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  • FLY Travel Radio

    Spoken Word, Cultural Exchange

    Experience. Discover. Repeat.

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  • Folk Roots Radio


    Folk Roots Radio is a weekly syndicated radio show hosted and produced by Jan Hall, a very successful radio broadcaster and sought after stage host/festival emcee. As the host of Folk Roots Radio, Jan focuses on bringing new folk, roots and blues music and the voices of upcoming and independent artists to the airwaves.

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  • Frañol

    Pop/Rock, Eclectic

    Retrouvez à chaque semaine vos deux heures entières consacrées à la musique latine. Un savoureux mélange de chansons en français et en espagnol!

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  • Free City Radio

    Electronic/Exploratory, Jazz, Spoken Word, Human Rights, Politics, Public Affairs, Urban issues, World Affairs, World

    Free City Radio explores the intersection of social activism and the arts.

    A program featuring interviews on contemporary political currents in Montréal, Canada and around the world, highlighting creative voices involved in struggles for transformative social change.

    Free City Radio also features music from around the world.

    Free City Radio is produced and hosted by Stefan Christoff.

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  • Girlie So Groovie

    Pop/Rock, Indie

    Girlie So Groovie dubs itself as “The only show dedicated to the women who rock and to the people who love them!” Broadcasting on CJAM 99.1 FM since 2001 and now syndicating on community/campus radio stations across Canada and the US, we are a weekly award-winning music program that gives a stage to the pioneering and contemporary female and non-binary musicians in rock, punk, rap, hip hop, R&B, blues, jazz, electronic, country, alternative, indie-rock and so much more.

    Host: Trevor Klundert

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  • Global Research News Hour

    Spoken Word, International News

    Hosted and produced by CKUW News Director and contributor, Michael Welch, in association with the Centre for Research on Globalization, the Global Research News Hour is a one hour analysis of major developments in the world of economics, politics and geo-politics, with researchers and news makers from around the world. If you want to get the story beyond the headlines, strap yourself in for 60 minutes of informative and provocative radio.

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  • Green Planet Monitor

    Spoken Word, World Affairs

    The Green Planet Monitor is published by Earth Chronicle Productions, a Canadian multimedia company specializing in global environment, development and social justice issues.

    GPM publisher/editor Dave Kattenburg has been creating audio documentaries since 1986, and has reported for CBC Radio, Radio Netherlands, DW Radio and the Free Speech Radio Network from the Marshall Islands, Southeast Asia, India, Africa and Latin America.

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  • GroundSwell Radio

    Electronic/Exploratory, New Classical

    People are still writing classical music! Tune into GroundSwell Radio for chamber and orchestral music from the 20th century and beyond. Winnipeg’s only new music radio broadcast brought to you by Winnipeg’s only new music concert series.

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  • GroundWire

    Spoken Word, Canadian Affairs, Environmental, First Nations, Food Issues, Northern Issues, Politics, Science, Public Affairs, World Affairs

    GroundWire aims to connect diverse communities that take part in community radio programming all over Canada by featuring stories that are local, regional and national in scope and that share an ethic of human rights activism, equity, labour rights, democractic communication and information exchange, and progressive political and social policy.

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  • Harbinger Media hour

    Spoken Word, Human Rights, Canadian Affairs, First Nations, International News, LGBTQ, Northern Issues, Public Affairs, Urban issues, World Affairs

    The Harbinger Media Hour is a one hour show case of some of the best from the Harbinger Media network. The Harbinger Media network is a network of progressive podcasts challenging the right-wing and corproate media from coast to coast.

    Shows include
    Progress Report
    North Untapped
    The Breach Show
    Half Past Capitalism Alberta Advantage
    Invisible Institutions Victor’s Children
    Tech Won’t Save Us
    Unmaking Saskatchewan

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  • Hip Hop 50- The Culture

    Hip Hop/Groove

    Hip Hop 50: The Culture is a Hip Hop R&B Show that takes us through 50 years of Hip Hop and how it’s evolved into the number 1 music genre. Hip Hop is not only music its a culture driven genre that has changed the lives of many, while allowing them to have to tell life and fictional stories of what is happening in personnel lives and world events. Host DJ Roc Tha Block takes you on an hour journey of this evolution. The audience will catch a vibe right at 7pm straight until 8pm.

    DJ Roc Tha Block has travelled the world and DJ’d for many top Hip Hop artists in the world of Hip Hop and now he will be bringing these artist conversations 50 years later. Stay tuned to blown away for 60 minutes of non stop Hip Hop, & R&B.

    This is The Culture

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  • How To Survive A Tornado


    Music and conversation with post punk and related leanings. With occasional ghosts from the Dim Coast

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  • Hurlements sur la toundra

    Loud, Metal

    Chaque semaine, à partir de la toundra dans un bunker datant de la Guerre froide, l’animateur

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  • Indigenous in Music

    Pop/Rock, Eclectic

    Indigenous in Music a not-for-profit section 501c(3) in the state of Florida. Join Larry every week as he brings you live interviews and a mix of new music from our Indigenous musicians from around the Western Hemisphere, a variety of rock, pop, country, flute, salsa, classical, house and electronica. Indigenous in Music is Distributed on Native Voice One, the Native America Indian Radio Network, PRX the Public Radio Exchange and Pacifica Audio Port. A big Pini-Gigi (Thank you) to “SAY Magazine” a international Indigenous magazine for giving Indigenous in Music a mention and for featuring all of our musical guest’s.

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  • Island Vibes

    World, Dancehall/Reggae

    Soca, reggae, dance-hall, calypso, rapso and chutney music from The Islands. Plus local Caribbean events, guest DJ’s and other music industry info from the Caribbean.

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  • Jazz Boulevard


    Each show is a mix of the latest releases from musicians out in the clubs today, classic tracks from yesteryear, and a sprinkling of Blues, Roots, and World.

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  • Journey Into Sound

    Electronic/Exploratory, Hip Hop/Groove, Jazz, Loud, Pop/Rock, Roots, World

    Journey Into Sound takes you on a weekly adventure into a specific genre or musical movement, from the dawn of recorded music to today. We explore the culture and history of music through sound.

    Host: Olivier

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  • Let’s Play DJ!

    Pop/Rock, Eclectic

    It’s like playing DJ in your car, but on the radio instead. Each week, a new guest from Winnipeg’s music community joins host Jacob Brodovsky to talk about, and listen to their favourite songs.

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  • Letters: A Radio Play

    Spoken Word, Performing Arts, Storytelling

    Letters is a radio play written by local playwright Brian Langlotz. It’s inspired by real events of World War II, featuring those of the playwright’s family members who served as soldiers in that conflict. Come follow the journey of Paul Bailey, played by Jordan Phillips, a Canadian soldier fighting his way through Italy during World War II, and his wife Betty, portrayed by Elizaveta Katykhina, waiting for him to return, as told through the letters they send each other.

    This special production was recorded and produced at CKUW 95.9FM.

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  • Listening Pleasures


    Listening Pleasures explores sound with as many feels as music allows. Host DJ Lyer loves you late at night and eases you into your overnight.

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