
Deep Dark United - Zettel
the Deep Dark Woods - Broadside Ballads vol. 2
Deep Dark Woods, The - Jubilee
the Deep Dark Woods - The Place I Left Behind
The Deep Dark Woods - Winter Hours
Deep Dark Woods, The - Yarrow
Deep Forest - Deep Forest
Deep Listening Band - Dunrobin Sonic Gems
Deep Sixed - Deep 6
Deep Though and Touche - Shady Thoughts
Deer - There's No Future
Deerfoot - S/T
Deezuz - Ammmo
DEF3 - Wildlif3
Defenders of the Stain - Hot Piss
Del Barber - Headwaters
Del Barber - Love Songs For the Last Twenty
Del Barber - Prairieography
Del Barber - Where the City Ends
Del Barber & The Regretzkys - The Puck Drops Here
Del Bel - Del Bel
Del Bel - Oneiric
Del Boy Druid - Everyone Should Have Their Heart Broken (But Only Once)
Del Dako - Vindaloo
The Del Fi's - Crowd Pleaser
Del Paxton - Del Paxton
Deleo - Prodigal Son
Delerium - Karma
Delerium - Music Box Opera
Delerium - OK
Delerium - Voice An Acoustic Collection
Delhi 2 Dublin - Delhi 2 Dubland EP
Delhi 2 Dublin - Delhi 2 Dublin
Delhi 2 Dublin - Delhi 2 Dublin Remixed
Delhi 2 Dublin - Live
Delhi 2 Dublin - Planet Electric
Delhi 2 Dublin - Planet: Electrified
Delhi 2 Dublin - Turn Up the Stereo
Delhi 2 Dublin - We're All Desi
Deli Llamas - Gum Ball
Delica - Just land already
Deloro - Deloro
Delta Will - It All Glows
Delta Will - Transcendental Visits
Demetra - Lone Migration
Demigod - Amplify
Demografx - An Inward Journey
Demolition Hammer - Beam Me Up
Deni Gauthier - Passenger
Denis Plante/David Jacques - 4 Buenos Aires
Dennett & De Groot - The Holler
Dennis Ellsworth - Chesterfield Dweller of the Year
Dennis Ellsworth - Romantic as It Gets
Dennis Ellsworth - Things Change
Deon Blyan - Lessons (and other things learned)
Departures - Kino-Pravda
Departures - Still and Moving Lines
Derek Christoff x The Arkeologists - The D.Ark Tape
Derek Rogers - A Crack In Everything
The Derek Trucks Band - Already Free
derelict - perpetuation
Derivatives - Forwards Futures & Options
Derm Kean & An Incredible Woman - Incredible EP
Derome, Goldstein, Wiens - 6 improvisations
Derrival - Departure & Arrival
Dervishes, The - Unwhirled
Des Arcs - Take Me to Your Island
Des Arcs - thief valley
Desiderata - We are not convinced there has been any improvement
Desire & Disorder - Prelude
Desiree Dorion - Small Town Stories
Despised Icon - Ills of Modern Man
Destroyalldreamers - Wish I Was All Flames
Destroyer - Five Spanish Songs
Destroyer - Have We Met
Destroyer - Kaputt
Destroyer - Ken
Destroyer - Loves Of A Gnostic (bandmix)/The Temple
Destroyer - My Mystery 12"
Destroyer - Poison Season
Destroyer - Thief
Destroyer - This Night
Destroyer - We'll Build Them a Golden Bridge
Destroyer - Your Blues
Details, The - Draw a Distance. Draw a Border.
The Details - Lost Art
Details, The - The Orginal Mark E.P.
The Details - Strings and Ribbons
Detective Kalita - Detective Kalita
The Deviance - The Deviance
devilsplender - hidingfromthecold
devilsplender - HOMETOWN RIOT
Devin and the Dark light - Loud to live with
Devin Cuddy Band, The - Kitchen Knife
Devin Cuddy Band, The - Volume One
Devin Project Townsend - Retinal Circus
Devin Townsend Project - Epicloud
Devolver - Devolver
Devolver - Grand Storm Matinee
Devolver - The Pilot's Inside His Mind
Devon Coyote - The Wind
di bri n'i - Ramming Speed
Diableros - Aren't Ready for the Country
diamond dancer - diamond dancer
Diamond Joe Dutame - Patience
Diamond Mind - Fake Tape
Diamond Rings - Free Dimensional
Diamond Rings - Special Affections
Diana - Familiar Touch
Diana - Perpetual Surrender
Diane Labrosse - Petit Traite de Sagesse Pratique
Dice Deluxe - Dice Deluxe
Die Mannequin - How to Kill
Dietzche V. and the Abominable Snowman - Macho 2003-2007
Different Initials - Ruminations
Dig It Up - Manners
Digging Roots - For the Light
Digging Roots - Seeds
Digging Roots - We Are
Digits - Hold It Close
Dik Van Dykes - Waste Mor Vinyl
Dilemmade - The Stand
Dilly Dally - Heaven
Dilly Dally - Sore
Dim=Sum - Dim=Sum
DIN - You Burst Into Fire Again
Dingleberries, The - The Dingleberries
The Dinks - Go Home E.P.
The Dinks - Teen-Age Power Keg E.P.
Dinner Belles - West Simcoe Country
Dinner Club - Paid in Change
Dinner Is Ruined - Ice Cream Drugs Rubber Goods
The Dinner is Ruined - Legion Hall
The Dinner Is Ruined - Ray Charles Kinda Party
Dino Martinis - 50 Million Santa Fans Can't Be Wrong
Dino Martinis - Steak & Comedian Night
Dino Martinis, The - 50 Million Santa Fans Can't Be Wrong
Dinosaur Bones - My Divider
Dinosaur Bones - Shaky Dream
Diodes - Action/Reaction
Diodes - Tired of Waking Up Tired: The Best of The Diodes
Dione Taylor - Born Free
Dione Taylor - I Love Being Here with You
Dirge/Grift - Guilty by Association
Dirk Slow - Reinventing The Wheel
Dirtmitts, The - Catch
Dirtmitts, The - The Dirtmitts
the dirty beat - the dirty beat
Dirty Catfish Brass Band - Big Shiny Brass
Dirty Catfish Brass Band - Brass Riot
Dirty Circus - Alive And Well
Dirty Dishes - And Stay Out!
Dirty Inputs - Oberon
Dirty Inputs - The Runcible
Dirty Nil, The - Higher Power
The Dirty Nil - Master Volume
Dirty Radio - Cassette
Dirty Tricks - Sauve Qui Peut!
