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  • Adult Kindergarten

    Loud, Punk, Pop/Rock, Eclectic, Indie

    A noisy, psychedelic, dreamy, and spacey mind journey that explores D.I.Y. music from genres as diverse as electronica to noise rock.

    It is the aural equivalent of finger painting, playing in the sandbox, and gathering for story time.

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  • Night Danger Radio

    Loud, Pop/Rock, Indie

    Are you looking for late night action & adventure? Are you looking to introduce more music into your life? If so than tune into Night Danger Radio late night every Tuesday starting at midnight & ending at 3:00 am. Come & join host Alan C. on a never ending musical journey! We’ll talk music, current events, sports, weather & anything relevant & irrelevant happening in & around planet earth! Stay up late & listen to the radio!!

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  • Trouble with the Sandman

    Electronic/Exploratory, Loud, Punk, Pop/Rock, Indie

    Insomiacs Unite! David Trouble will stay with you from midnight to 6am Thursday morning. Much can happen in 6 hours so expect to hear sounds ranging from anything remotely rock (indie, punk etc.) to sound art, sound scapes, and electronic music. Plus random feautures: the hour of suck, seven-inch survey sample, various band and thematic profiles, backwards music and the dawn yodeler.

    For the month of October, local storyteller, hannah g, is back with Nocturnes 2: The Brass Bowel Diner from 3-4am.

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