Wilt :: Ruin

By Chris Bryson

Music has always been an expression of the self and a space for reflections of the world around us. Wilt’s third album Ruin is defined as an intended concept album, one that their Bandcamp page describes as encompassing “the frailty of man and explores the feelings death, forgiveness, shame and guilt. Inspired by Cormac McCarthy’s The Road.” Wilt’s Ruin, follows a similar path. Continue reading “Wilt :: Ruin”

Raine Hamilton :: Night Sky

By Matt Harrison

Soft violin gently starts this album with the soothing hum of singer Raine Hamilton over top of it. Before you can fall into the melody, the violin turns to a jagged sort of snap and the story of Night Sky begins to unfurl. As the same song, “Starlight”, carries on, the acoustic folk sound offers vibes akin to wandering through a forest, the intervention of light a hopeless wish.  Continue reading “Raine Hamilton :: Night Sky”

Action Bronson // Live @ Greenroom 08/15

Review by Ryan Reyes

Photos by Khammy Phanthavong

Somehow, someway I find myself climbing the winding staircase of the Greenroom. Ah yes a rap show. An Action Bronson rap show. This mountain of a man with the best rap handle this side of Snoop Lion has been generating much buzz in the rap world as of late. Yes, he may often sound like that MC whose name rhymes with Fishface Trilla and yes, he was a respected gourmet chef before he became a rapper. Continue reading “Action Bronson // Live @ Greenroom 08/15”