Disappearing Floor - Footprints Under the Window
Disappearing Floor - Haunted Wallpaper
Disappearing Floor - Kali-Yuga
The Discarded - The Discarded
Discarded, The - Not from This Town (Act 1 - Sound Check and Fury)
Disciples of Power - Invincible Enemy
Disciples of Power - Invincible Enemy
Disciples of Power - Mechanikill
Disciples of Power - Mechanikill
Discolor Blind - Long Vivid Dream
The Discounts - Part One
Disraelis - Demonstration
Dissemblers - Dissemblers
Disssent - Behind The Lies
Distractions - Distractions
Divine Brown - The Love Chronicles
Divine Fits - A Thing Called Divine Fits
Divine Right - Bless This Mess
Dixie's Death Pool - The Man with Flowering Hands
Dixie's Death Pool - Scarlet Lake
Dixie's Death Pool - Twilight Sound Mountain
Dixie's Death Pool - Twin Galaxies
Dixon House - Masked Madness
Dizzy - Baby Teeth
Dizzy Mystics - Wanderlost
DJ Beekeeni Vav Jungle - Crash
DJ Brace - Apatheia
DJ Brace - China EP
DJ Brace - Electric Nosehair Orchestra
Dj Co-op - Co-operation Vol. 3 - Yahoo Serious
DJ D-Mass - Graduate
DJ Hullewud & DJ Chase March - The Mix(ed) Tape 2
DJ Kakekaze - Simple
DJ Kinetik - Cosmic Freakout (Part Four) - The Lounge Lxzzard Mixtape
DJ Oxide - Near Sighted Rhythms
DJ Ray - The Original
DJ Robobeat - Demo
DJ Serious - Dim Sum
Djivan Gasparyan - Black Rock
Djole - Saltwater
DL Incognito - A Captured Moment In Time
DMBQ - Live
Do Good Badlies, The - Electric Nights
Do Make Say Think - Do Make Say Think
Do Make Say Think - Goodbye Enemy Airship The Landlord Is Dead
Do Make Say Think - Other Truths
Do Make Say Think - Stubborn Persistent Illusions
Do Make Say Think - Winter Hymn Country Hymn Secret Hymn
Do Make Say Think - You, You're A History In Rust
Dock Widow - Starlit
Doctor Ew - Gadzooks
Doers, The - Gaiety
Dog Day - Concentration
Dog Day - Deformer
Dog Day - Fadeout
Dog Eat Dogma - Dogzilla
Dog Indiana, The - Fractured, Murky, and Liquid
Dog Is Blue - Tortoise
Dog Tooth Violet - Dog Tooth Violet
Doldrums - The Air Conditioned Nightmare
Dom De Luca - A Bell I Gotta Ring
Dom De Luca - Hosers and Bad Bad Beer
Don Amero - Deepining
Don Amero - Long Way Home
Don Baxter - A New Kinda Thing
Don Berner Sextet - Live At The Beatniq
Don Boston - Don Boston
Don Braden & Julie Michels - Braden Michels Project: Come Together
Don Brownrigg - Fireworks
Don Brownrigg - It Takes All Kinds to Make This World, I Find
Don Brownrigg - Wander Songs
don cash - freshy fresh
don cash - Unbreakable
Don Freed - The Valley of Green and Blue
Don Hatcher - Hello Bannatyne
Don Paul - Against the City/We Can Have Everything
Don Paul and Range Riders - What Kind of Trouble?
Don Pyle, Andrew Zealley - The Law of Enclosures
Don Ross - Wintertide
Don Ross - Wintertide
Don Scott - Out of Line
Don Swidinsky - Alberta Rivers
Don Swidinsky - The Great Lakes
Don Swidinsky - Lake Winnipeg Legends
Don Swidinsky - Morning Coffee
Don Swidinsky - My Newfoundland Journey
Don Swidinsky - My Newfoundland Journey (cassette)
Don Vail - Stand the Tide
Don Zueff - Welcome to Widgetville
Donato, Leduc, Provencal - Deja Jazz
DoneFors, The - Award Winning Album
DoneFors, The - How To Have Sex With Canadians
Donkey - Kickback
Donkey Engine - Broke Channel
Donkey Engine - Donkey Engine
Donna Durand - The Road Back
Donna`Marchand - In From the Cold
Donovan Woods - Both Ways
Donovan Woods - Don't Get Too Grand
Donovan Woods - Hard Settle, Ain't Troubled
Donovan Woods - Hard Settle, Ain't Troubled
Donovan Woods - The Other Way
Donovan Woods - They Are Going Away EP
Donovan Woods - The Widowmaker
Doomking - A Mark of Something No Longer In Existence
Dooms - Join Us
Doomsquad - Kalaboogie
Doomsquad - Let Yourself Be Seen
Doomsquad - Total Time
Doot/Dedoot - Syncromesh
Doreen - Ruthless Severance
Doreen - Violence of the Spirit
Dories - Outside Observer
Dorjee Tsering - Thank You Canada
Dorothy Missing - Dorothy Missing
Dot Allison - mizz teviak
Double Fuzz - Coco
Double Fuzz - Double Fuzz
Doubleday - Get it On!
Doubletooth - You Should Buy Myself a Drink b/w One Thousand Shapeshifters
Doug and Jess - So Long Alone
Doug and the Slugs - Propaganda
Doug and the Slugs - Tomcat Prowl
Doug Cox - Canadian Borderline
Doug Cox - Life Is So Peculiar
Doug Cox & Sam Hurrie - Old Friends
Doug Cox, Salil Bhatt, Ramkumar Mishra - Slide to Freedom
Doug Hoyer - Blood Donor
Doug Hoyer - Dream Life
Doug Hoyer - To Be a River
Doug MacNearney - Rambling Songs
Doug Mason - Boogazi
Doug Shand - Tribute
Doug Smith - Don't Pet it Yet (cassette)
Doug Smith - Wait
Doug Tielli - Swan Sky Sea Squirrel
Doug Voice - Inharmonicities
Doug Voice - Jumping Through the World: Instrumental Music
Doug Voice - Singer Songwriter
Doug Voice - You Can't Rush Me
Doughboys - Turn Me On
Down With The Butterfly - Rise
Downchild Blues Band - Can You Hear The Music?
Downchild Blues Band - Come On In
Downchild Blues Band - It's Been So Long/Ready to Go
Downchild Blues Band - Live at the Palais Royale
Download - Effector
Download - Eyes Of Stanley Pain
Download - III
Download - Sidewinder
Downway - Kacknacker
Dr Wily and The Robot Masters - It's Time For Revenge... Let's Attack Aggressively
Dr. Janowitz - Complete Unabashed Sensual Euphoria
Dr. Pop and the Moise - S/T
Dr. Rage & The Uppercuts - Rage 3
Dr. Rage and the Uppercuts - Sexus Diablo
Drag - Seratone
Dragging the mule - I have more than you
Dragging the mule - That hideous strength
Dragline - visions from a bullet proof head
Dragonette - Fixin' to Thrill
Dragonfly - Volume water
Drama Queen Martyr - Leave the Bikini Atoll Nightlight Plugged In
Drawn Ship - Ghost Weight
Drawn Ship - Low Domestic
the Dreadnoughts - Polka's Not Dead
Dreadnoughts, The - Victory Square
Dream Emissions - Mind Vapours
Dream Landscape - Pictures & People
Dream Warriors - Breathe or Die
Dream warriors - The Master Plan
Dream Warriors - Sound clash (6 versions, feat. Beenie Man) / Vinyl Maxi Single [Vinyl 12'']
Dream Whip - Dream Whip
Dredger - Pullin' out the Jive
Drek Daa - just jittering
Drew Barnes - The Sun Always Rises
Drew Smith - The Secret Languages
the drew thomson foundation - the drew thomson foundation
Drexell's Eye - Always Room For More
Dri Hiev - Contravirtual
Dri Hiev - Place to Live
The Driving Wheel - Private Ear Session
Drool - Young Canadian Buck
Drowned in the Harbour - A Hamilton Compilation
The drowned - If happiness is water
Drowning Girl - Bang!
Drue Langlois - Normalade
Drugs - Drugs
Drum and Bell Tower - Out of the Time
Drumhand - Cheer on the Sun
Drumhand - Moving Still
Drumhand - The Travelling Scheme
Drumheller - Glint
Drumheller - Wives
Drumheller - Wives
Drumlin - Mackerel Skies
Drumlin - Paper Flowers
Drums & Machines - New Wild West
Drums and Wires - Waiting on the moon
Dry Bones - Dry Bones
DS Lori - DS Lori
DSD - Norsk Drag
DSK - Exploder
Duane Rutter - Crazy Things
Dub Ditch Picnic - Retrospective 1987-1997
Dub Rifles - No Town No Country: EPs and Rare Recordings 1981-1984
Dub Rifles - No Town, No Country
Dub Rifles - Stand/Testify
Dub Trinity - The People Hold the Power
Dub Vulture - Brother Can You Spare a Gun?
