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  • Boots and Saddle

    Roots, Country and Western

    From Austin, TX, to Austin, MB, from the Blue Door to the Times Change(d), expect a mix of classic and contemporary country from international and local artist when you tune into Boots & Saddle.

    Each Tuesday, if the good Lord’s willing and the creek don’t rise, Sean and guests bring you country & western music that won’t be found anywhere else on your FM dial.

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  • Dead Medium

    Loud, Punk, Roots, Country and Western

    Like Frankenstein’s monster, Dead Medium is an impish and deranged consolidation of obsession and excess. An obtuse love child of Mark E. Smith and Townes Van Zandt, Dead Medium is a celebration of music with a passion and purpose- specifically Punk and Country music. From hardcore to twang, ballad to psych sprawl, Dead Medium is a full-frontal barrage of two distinct and disparate genres.

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  • Dollar Country

    Roots, Bluegrass, Blues, Country and Western, Nostalgia

    Dollar Country is a radio show hosted by WTFC radio. It primarily features country 45’s that I find in dollar bins around the country. Featuring everything from old hits to b-sides, common records to rarities, and everything between the most popular artists and private press junk. I try to play things that I find good, interesting, or at least amusing, and I hope you like the show too.

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  • The Reminder

    Pop/Rock, Indie, Roots, Country and Western

    Tune in Tuesday afternoons at 2 to join your host, Laura Western for an hour of music that you normally wouldn’t hear elsewhere! Spanning from local Manitobans, Canadians, and those from elsewhere, the focus of this show is bring you great music! From Indie Folk to Country, you’ll hear a good amount of different tunes.

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  • Twang Trust

    Roots, Country and Western

    Black & white and sepia-tone, high and lonesome, or complacent and subversive — TwangTrust host Stu Reid promises to bring you the best of both kinds of music each week. Called alt-country by the big city folks these days, this genre-defying genre of music kicks the doors open to encompass traditional country, blues & grass, rockabilly, folk and our old favorite, big dumb rock’n’roll. Whether y’all’s looking for boot skankin’ boogie or cry in your beer tears, you’ll find it on the TwangTrust.

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