by Chris Bryson

Following an experimental route in any artistic medium involves taking chances, sticking by them, and a drive for continued evolution. Beth’s mutating avant-garde aspirations put the trio in a wheelhouse where not many Winnipeg bands dwell, but that hasn’t kept them from digging deeper into the unknown. Continue reading “Beth”

Dehli 2 Dublin :: Evolution in sound

by Jesse Blackman

Vancouver’s Delhi 2 Dublin has found success combining Punjabi and Celtic instruments to create an incredibly catchy high-energy sound. With the release of their third LP, Turn Up The Stereo, D2D brings new dimensions to their music. Stylus spoke briefly with the band’s electronic master, Tabla player, and co-producer Tarun Nayar about the new album and what it means for D2D. Continue reading “Dehli 2 Dublin :: Evolution in sound”

MEME Festival

by Victoria King

When the stage in Old Market Square was torn down and replaced by the Cube in 2010, the structure was met with mixed emotions. Its futuristic design, its odd and confusing functionality, and a remaining nostalgia for the former, more traditional stage seemed to be major concerns in some people’s minds. Continue reading “MEME Festival”