Dubay - Take Note
Dubmatix - Atomic Subsonic
Dubmatix - Rebel Massive
Dubmatix - Renegade Rocker
Dubmatix - System Shakedown
Duchess Says - Anthologie des 3 Perchoirs
Duchess Says - In a Fung Day T!
Duchess Says - Novicat Mere-Perruche
Duchess Says - Sciences Nouvelles
Ducks Ltd. - Modern Fiction
Duckshot Hunter - Yum
The Dudes - Blood, Guts, Bruises, Cuts
The Dudes - Brain Heart Guitar
The Duhks - The Duhks
the duhks - fast paced world
The Duhks - Migrations
Duke Robillard - Duke Robillard's World Full of Blues
Duke Robillard - Low Down and Tore Up
Duke Robillard - Stomp! The Blues Tonight
Duke Robillard Band, The - They Called It Rhythm And Blues
Duke the Bull - Making it all matter and Daniel McDaniels
dumb [CAN] - Club Nites
dumb [CAN] - Seeing Green
Dumb Angel - Eight Moments of Spring
Dumpsterbrains - Witches' Fingers [single]
Dunce, The - Shortbus
Duotang - 7" Single
Duotang - The Bright Side
Duotang - New Occupation
Duotang - Smash the Ships and Raise the Beams
Duotron - Complete Book of Duotron
DUPLEX! - Worser
Durban Poison - Lost in Space
Durban Poison - Stereophonic Tonic
Durban Poison & The Poor Choices - Dead City Split
dust poets - lovesick town
Dust Rhinos - Got Guinness
Dust Rhinos - Up Your Kilt
Dusted - Blackout Summer
Dusted - Total Dust
Dustin Bentall - Streets with No Lights
Dustin Bentall & The Smokes - You Are an Island
Dustin Cole with The Specialest - Try And Love Me
Dustin Harder - Prairie Soul
Dustin Outfit Bentall - Six Shooter
Dusty Keeler and his band The Rusty Wheels - Rain of Shine
Duul_Drv - Fade with Consequence
Duul_Drv - S/T
Duul_Drv - topr.dl
Duul_Drv, Nibo, Vend - Clean
DV8 - No View
Dwayne Ford - Another Way to Fly
Dye Pack - Make a Mess
Dyeing Merchants, The - S/T
The Dyeing Merchants - Tempest Roar
Dying Arts, The - The Dying Arts
Dylan Rysstad - Halfway Houses
Dylan Thomas and the Vancouver Vipers - Fortune Teller Miracle Fish
Dymanics - The Dymanics
Dynamo Coléoptera - Dynamo Coléoptera
Dysnea Boys & Jiffy Marker - Split 7"
E. Whatevski - Cult Classics
E.S.L. - Eye Contact
Eagle & Hawk - Life is...
Eagle Lake Owls - Eagle Lake Owls
Eagle Lake Owls - Eagle Lake Owls
Eagle Lake Owls - Eagle Lake Owls
Eamon McGrath - 13 Songs of Whiskey & Light
Eamon McGrath - Exile
Eamon McGrath - Guts
Eamon McGrath - Tantramar
Eamon McGrath - Wild Dogs
Eamon McGrath - Young Canadians
Eardrums, The - We're Not From Toronto
Earthboy - Earthboy
Earthquake Pills - General Happiness
Easily Amused - Novice
Easily Amused - Simple Stuff
East of 9 - Love & Lust
eastborough - your place
Eastbound to Kennedy - advance cassette
Easterdogs - Easterdogs
Eastern Magnetics - Fairchild & Blade
Easy Targets - I Don't Want to Think
Easy-Offs - Life Is a Drone
Eccodek - Remixtasy
Eccodek - Singing in Tongues
Echo - The Illuminati and Me
Echo Nebraska - Hold up to the fire
Echuta - Even If Long-Winded Waits
Echuta - Morning Figure When Absolutely Calm
Eco Shock - Get Shocked!
Economics - Econo1
Economics - The Waste
Ed Calle - Twilight
Ed Dufort & Bunch of Squid - The Big Picture
Eddy Blake - The Eddy Blake Tapes
Eddy Blake Trio, The - Bucko
Eden Ants - Take What You Want
Eden Grey - Flower
Edgar Breau - Edgar Breau
Edge of Attack - Edge of Attack
Edmond Dufort - Ciel Ouvert
Edmond Parody and the Bachelors in Paradise - Gag Reflex
Edwin - Another Spin Around the Sun
Eekwol & Mils - The List
Efrim Manuel Menuck - Pissing Stars
Efrim Manuel Menuck - Plays High Gospel
Efrim Manuel Menuck & Kevin Doria - Are Sing Sinck, Sing
Ego Spank - Bootleg
Egyptian Art Strike - Egyptian Art Strike
Eight and a Half - Eight and a Half
Eightcubed - Sheath & Beyond
Einar Jullum - Hjerteknuser og andre blues
Eine Kleine China - Feels Industry
Eirik Hutchinson - Something in the Water
Eiyn Sof - Bloodstreams
Ekko - Ekkocentric- the ekko remixes
Ekko Green - Molecular Motion
EKM - A Measured Response
Elaine Keillor - Poetic Sketches
Elana Harte - Split
Elaquent - Green apples and oranges
Elbow Beach Surf Club - Billy Club EP
Elbow River - Redtail Flyer
Eldorado - Suitcase
Eleanor's Chair - Dry
The Electric Amygdala - Lion on the Beach
Electric Blood - When Push Comes To Shove - 7" split w/ Maximum RNR
Electric Candles, The - Hell of Others
The Electric Cows - Wheatfield Fuzz
Electric Kingdom - Untold Mixture
Electric Revival, The - Bury the Needle
Electric Revival, The - Magnetic North
Electric Soul - The Light That Burns Beneath
Electric Soul - Second Paradise
Electric Youth - Innerworld
Electricity for Everybody! - Local Technique
Electricity for Everybody! - This Was the Future
Electrics, The - Erotic Magazine Issue #001
Electro Quarterstaff - Swayze
The Electrobe - Electrobe
Electrohome - The Dreams That Stuff Is Made Of
Element Choir, The, & William Parker - At Christ Church Deer Park
Element Kuuda - La Prairie
Elena Yeung - Dandelion
Elena Yeung - The Gravedigger's Daughter
Elephant Ensemble - Improvised Rehersal, October 26, 2008
Elephant Stone - Elephant Stone
Elephant Stone - The Glass Box EP
Elephant Stone - The Seven Seas
Elephant Stone - Ship Of Fools
Elephant Stone - The Three Poisons
Elephant Stone - The Three Poisons
Elessar Thiessen - Head. Heart. Hands.
Elevator - A Taste of Complete Perspective
Elevator Through - The Such
Elevator to Hell - Backwards May
Elevator to Hell - Forward To Snow
Elevator to Hell - Parts 1-3
Elfin Saddle - Devastates
Elfin Saddle - Ringing for the Begin Again
Eli & The Straw Man - Light Of The World
Eliana Cuevas - Golpes y Flores
Elisa Thorn - Selenotropic
Elisapie - The Ballad of the Runaway Girl
Elisapie Isaac - There Will Be Stars
Elixxxirs - Elixxx This
Eliza Mary Doyle - It Ain't What It Seems
Elizabeth - Death to Rebels!
