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  • 25th Floor Juke Joint

    Loud, Punk, Pop/Rock, Eclectic

    25th Floor Juke Joint…

    Merrium-Webster’s Dictionary of Rock ‘n’ Roll defines…

    ‘Juke Joint’: Noun /dʒuːk dʒɔɪnt/. – old Southern Mississippi Americana. 1. A local place where good times and good music are experienced, often in conjunction with libidinous spirits and behaviour, with much dancing and boisterous singalongs! See also ‘Devil’s Joint’.

    ‘25th Floor’: Noun, often attributive /ˈtwen tē – fi(f)THˈ flȯr/ – Patti Smithism. 1. A song by punk poetess (rhymes with coitus) Patti Smith, from her album ‘Easter’. 2. A mythical place at the epicenter of the musical universe known as ‘CKUW 95.9 FM’, where boisterous, at times thought provoking, often politically incorrect or just plain rude, but always unapologetic sounds emanate. See also ‘Juke Joint’.

    Join hosts Mike Litwin and Jeff Peeling as they play tracks ranging from punk and alternative rock to spoken word rants… and anything in between!

    Tune In! Call in!! Requests/comments: 204-774-6877

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  • 99 Balloons

    Loud, Punk

    Music with a message. Sounds of rebellion, protest, expression, activism and more. Mostly loud and fast punk, hardcore, metal, thrash, speed, alternative, electro-metal, etcetera, interspersed with the occasionally insightful and comical banter of host Rube Smith and guests. Each show will feature selections focusing on weekly themes such as death, war, aliens, addiction, poverty, predation, holidays, world events, screaming, driving… requests, comments, suggestions, rants welcome.

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  • Brain Drainer Radio

    Loud, Punk

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  • Crystal Palace

    Loud, Metal, Punk, Pop/Rock, Eclectic

    Hosted by 25th Floor Juke Joint veteran, Jamie Pierson, the Crystal Palace will be a place to hear rock ‘n’ roll. Local bands wil be featured regularly.

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  • Raunch Radio

    Loud, Punk

    We’re exploring the versatility of punk while showcasing the local wonders of our city’s incredibly talented musicians. We’re here to promote our fellow musician’s shows, releases and general radness as well as aid in unifying the community. Raunch Radio just wants you to have fun.

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  • Trouble with the Sandman

    Electronic/Exploratory, Loud, Punk, Pop/Rock, Indie

    Insomiacs Unite! David Trouble will stay with you from midnight to 6am Thursday morning. Much can happen in 6 hours so expect to hear sounds ranging from anything remotely rock (indie, punk etc.) to sound art, sound scapes, and electronic music. Plus random feautures: the hour of suck, seven-inch survey sample, various band and thematic profiles, backwards music and the dawn yodeler.

    For the month of October, local storyteller, hannah g, is back with Nocturnes 2: The Brass Bowel Diner from 3-4am.

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