Prairie Punk Perspective

by Kaitlyn Emslie Farrell

It’s early in the morning, too early. You drag yourself out of the house into the smoke filled city streets of Winnipeg. Summer is burning it’s way out across the country. Nothing but the quiet lull of traffic is to be heard as there hasn’t been enough time for humanity to consume their coffee intake just yet. Whether going to school or going to work, you have somewhere to be.  As the days go on these mornings get darker, and colder. The smoke clears and invites a mist of frozen water to crystallize on your scarf as you continue to go, still needing to be somewhere. Continue reading “Prairie Punk Perspective”

Real Lovin’ :: Real Love Winnipeg

by Zach Fleisher

Adam Soloway looks introspectively over the recording studio for Beach Station Blues II. Photo by Laura Sexsmith.
Adam Soloway looks introspectively over the recording studio for Beach Station Blues II. Photo by Laura Sexsmith.

We’re rolling down Hazel Street in Winnipeg Beach and I can already feel it; the calm tone of an acoustic guitar, gentle laughter among close friends and the always refreshing breeze of Lake Winnipeg. As we walk up to the deck and into the sunroom of 228 Hazel, I notice folks in hushed tone of conversation; local recording artist Claire Bones is currently recording a track in the main cottage room, doubling as a makeshift recording haven and I’m told that we all need to whisper in order to continue our conversation. Continue reading “Real Lovin’ :: Real Love Winnipeg”

Stylus checks out Sir Paul McCartney

Photo by Andrew Mazurak
Photo by Andrew Mazurak

by Zach Fleisher

In putting this piece forward, I have to acknowledge a fundamental bias in my writing a review for a Paul McCartney show; I’m a Beatles fanatic. I grew up listening to the Fab Four (though I didn’t actually listen to Sgt. Pepper side to side until five years ago) through  drives from end to end of the Canadian prairie. In grade five, I fell asleep every night listening to Abbey Road on a CD with only one track for the entire album and no way to change which song I was listening to. As often as I would fall asleep to the gentle and soothing tones of “Something,” I did make the consistent effort to listen until the medley of broken songs at the end, which more often than not proves to the be the enduring legacy of Paul McCartney’s musical career.

Continue reading “Stylus checks out Sir Paul McCartney”

Vikings :: Ready to Make Landfall


by Matthew Dyck

Stumbling on Vikings’ yet to be released recordings was kind of like spotting an offshore ship I wasn’t meant to see. Despite playing to large crowds at The Lytics’ CD release show, and opening for touring acts Twin Shadow and Poolside, Vikings have remained almost entirely off the Internet’s radar as the electro-pop trio gathers a following through word of mouth alone. So, naturally, I was curious why an act so catchy would purposefully keep such a low profile. After a daylong blizzard, vocalist Josh Youngson and brothers Dave and James McNabb braved the snow to have coffee with Stylus and reveal their secret strategy to take over your eardrums in 2013 – well, maybe not so secret anymore. Continue reading “Vikings :: Ready to Make Landfall”

Nova :: Midnight, Midnight and the beauty & frustration of Winnipeg

by Darcy Penner

Of the many ways one usually expects a band to form (from the ashes of previous bands, high school friends jamming with beer stolen from their parents, the side-project that was only supposed to be about fun, etc.), Nova’s inception has a unique flare to it: a release for workaholics bonded by their love of, and commitment to, Winnipeg. That, and two-thirds of the band didn’t really play their instruments. Continue reading “Nova :: Midnight, Midnight and the beauty & frustration of Winnipeg”