Elizabeth - Hazard, Horrors and Liabilities
Elizabeth Anka - Elizabeth Anka
Elizabeth Bruce - as we sadden each other to sleep
Elizabeth Shepherd - Heavy Falls The Night
Elizabeth Shepherd - Parkdale
Elizabeth Shepherd - Parkdale
Elizabeth Shepherd - The Signal
Elizabeth Shepherd - Start to Move
Elizabeth Shepherd Trio - Start to Move
Elk - Daydreams
Ell V Gore - Sex Static
Ellemetue - En pays lointains
Ellen Froese - Fightin' Words
Elliott & Banned From Atlantis - E.P.
Elliott Brood - Days Into Years
Elliott Brood - Ghost Gardens
Elliott Brood - Keeper
Elliott Brood - Mountain Meadows
Elliott Brood - Work and Love
Elora Festival Singers - I Saw Eternity
Elora Festival Singers - Poulenc: Mass in G major - Sept Chansons - Motets
Elsiane - Hybrid
Elvis Bossa Nova! - Hi, I'm Elvis Bossa Nova!
Elvyn - Ten Car Stereo
Elvyn - Valley of the Kilowatt Hour
Elwins - And I Thank You
Elwins - Beauty Community
Elycium - Sink
Elycium - Sink
Elza - Glories
Embassylights - Embassylights
Ember Swift - Can't Corner Me
Ember Swift - Dirty Pulse
Ember Swift - Insect Inside
Ember Swift - Permanent Marker
Ember Swift - The Wage Is the Stage
Emile Bilodeau - Grandeur mature
Emile Bilodeau - Rites de passage
Emilie & Ogden - 10 000
Emilie & Ogden - 10 000 (solo)
Emilie Kahn - Outro
Emilie-Claire Barlow - Clear Day
Emilie-Claire Barlow - Very Thought of You
Emilie-Claire Barlow - Winter Wonderland
Emily and the Moon - Ad Astra
Emily Burgess - Are We In Love?
Emily Haines - Knives Don't Have Your Back
Emily Haines & The Soft Skeleton - Choir of the Mind
Emily Haines & the Soft Skeleton - What Is Free to a Good Home?
Emily Millard - By Hron & By Season
Emily Triggs - MIDDLETOWN
Emm Gryner - Public
Emm Gryner - Science Fair
Emm Gryner - Summer of High Hopes
Emma Cloney - Something to Say
Emma Cloney - Stars for Streetlights
Emma Frank - Come Back
Emma Kade - Transparent
Emma-Lee - Backseat Heroine
Emma-lee - Never Just a Dream
Emmanuela - EP
Emorie - Never Goes Away
Emotionz & Fresh Kils - Childhood's immortal
Emotionz and Gisto - Orbits
Employee of the Month - Forever 31
Employee of the Month - Northcoast (Is From the North)
Employee of the Month - Thunderslutpunch
Empty Heads - Ugly
The Empty Standards - s/t
The Empty Standards - Waiting Out The Flood
The Emptys - Sea Change
End Program - Balatus
End, The - Transfer Trachea Reverberations from Point: False Omniscient
Endangered Ape - Ape Shall Not Kill Ape
Endless - Silk Road Music
Endorphins - Sex Like a Canadian
Endrick - And the sandwiches
Enemy Unknown - Alert Status Red
Energetic Action - Becoming
Energy Slime - New Dimensional
Engine - Start
English words - Red potion
English Wraith, The - Doppelganger
English Wraith, The - Exiles Pt. 1: "Tristia"
English Wraith, The - Grace in the Blue
English Wraith, The - Loose Leaves
Enjoy Your Pumas - Commonality
Enjoy Your Pumas - Ink: the Ep
Ennis Sisters - Keeping Time
Enoch Kent - One More Round (IMPORT)
The Enormouslessness of Cloud Machines - S/T
Ensemble Caprice - Salsa Baroque
Ensemble Caprice - Vivaldi - The Return of Angels
Ensemble Caprice & Matthias Maute - Adagio
Ensemble SuperMusique - Bruit Court-Circuit
Ensemble Transmission - Folklore Imaginaire
Ensign Broderick - BloodCrush
Ensign Broderick - Only Love Remains
Entire Cities - Deep River
Entire Cities - Rock Chapel
Epic - Aging Is What Friends Do Together
Epsilon Knot - Edna
Equanim - Instrumental Language
Equation of State - Exploded View
Equilibrium - Sonrise
Eric Andal - If We Reveal
Eric Bibb - Jericho Road
Eric Chenaux - Guitar & Voice
Eric Chenaux - More Remote than the Puma
Eric Chenaux - Sloppy Ground
Eric Chenaux - Slowly Paradise
Eric Chenaux - Warm Weather with Ryan Driver
Eric Nagler - Eric's World Record: The Best of Eric's World
Eric Nagler - Fiddle Up a Tune
Eric Pyle - Being Green Ain't Easy
Eric St-Laurent - Dimensions d'Istanbul
Eric St-Laurent - Dimensions D'istanbul
Eric St-Laurent - Epoch
Eric St-Laurent - ruby
Eric the Great - A Painting Bled
Eric Trio St-Laurent - Dale
Eric Trio St-Laurent - Ruby
Eric's Trip - The Eric's Trip Show Recorded Live in Concert 1991-1996
Eric's Trip - Julie and The Porthole To Dimentia
Eric's Trip - Long Day's Ride 'Till Tomorrow
erica dee mah - the sargasso season
Erick Von Erick & Raving Psychos - Hound of Munich
Erik M - Frame
Erika Werry & The Alphabet - Think Yer So Smart
Erin Passmore - Downtown
Erin Ross - Another Empty Day
Erin Smith - Hey, Nice Pants!
Erin Smith Band - Downtown Smog Crown
Erin Smith Band - Get Your Own Sandwich
Ernesto Cervini - Tetrahedron
Ernesto Cervini Quartet - Here
Ernesto Cervini Quartet - Little Black Bird
Ernesto Cervini Quartet - There
Ernesto Cervini Quartet - There
Erynn Marshall - Greasy Creek
Erynn Marshall & Carl Jones - Sweet memories... never leave
Erynn Marshall and Friends - Tune Tramp
Es - Social Meteor Vol 1: Inspired By My Timeline
Es - We Are Only Getting Older
Esben and the Witch - Feud For Thought
Eskimo show - WHY?
