Hoot Owl Festival :: New Name, Same Place, Familiar Spirit

by Chris Bryson

Continuing tradition can be a great thing. Apply that to music festivals and you’ve found many people’s version of heaven. Areas of the world have so many memories spread across what eventually becomes sacred musical land. The first ever Hoot Owl festival makes its home in Kerry, Manitoba at the old locale of the legendary Shine On festival and sets out to continue tradition while being its own thing in the process. Continue reading “Hoot Owl Festival :: New Name, Same Place, Familiar Spirit”

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band brings salvation to Jazz Fest


by Daniel Emberg

photo by Cheyenne Rae

Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band will be hitting the stage in an hour, and the Rev is seated at a picnic table working on his band’s setlist for the night. Turning his formidable facial follicles across the street toward the King’s Head Pub, he smiles at the action on the patio. “You know,” he says, “It’s a lot of fun, but I don’t drink so I’m not much for bars except when we’re playing. You know that store Claire’s at the mall, with the earrings and stuff? If they had music there, that’s where I would hang out, is Claire’s. I just want to be where the music is.” Continue reading “Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band brings salvation to Jazz Fest”

Corb Lund brings Cabin Fever to Winnipeg

by Sheldon Binie

Corb Lund has been around the independent Canadian music scene for over two decades now. Touring extensively in the 90s with heavy Edmonton alt-rockers the Smalls, and ramping up international success as a solo country & western artist since the late 90s, Corb Lund knows the value of hard work, good songs, and good friends. He took some time last month to chat over the phone with Stylus about his new record Cabin Fever, and his band the Hurtin’ Albertans’ upcoming Winnipeg show. While some technical difficulties appeared throughout our conversation, you’ll find the bulk of it below. Giddyup! Continue reading “Corb Lund brings Cabin Fever to Winnipeg”