Vancouver’s Cityreal keeping a close to ear to the pavement

by Harrison Samphir
When Stylus asked Remi Huot, otherwise known as Cityreal, how he began making hip hop music in his early twenties, the answer was not unusual.“I fell into it accidentally,” he recalls, speaking with Stylus on the phone from Vancouver BC. “I had some knowledge of music from playing in high school bands, and later on started messing around with beats. I just stuck with it as a hobby.”Now 26 years old, Huot is among Canada’s most prolific rising emcees, boasting two records, three Western Canadian Music Award nominations, and a substantive list of associated acts including Swollen Members, Sweatshop Union, D-Sisive and even Leslie Feist. Continue reading “Vancouver’s Cityreal keeping a close to ear to the pavement”

Yukon Blonde Finds Success with Latest Release

by Matt Austman

With nearly a decade of history under their belt, Yukon Blonde is on course to establishing itself as one of Canada’s most acclaimed and cherished indie rock bands. Their latest release, Tiger Talk, is a departure from their previous, more laid-back 70s inspired rock n roll, and is propelling the band past the club scene and into theatres. Recently, Stylus had the opportunity to speak with the band’s chief songwriter and lead vocalist, Jeff Innes, about the band’s success, the meaning of Tiger Talk, and the personal impact of touring full-time. Continue reading “Yukon Blonde Finds Success with Latest Release”