Esmerine - Dalmak
Esmerine - Lost Voices
Esmerine - Mechanics of Dominion
Essaie Pas - Demain este une Autre Nuit
Essaie Pas - Futur parle
Esther Grey - The Collected Works of Esther Grey
Et Sans - Par Noussss Touss Les Trous de Vos Cranes
Etaoin Shrdlu - Mating Calls
Ethan Collister - Painting Pictures
Ethen Collister - Folk Medicine
Etienne Dupuis/Quatuor Claudel-Canimex - Love Blows as the Wind Blows
Etiquette - Reminisce
Eucalyptus - Eeeeeuuucaaaaaaallyyypppptus
Eugene Chadbourne with Vertek Ensemble - Dimsum, Dodgers and Dangerous Nights
Eugene Krauss - Cueball
Eugene Ripper - Faster Than You Think
Eugene Ripper - Hangman
Eugene Ripper - Hi Lonesome
Eugene Ripper - Punks & Pushers and notes from the Fast Folk Underground
Eunuch - Spryville
Eunuch - Swansongs
Evalyn Parry - Things That Should Be Warnings
Evan Symons - Ten Year Obsession (cassette)
Evan Symons - Transition to a New Dream
Evangeline Gentle - Evangeline Gentle
Evangelista - Prince of Truth
Evaporators, The - Gassy Jack and Other Tales
Evaporators, The - I Gotta Rash
Evaporators, The - Ogopogo Punk
Evaporators, The - United Empire Loyalists
Evaporators, The - A Wild Pear
The Evaporators, The Tonics, July Fourth Toilet, Sister Lovers & Insignificant Specks - Canadian Relics
Eve Egoyan - Simple Lines of Enquiry
Eve Goldberg - Ever Brightening Day
Eve hell & the Razors - When the lights go out
Evelyne Brochu - Objets perdus
Evening Hymns - Spectral Dusk
Evening Hymns - Spirit Guides
Everett Bird - People Person
Everett LaRoi - Everett LaRoi
Everlea - Everlea
everybody's getting married - jaya
Everything is Angles - 54 Thingy
Eviction Party - s/t
Eviction Party/Leper - Eviction Party/Leper Split
Evidence - Live a la Casa
Evie - Backwalkover
Evie - It Might as Well Be Spring
Evie - S/T
Evil Roy slade - Heat
Evil Survives - Judas Priest Live
Evil Survives - Metal Vengeance - Cassette
Evil Survives - Metal Vengeance CD
Evil Survives - Metal Vengeance LP
Evil Survives - Powerkiller - Cassette
Evil Survives - Powerkiller - LP
Ewan Dobson - III
Ewan Dobson - Sub-titled
Ex Modern Teen - Teenlion
Ex-Boyfriends, The - Coming Before the Next One
Ex-Boyfriends, The - Never Been Happier
Ex-Boyfriends, The - To The Lowest Bidder
Ex-Po - Central Meaner Street
exalt - the shape you took before yhe ache
Exampl - No Way Out/Lady Afro Funk
Exchanges - How Far Down
Exciter - Kill After Kill
Exco Levi - Country Man
Excuses Excuses - Catch Me If You Can
Exes for Eyes - The Amsler Grid
Existence - Another Fine Day Of
Existence - Small People, Short Story, Little Crime
Existench - Blood Money
Exovedate - Greatest Hits
Exoverdate - Seduced By Illusions
Exploders, The - New Variations
Exploding Pigs - Exploding Pigs
Expos - Blackwater
Expos - Old Friends
The Express and Company - The Express & Co.
The Express and Company - Ontario
The Express and Company - Tall, Tall Pines
the express - the express
Extra Happy Ghost!!! - Modern Horses
Extreme Flute - Scratch It!
The Extremities - Instruments
Extremities, The - The Mint Condition
Extremities, The - Re:Fresh
Extroverts - Supple
Eye Level Box - Eye Level Box
Eyeball Hurt and the Medicine - All the Beautiful Particles
Eyeball Hurt and the Medicine - Christmas Music For Family or Children
Eyes on Ivan - Way of the Fool
F&M - At Sunset We Sing
F&M - Lessons From Losers
F&M - Sincerely, F&M
F&M - Wish You Were Here
F-Holes, The - Angel In The Corner
The F-Holes - Red Hot
F-Jam - First Time
F.P. Tranquilizer - Summer Tape
F.P. Tranquilizer // Microdot - F.P. Tranquilizer // Microdot Split
Fabricators, The - The Fabricators
Fabulous Ginn Sisters - You Cant Take A Bad Girl Home
The Fabulous Kildonans - Bottle Rocket
Faceplant - Smells Like Gasoline, Drives Like Steve McQueen
Factor Chandelier - Wisdom Teeth
Factories and Alleyways - s/t EP
Facts - Like a Living Being
The Fagmies - The Fags and The Pygmies
The Fags - No Peking b/w Rivet Factory
Fail-Safe - Fail-Safe
Faith & Roger - Pas de Deux
Faith Healer - Cosmic Troubles
Faith Healer - Try
Fake Cops - Thundertheft
Fake Palms - Fake Palms
Fake Palms - Pure Mind
Fake Shark - Faux Real
Fake Shark Real Zombie - Don't Forget
Fake Shark Real Zombie - Liar
Fake Tears - Nightshifting
Falcon Punch - FP!
Falcons - Rebel Jukebox
Falcons, The - Atomic Guitar
Falcons, The - Canadian Christmas
The Falcons - EP Collection
Falklands - Cold Favour
Falklands - Falklands
Falklands - Think About It
Fall Fair Car - Fall Fair Car Rides the Bus
Fallan Soldier - Above The Call Of Duty
Fallenshort - Proxy in the Making
Fame - Can't Get Right
Family Ritual - Saloon
Family Ritual - Saloon
Famines - 2X7"
Famines - 7"
Famines - 14 July, 2008
Famines - The Complete Collected Singles 2008-2011
Famines - Free Love is a Sales Technique
Famour Framus Band - Down By Desire
Famous Lovers - S/T
Famous Sandhogs, The - Bohonky Tonk
Famous Sandhogs, The - Kahnawpawamakan
Famous Sandhogs, The - Pan Jan Potop
Famous Sandhogs, The - Paris Green
Famous Sandhogs, The - Ruan Ji & The Marquis of Melons
Famous Sandhogs, The - Study of the Tansman Episodes
Famous Sandhogs, The - Telma Muskwa
Famous Sandhogs, The - Telma Muskwa 2
Famous Sandhogs, The - Theia's Mammon: On the Weight of the World
Famous Sandhogs, The - Theia's Mammon: Skoni's Ikon
Famous Sandhogs, The - Theia's Mammon: The Confessions of Ruxha Fo-Rakundra
Famous Sandhogs, The - Theia's Mammon: The First Sha" of Selene
Famous Sandhogs, The - The Tragical Case of the Treasurer Pearson, Episodes 1-3
Fan Death - A Coin For The Well
Fan Tan Alley - Pennies in the Parking Lot
Fanfare Pourpour - Danse des Breloques
fanfare pourpour & lars hollmer - Karusell musik
Fanny - Come & Get it up your...
Fanny - Fear & Loathing for Dummies
Fanny - Shoebomb Hurricane
Fanny - Strange Planes Spray Cancers on Winnipeg
Fanny Bloom - Apprentie Guerriere
Fanny Bloom - Pan
Fans & Motor Supply Co. - Quiet Dream
Fanshaw - Dark Eyes
Faps, The - Grimelda
The Faps - Hot Slaw EP
Fare Thee Well - Rugged Little Thing
Farley Mohawk - I Am Happy Here
Farm Fresh - Crazy Friction
Farm Fresh - Time Is Running Out
Farmers, The - s/t
Farrell Bros, The - Ballad of Jackpine Slash
Farrell Bros, The - Go to Hell
Farrell Bros, The - Rumble @ the Opry!
