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  • Sunnyroad

    Pop/Rock, Eclectic, Roots

    From a dimly lit juke joint to a country field and everything in between — meet me on the Sunnyroad. An eclectic melange of roots, folk, indie and the undefinable. Think locally is a motto! Sometimes there will be a special guest sharing and discussing their dreams, delights and musical loves. Listen and be pleasantly surprised.

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  • System Kidz

    Spoken Word, Public Affairs

    System Kidz is the weekly broadcast by Voices: Manitoba’s Youth in Care Network, where we discuss issues that matter to Manitoban youth-in-care!

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  • Talking Radical Radio

    Spoken Word, Politics, Public Affairs

    Talking Radical Radio brings you grassroots voices from across Canada. Each week, we hear from an active participant in one of this country’s many grassroots groups, organizations, movements, and communities-in-struggle to learn about what they do, how they do it, and why they do it.

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  • Tape Jam

    Loud, Pop/Rock, Eclectic

    Cassette tapes only! From garage rock, punk, psychedelic, and everything rock n roll, tune in every Wednesday night to hear Mark play his favourites from his tape collection. Local bands, new releases, rarities, and classics are featured. Listen back every week to hear something new!

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  • Tawny, the Brave


    Everything is connected. Learn how. Present to past — history, music. And wit.

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  • Temple of Jazz


    Temple of Jazz airs on alternating Saturdays from 11 am – 1 pm. Prepared specially for you, by long-time ‘jazz gourmet’ Kits Temple – a delectable jazz brunch-for-your-ears featuring tasty morsels from platters of every variety of jazzy cuisine, serving up satisfying courses from a century of recipes for invention and innovation, from points both near and far.

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  • The C.A.R.P

    Electronic/Exploratory, Hip Hop/Groove, Loud, Pop/Rock, Eclectic, Roots, World

    every sunday evening your host, chris friesen, plays lounge music for a beach party in hades, the lounge is located beside a broken elevator that is blasting out ‘elevator music’ through a shattered transistor radio speaker that really shouldn’t work at all but somehow still does. a different version of Duke Ellington’s CARAVAN every week.

    Intermittent tweeting via that twitter thing available to be followed at

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  • The Come Up

    Hip Hop/Groove

    Hosted by WALKER & Trouble Child ‘The Come Up’ will take a focus on local hip-hop artists and touch on mainstream hip-hop culture. Interviews will be conducted on air with the artists and feature lyrical breakdowns to better understand the stories behind their music.

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  • The Electric Chair

    Pop/Rock, Eclectic

    An eclectic and sometimes jolting musical journey from Sinatra to Ska and all points in between, hosted by Nicole.

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  • The Gashlycrumb Tinies

    Electronic/Exploratory, Hip Hop/Groove, Jazz, Pop/Rock, Roots, World

    The English alphabet hath 26 letters, and the calendar year 52 weeks. Every week, this musical radio program focuses on a different letter of the week, following the alphabet’s order from A to Z (and neatly completing the cycle twice a year). Playing only music by artists whose names begin with that week’s letter, our hosts Sheldon and Daniel bring you their joyful discoveries every Sunday from the heart of downtown Winnipeg, on Treaty 1 Territory.

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  • The Green Blues Show

    Spoken Word, Environmental, World Affairs

    The Green Blues Show features interviews on global environment, development, social justice and science issues, accompanied by the best in blues music. Hosted by Dave Kattenburg and produced for CKUW 95.9 FM.

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  • The Green Majority

    Spoken Word, Environmental

    The Green Majority is a radio program produced at CIUT in Toronto, Canada. We feature weekly news headlines and environmental features in arts, politics, philosophy, law, and more. We are Canada’s first — and only — dedicated environmental newshour.

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  • The How Do You Do Revue

    Pop/Rock, Eclectic

    Headquartered in Churchill, Manitoba. Like the slow train north, The How Do You Do Revue connects music & friends from Winnipeg to the Hudson Bay coast. We feature dispatches from folks across the province and the country. And just like that train, no two trips are the same!

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  • The Ivory Tower

    Jazz, Roots, Bluegrass, World

    The Ivory Tower broadcasts jazz, world music and traditional folk from the dizzying heights of the fourth-and-a-half floor of the University of Winnipeg. Legendary entertainment impresario Kelly Hughes has been called “staccato and laconic” (poet Méira Cook), “so funny I peed myself” (CBC’s Shelagh Rogers), “off-putting, rude and tasteless”, and “kingpin to mavericks and musicians.” The Ivory Tower is 90 minutes fortified with the best music you haven’t heard, anecdotes, lies, recipes, and sparkling conversation with one of said mavericks/musicians, each and every week.

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  • The Man in the Grey Flannel Suit Show

    Pop/Rock, Eclectic

    An out-of-the-ordinary mix of blues, soul, rock, funk, Americana, bluegrass and whatever else it takes to shake the work blues.

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  • The Medicine Wheel of Music

    Hip Hop/Groove, Loud, Pop/Rock, Roots

    The Medicine Wheel of Music promotes Aboriginal, Metis and Inuit artists. Each show focuses on a different genre of music from rock, heavy metal, hip-hop to traditional. When possible local artists will be invited to share their musical experiences, their creative process and inspiration and perform.

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  • The Motherland Influence

    Hip Hop/Groove, Acid-Jazz/Funk, Soul

    Starting in 1998 The Motherland Influence continues to bring you African, Latin & Caribbean music from wherever we can find it. Nigeria to Colombia to Haiti to Europe to USA. Soukous, Calypso, Rai, Reggae, Afrobeat, Salsa, Cumbia, Chaabi, the list goes on. We do it because it needs to be heard and we love it. We think you will too.

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  • The Phil In Show

    Classical, Jazz

    Tune in every other Tuesday and take a dive into the deep and fascinating waters of classical and jazz! Join host Phil for an hour of music, information/trivia, and perhaps even a few laughs along the way!

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  • The Saturday Morning Show

    Spoken Word

    The eclectic circus has found a home on CKUW. A companionable way to start the weekend with “A Search of the Ether for Old Radio Waves” at 6:15, a comedy feature at 6:45, the Children’s Corner at 7:15 and stories and conversation, usually with authors, at 7:45.

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  • The Sean Show

    Pop/Rock, Eclectic

    An hour of music with your host, Sean!

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