Inverted Serenity :: As Spectres Wither

by Chris Bryson

Inverted Serenity’s third album, As Spectres Wither, shows the band forward thinking, pushing their sound to larger and finer, more sinister and dynamic forms. Although the new album isn’t a huge departure from the band’s previous releases, it showcases their skill in composing songs that mesh technical flair and ferocity with finesse and melody, knowing the importance of contrasts and nuances when it comes to more extreme forms of music. Continue reading “Inverted Serenity :: As Spectres Wither”

Voivod :: Target Earth with new album

by Broose Tulloch

In December, Stylus caught up with drummer and graphic artist for legendary Québec metal band Voivod, Michel Langevin. Their latest album Target Earth, was released January 22nd through Century Media Records. In its 30 year career, Voivod has made a name for themselves with a prog-rock/trash metal sound, thought-provoking lyrics, and an eerie science-fiction vibe. It was a chilling cover of Pink Floyd’s “Astronomy Domine” from 1989’s Nothingface that broke the band, reaching number 114 on the Billboard 200 album chart. Continue reading “Voivod :: Target Earth with new album”

Gwar – Ready to Destroy Winnipeg

by Gil Caroll

Intergalactic metal warriors Gwar have been ruthlessly pummeling audiences here on Earth for years now. The band and fans grieved the tragic falling of long-time guitar player Flattus Maximus in 2011, but now Gwar is ready to destroy Winnipeg once again on their “Fate or Chaos” tour. In preparation for this travelling gore show, Stylus caught up with Gwar vocalist Oderus Urungus at the band’s Antarctic HQ for a revealing telephone interview. Continue reading “Gwar – Ready to Destroy Winnipeg”