Fascade@137db - EP #2
Fascade@137db - Feedback Promotional
Fascade@137db - The Premonition EP
Fashionism - Smash Thec State (With Your Face)
Fast Romantics - Afterlife Blues
Fast Romantics - Kidcutter
Fast Romantics - Self-Titled
The Fat Dave Crime Wave - Brothers and Sisters...This is Rock & Roll
Fatality - Psychonaut
Fatidic - Fatidic
Faux Fantasy - Bouquet
Fawn and Dallas - Blessings
A Fawn At Dawn - False Memory
Faye Blais - On the Bright Side
The Fays - War Tower
Fear of Drinking - One morning when I went to work
Feargal Sharkey - Feargal Sharkey
Feargal Sharkey - Wish
Fearless Freep - And Fall Is How You Sleep
Fearless Freep - No Less Sordid
Feast Or Famine - Good For People, Bad For Business
Feathership - Howl
Federal Lights - Carbon
Federal Lights - Coeur de Lion
Federal Lights - We Were Found in the Fog
Feed - Creeper
Feed the Birds - Catcher
Feeler - Feeler
Feist - Metals
Felix Stussi 5 & Ray Anderson - Arrabbiata
Felix Stussi 5 & Ray Anderson - Hieronymus
Femapco - North American Idol
Fembots - A Million Dead End Jobs/Mom's Ether Blues
Fembots - Mucho Cuidado
Feminists - Can't Scream Loud Enough
Feral Children - Currents
Feral Children - Feral Children
Feral Trash - Dead Eyes
Fernande McNabb - Fernande McNabb
Ferriswheel - Un Peu au Nord et Sans Distorsion
Feu Therese - Ca Va Cogner
Feuermusik - Goodbye, Lucille
The Fever Breaks - Demo
Fever Breaks, The - I Fucked a Chicken Last Nite
Fever Feel - Fever Feel
Few Who Do - S/T
Fidget - Inside the Rooster
Fidgital - Departure
Field Assembly - Broadsides & Ephemera
Field day - Big Wheels
Field day - Enough For Two
Field Study - Feverland
Field//// - Field////
Fieldtrip - Fieldtrip
The Fiery Furnaces - Remember
Fife n' Drum - the Rythm and Truth brass band
Fifth Season - Patiently Waiting
Fiftywatthead - Fogcutter
Figgy Duff - Figgy Duff
Figure Four - Suffering the Loss
Figure Walking - Big Other
Film in Music - Tell Tale
Filmmaker - Break This Fall
Filthy Animals - Still Filthy
Filthy Radicals - Please Stand By...
Final Fantasy - He Poos Clouds
Final Fantasy - Heartland
Final Fantasy - Plays To Please
Final Fantasy - Specturn 14th Century
Find the Others - Find the Others
Fine Canadian Forces - Hebrew Lessons
fine motor control - Cages
fine times - fine times
Fine Tooth Combine - Big Big Sour
Finger Eleven - Tip
Finite Sky - Finite Sky
Finite Sky - Wash Away this World
Finites, The - The Finites
fionn - everyone's a critic
fire & smoke - maiden voyage
Fire Moss - Fire Moss
Fire Next Time - Hungry River Hymns
Fire/Works - Shenanigans
Fired Help - Live in Winnipeg
Firedance - Firedance
Firefly - Atif Siddiqi
First Presbyterian Church Choir Winnipeg - With a Voice of Singing
First Presbyterian Church Choir Winnipeg - With a voice of singing
First Republic - A Day Before Silence
Fish & Bird - Every whisper is a shout accross the void
Fish & Bird - Left Brain Blues
Fish & Bird - Something In the Ether
Fisheye Lens - I like this older stuff
Fist City - Buried/Cryptic Transmissions
Fist City - Twothousandandten
Fist Full o' Snacks - Climb the Glass Mountain
Fist Full o' Snacks - Climb the Glass Mountain
Fist Full o' Snacks - Of Course the Journey
Five Alarm Funk - Abandon Earth
Five Alarm Funk - Five Alarm Funk
Five Alarm Funk - Rock the Sky
Five Alarm Funk - Sweat
Five Blank Pages - First Blush
Five Hole - Tales of Hockey Erotica
Five Minute Miracle - Universal Groove
Five Minute Miracle - Universal Groove
Five Star Affair - Do Not Disturb
Fiver - Lost the Plot
Fiver & The Atlantic School of Spontaneous Composition - You Wanted Country? Vol 1
THe Fizzgigs - Weeeeee...are the Fizzgigs
Flamingos Pink, The - Kustom Kreme
Flaps, The - Again
The Flaps - The Flaps
The Flashing Lights - Elevature EP
Flashing Lights, The - Sweet Release
Flashing Lights, The - Where the Change Is
Flashlight - Flashlight
Flashlight - Running Season
Flashlight Brown - Flashlight Brown
Flatbed - Bodies of Pain
Flatbed - Dead Is Dead
Flatbed - Drug Mom
Flatbed - Risin' Death
Flatland 6 - At The Roadhouse
The Flatliners - Cavalcade
Flatliners, The - Great Awake
Fleece - Voyager
Flesh Lite - Demo Tape
Flesh Rag - Flesh Rag
Fleshpaint - Imitate Yourself
Flex - s/t
flight distance - bad information
Flight Of The Conchords - I Told You I Was Freaky
Flip Nixon - Sonic Cherry Pop
Flist - Fuck You I'm Dead
Flo - Pieces of Me
Floor Thirteen - Mmmm!
Florence + the Machine - Lungs
Florentine Cruise - S/T
Flotilla - Disaster Poetry
Flounger - Outside interference
Flow My Tears - Flow My Tears
Flowers of Hell, The - Aria 51 E.P.
Flowers of Hell, The - Come Hell Or High Water
Flowers of Hell, The - Odes
flowshine - you goddess
Flu - Disappear
Flu, The - The Flu
flux A.D. - obsessive compulsive
Flux A.D. - Passive Aggressive
Fly Pan Am - C'est ca
Fly Pan Am - Ceux Qui Inventent N'Ont Jamais Vacu
Fly Pan Am - Fly Pan Am
Fly Pan Am - Frontera
Fly Pan Am - Sedatif en Frequencies et Sillons
Flying Down Thunder and Rise Ashen - North Wind
Flying Down Thunder and Rise Ashen - One Nation
Flying Fortress - 44
Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers - Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers
Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers - Fruit and Ash
Flying Fox and the Hunter Gatherers - Hans My Lion
Flying Horses - Reverie
Flypaper Orchestra - Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Old Songs for a New
FM - Contest
FmSea - Static
Fo!ps - Fo!ps
Foam Lake - Force & Matter
Foam Lake - Force and Matter
The Foggy Hogtown Boys - The Golden West
Foggy Hogtown Boys, The - Northern White Clouds
The Foggy Hogtown Boys - Pigtown Fling
folk festival massacre - gold train
Folk Thief - Love Heartache & Oblivion
Folk, The - Every Colour, Present Wonder
Folk, The - We All Say
Folly & the Hunter - Tragic Care
Fond of Tigers - Continent And Western
Fond Of Tigers - Release the Saviours
Fond Of Tigers - A thing to live with
FONKYNSON - #Followme
Fontarabie - Fontarabie
Fool's Crow - Balancing on a Shadow
Foonyap and the Roar - Foonyap and the Roar
For Squirrels - Example
For the Mathematics - We Impend
Forager - The Body Vow
Forager - scribe stepping in and out of season
Forbidden Dimension - It's a Morbid, Morbid, Morbid World!
