Federal Lights – We Were Found in the Fog



Federal Lights second release and first LP, We Were Found in The Fog, came out in late August. Federal Lights started as Jean-Guy Roy’s solo recording project, he was eventually joined by David Pankratz of Quinzy, Rob Mitchell of The Attics and his wife, Jodi Roy. The band teamed up with Winnipeg vets Rusty Matyas and Cam Loeppky to produce We Were Found in The Fog. The result is a comforting, diverse collection of indie rock. The sound is polished, the lyrics precise. Album opener “Sharks” shows off Roy’s knack for storytelling and songwriting as does the title track.. “Reservation Girl” especially stands out, telling the story of somebody’s heart that’s been broken many times and who has lost their faith in love. Roy’s voice is timeless and blends perfectly with his wife’s Jodi (keyboard and vocals) throughout the album. “I See Love,” a catchy pop number that debuted at #1 on CBC radio and is making the rounds on local radio. This album is comforting, warm and from the heart. (Aporia, federallights.org) Martyna Turczynowicz

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