Forbidden Dimension - Muchas Moscas
Forbidden Dimension, The - Every Twisted Tree Watches as You Pass
The Forbidden Dimension - Widow's Walk
Force Fields - Subtle Hanky b/w Fallonsscraph
Ford Pier - organ farming
Forest City Lovers (Kat Burns) - Carriage
Forest City Lovers (Kat Burns) - The Sun and the Wind
Forest Tate - The Fall
Forged in Fire - Forged in Fire
Forgotten Rebels - Nobody's Heroes
Form - Form
Form One - Form One
Fortner Anderson - Annunciations
Forêt - Forêt
Foul English - The Foul English
Fountain - Fountain
Four 'n' Giv'r - Psychle
Four 80 East - The Album
Four Square - When Weeks Were Weekends
Four80East - En Route
Four80East - Nocturnal
Fowl - Fowl
Fox + Runner - Sad Songs that Make You Smile
Fox Jaws - At odds (or: exercises in separation while united in the fall)
Fox Opera - Nowhere Native
Foxglove - For Your Love
Foxtrott - Meditations I-II-III
Fractal Pattern - Absent From But Entirely Within the Landscape
Fraction & Finsta - Thoughtwork
Fraction & Fresh Kills - Extra Science
France Joli - If You Love Me
Francesco Yates - Francesco Yates
Francios Carrier Trio + 1 - Compassion
Francis Cheer - Black White and Grey
Francis Dhomont - Cycle du Son
Franco Morph-Tet Proietti - Like The Shore Is To The Ocean
the franco proietti morph-tet - LIVE! A weekend at centre St. Ambroise
Francois Bourassa Quartet - Rasstones
Francois Carrier - Happening
Francois Couture - After the Rain
Francois Couture - Downtown Ride
Francois Couture - Yahndawa
Francois Feldman - Ma Petite Video
Francois Houle - Au Coeur Du Litige
Francois Houle 5 + 1 - Genera
Francois Theberge Group - Soliloque
Frank FB_A - I Pity Da Fool
Frank Lozano Group - Colour Fields
Frank Lozano Montreal Quartet - Destin
Frankie & Jimmy - Blues on the Brain
Frankie & Jimmy - Scream the Blues
Frankie Cutlass - Politics & Bullshit
Frankie Sparo - Arena Hostile
Franklin Electric - This Is How I Let You Down
FrankySelector - Under the midnight sun(2011)
François Bourassa - Rasstones
François Houle and Benoit Delbecq - Because She Hoped
Fraser & Girard - Fraser & Girard
Fraser/Daley - The Whole Fam Damily
Fraser/Sereda - Fraser/Sereda
Frazey Ford - Indian Ocean
Frazey Ford - Obadiah
Freak Dream - Into the Sun
Freak Heat Waves - Beyond XXXL
Freak Heat Waves - Bonnie's State of Mind
Freak Heat Waves - Freak Heat Waves
Freak Heat Waves - Freak Heat Waves EP
Freak Motif - La Casa Blanca
Freaks of Nature - Freaks of Nature
Freaky Flow - Obscene Underground, Vol. 1
Freaky Flow - World Domination
Fred Eaglesmith - 6 Volts
Fred Eaglesmith - 50-Odd Dollars
Fred Eaglesmith - Cha Cha Cha
Fred Eaglesmith - Drive-In Movie
Fred Eaglesmith - Drive-In Movie
Fred Eaglesmith - Lipstick, Lies & Gasoline
Fred Eaglesmith - Milly's Cafe
Fred Eaglesmith - Standard
Fred Eaglesmith - Tambourine
Fred Eaglesmith - Tinderbox
Fred Everything - From the Deep: Remixes 1998-2001
Fred Everything - Under the Sun
Fred Fortin - Microdose
Fred Fortin - Ultramarr
Fred Liessens - Fred Liessens' romantic Jazz Kennedy House.
Fred Liessens - Potpourri
Fred Penner - Hear the Music
Fred Penner - Hear the Music
Fred Penner - Sing With Fred
Fred Redekop & Jay Taylor - As Julia
Fred Redekop & Jay Taylor - Just Pretend You Don't See Them
Frederick squire - Sings shenandoah and orher popular hits
Fredric Gary Comeau - Hungry Ghosts
Fredrick Squire - March 12
Free Flight The Big Band - S/T
Free Judges - Above the Dust and a Little Below the Angels
Free to Grow - Time to Rise
Free, The - The Vibe of a Mango
Freedom Writers - Now
Freeflight Big Band - First Flight
Freelove Fenner - Do Not Affect A Breezy Manner
Freelove Fenner - In the Bottle Garden
Freeman - Stereo
Freeman Dre and the Kitchen Party - Old Town
Freeman Dre and the Kitchen Party - Red Door Second Floor
Freeworm - Vegetation = Fuel
French Paddleboat - Conversions in Metric
The Frenetics - Scenery E.P.
Frenetics, The - These Mistakes Took Years of Practice
Frenzee - Overpowered and Unarmed
Fresh Snow - I
Fresh Snow - One
Fresh Snow - Won
Freshwater Drum - Diving Horse
Fretless, The - Fretless
the fretless - open house
Fretless, The - Waterbound
Friday - Born 2 Win
Friendly Rich - The Friendly Rich Show
Friendly Rich - The Great Blue Heron
Friendly Rich - Pictures at an Exhibition
Friendly Rich - We Are All Terrorists
Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People - Bountiful
Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People - Dinosaur Power
Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People - Sacred Prune Of Remembrance
Friendlyness and the Human Rights - One Thing
friends electric - external feelings
Friends of Bellwoods 2 - S/T
Friesen and Johnson - The moral universe within
Frifot - Summer Song
Frihavn - Bluesmusikk
Frog Eyes - The Bees
Frog Eyes - Carey's Cold Spring
Frog Eyes - The Golden River
Frog Eyes - Pauls Tomb: A Triumph
Frog Eyes - Pickpocket's Locket
Frog Eyes - Tears of Valedictorian
Frog Eyes - Violet Psalms
Frolics, The - Sippin' Lemonade
From Birch To you - Whisper in the Trees
From Both Ends of the Earth - From Both Ends Of The Earth
From The Ashes - S/T
From the ladle, to the Gravy - Covers Compilation
From Waves to Shore - Subliminal Communications
Front Line Assembly - Reclamation
Frontperson - Frontrunner
Frontperson - parade
Frozen Toad - Where the Birch meets the Pine
Fryer Tuck - Soft Favorites Of Yesterday + Today
Fuad & the Fez-tones - Beeramid
Fuad & the Fez-tones - In the Valley of the Kings
Fubuki Daiko - Fubuki Daiko
Fubuki Daiko - Zanshin: Leaving the Heart Behind
Fuck the Facts - Desire Will Rot
Fuck the Facts - Disgorge Mexico
Fuck the Facts - self titled
Fucked Up - Chemistry Of Common Life
Fucked Up - Couple Tracks: Singles 2002-2009
Fucked Up - David Comes To Life
Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams
Fucked Up - Dose Your Dreams
Fucked Up - Glass Boys
Fucked Up - Hidden World
Fucked Up - Year of the Pig
Fudge - Fudgeanista
Fudge - Have a Brownie
FudgeTongue - Super Chicken
Fuel Injected .45 - Past Demo-ns
Fueled By Ignorance - Tears
Fugitive Minds, The - The Fugitive Minds
Fugitives - Bigger Than Luck
Fugitives - Everything Will Happen
The Fugitives - In Streetlight Communion
Fugitives, The - Find Me
Fugitives, The - Find Me Ep
Fugitives, The - The Promise Of Strangers
Full Course - Entree
Full White Drag - Ambassador
Fulnormal - Fulnormal
Funhouse - Funhouse
Funhouse - Silver Lining
Funhouse - Silver Lining
Funkensheist - Funkensheist
Funturistic - Funturistic
Fur Bearing Animals - Fur Bearing Animals
Fur Trade - Don't Get Heavy
Furnaceface - And the days are short again
Furnaceface - Clobbering time!
Furnaceface - JUST BUY IT
Furnaceface - Unsafe At Anyspeed
Furthur - Fink
The Fuse - Brilliant Sun
Future Echoes - 20 of 10
Future Peers - Future Peers
Future States - Casual Listener
futurekids - Like Like
futurekids - Say Goodnight to the Machines
futurekids - This Is Everything
Futureless, The - Futura2
Fuzpocket - Indica Strain
Fuzz Kings, The - I'm Your Goon
Fuzz Kings, The - Your Kids Are Gonna Love It
Fuzzer - Detached Retina
Fuzzy P - On A Lawn
G - No Need to comprimise
G Jones - Get Movin'
G.G. Cole & Lakeview - The Mayor of Shanty Town
Gabe Levine - Long Spun Thread
Gabriel - Cool Down
Gabrielle Papillion - SHOUT
Gabrielle Papillon - The Currency of Poetry
Gabrielle Papillon - Keep the Fire
Gabrielle Papillon - Little Bug
Gabrielle Papillon - The Tempest of Old
Gaffer - Ending Again
Gaffer - Snow Falls Like Stars
Galaxy 4 - Galaxy 4
Galkin - Chagrin Seasons
Gallactus - Nine Mile Woods
Gallileo - Gallileo
Gamelan Madu Sari - Hive
Gamma Gamma Rays - Beeps
Gandharvas - Kicking in the Water
Gang Signs - Gang Signs EP
Gangster Politics - Gangster Politics
Gar Gillies - A Jazz Canvas
Garden Party - Garden Party
Garnett Ford - Postcard
Garrity - Carve a Hole in the Mud
Garry and the kids - I've been waiting for christmas
Gary Comeau - Letters From Eve
Gary Ray and the Soo Line - She's Got To Run
Gasoline Gathers Hands, Gathers Friends - failure of your painted heart
Gasoline Redhead - Diva
Gavin Froome - Don't Come Home EP
Gavin Froome - Post + Beam
Gawker - Hulk Hogan Sex Tape
Gawker - Stephen's World
Gayle Ackroyd - Anything But Blue
Gayle Salmond - Ordinary Places
Gayleen Froese - Obituary
The Gays - The Agenda
Gaze - Shake the Pounce
Gazoline - Gazoline
Gee Wunder - Beats, Bars, and Hooks
Gee Wunder & T. Major - Original heads LP
Geist - Fissures
General Rudie - Cooling the Mark
Genevieve Jaide - I'm Not Who You Think I Am
Geneviève Racette - No Water, No Flowers
Genocide - Recipe for a Riot
Gentle Brent - Just Dandy
Gentle Mind - After Earth
Gentleman Reg - Jet Black
Gentleman Reg - Leisure Life
Gentleman Reg - The Theoretical Girl
Geode - music and poetry
Geoff Berner - Canadiana Grotesquica
Geoff Berner - Festival Man
Geoff Berner - Grand Hotel Cosmopolis
Geoff Berner - Klezmer Mongrels
Geoff Berner - Light Enough to Travel
Geoff Berner - We Are Going to Bremen to Be Musicians
Geoff Berner - Wedding Dance of the Widow Bride
Geoff Edmunds - The Best of Geoff Edmunds
Geoffrey Wickham - Geoffrey Wickham (cassette)
Geoffroy - Live Slow Die Wise
George Killan - We Voted For An Idiot
George Koufogiannakis - Explorations in Improvised Music
George Leach - Surrender
George Lewis & The NOW Orchestra - The Shadowgraph Series: Compositions for Creative Orchestra
George Nyman - Treasure Called Love
George Turcotte - Feelin' My Way
Georgette Fry - Back In A Moment
Georgian Bay - Patience
Georgy Tchaidze - Georgy Tchaidze, Piano: Schubert
Gerald Laroche - Rubato
Germaphobes - Fiji Whizz
Gerry Alvarez Odyssey - Omega Tea Time
Gerry Barnum - Pickin' Up the Pieces
Gerry Griffin - Hour Glass
Gerry Hebert Quartet - The Beat Niq Sessions Volume 2: Constructive Interference
Gerry Hebert Quartet - Conversations The Beatniq Sessions Vol .3
Gertrudes - Dawn Time Riot
Gertrudes - Self-Titled
Gertrudes - Till the Morning Shows Her Face to Me
Gertrudes, The - Neighbourhood
Gescha - Crayon Politics
Get By, The - Let Go
The Get Down - Dirty Power
Get the Shot - Infinite Punishment
Getaway Van - Getaway Van
GG Dartray - Seven Soft
Ghetto Concept - S-T
Ghettosocks - For You Pretty Things
Ghettosocks - Get Some Friends
Ghettosocks w/ DJ Jon Deck - We're Gonna Drink a Lot of Wine This Year, Boys. (Mixtape) [Explicit]
Ghettosocks w/ DJ Jon Deck - We're Gonna Drink a Lot of Wine This Year, Boys. 2 (Mixtape)
Ghislain Poirier - No Ground Under
Ghost Cousin - Landscape of Animals
Ghost Cousin - Scotland
Ghost House - Departures
Ghost House - Departures
Ghost House - The Good (RR 022
Ghost House - The Old (RR 023)
Ghost House - The Present Tense
Ghost House - These Are Ghost House
The Ghost Is Dancing - Battles on
The Ghost Is Dancing - The Darkest Spark
The Ghost Is Dancing - Ghost Is Dancing
Ghost Twin - Here We Are In the Night
Ghost Twin - Plastic Heart
Ghost Vines - Ghost Vines EP
Ghostkeeper - and the Children of the Great Northern Muskeg
Ghostkeeper - Ghostkeeper
Ghostkeeper - Horse Chief! War Thief!
Ghostkeeper - Sheer Blouse Buffalo Knocks
Gianna Lauren - On Personhood
Giant Hand - Starting As People
Giant Sons - Consonance
Giant Sons - Dark Satanic Mills
A Gift of Song - The Winnipeg Male Chorus
Gigi - Maintenant
Gil - Me Mallet
Gilbert Switzer / The Hold - State of Nature
Gillies Daddy - Delusions of Grandeur
Gin Palace - Damsels Cry
Gin Taxi - Promo
Ginger - Everything You're Missing
Ginger - Suddenly I came to My Senses
Ginger St. James - One for the Money
Gingersnap - Let's Get Violated
Girl Nobody - Balaclava Casino Heist
Girl With The X-Ray Eyes - s/t
Girth, The - The Girth
Girth, The - Sweet Eligible Men
Gisele Ricard - Électroacoustic (1980-1987)
Giving In - Ice Cream
Glad Rags - Smile
Gladyss Patches - Novelty
Glassreel - Unalike
Glen Hall & Glen Charles Halls - Norther Dialogues
Glen Hall, Outsource, Roswell Rudd - The Roswell Incident
Glen Hansard - Drive All Night
Glen Hoban - I Got Your Danny Boy Right Here, Buddy
Glen Nevous Retraction, The - Sell
Glenn Gould/The Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra - WSO Live: Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 1
Glenn Graham - Step Outside
Glenn Love - Cheetah
Glenn Love - Cruel Utopia
Glenn Marais - The Mojo Train
Glider - With Ocean Between
Glitter - Glitter
Glorious MoonRockets - Self-Titled EP
Gloryhound - Electric Dusk
Glueleg - Clodhopper
Gnomes of Zurich - Polonaise Pygmirs
Go Downs, The - Love and Marine Biology
Go for the Eyes - Go for the Eyes
Go for the Eyes - One Through Four
Go for the Eyes - Six through Twelve
Go Jeff!!! - Wake Up the Dance Machine
Go Man Go - How I Learned to Stop Worrying And Love the Lo-fi
Go-Action, Da-Da Sound - Terry-Towel
Gob - Too Late No Friends
Gob & Another Joe - Ass Seen On TV
Gobeil - La Mecanique des Ruptures
God Made Me Funky - Enter the Beat
God Made Me Funky - We Can All Be Free
God Made Me Funky - Welcome To Nufunktonia
God's Gift To Yoda - This Album Is Not For People
Goddo - An Act of Goddo
Goddo - Who Cares
Godmother - Live 2003
The Gods Of Now - Broken