Premiere! :: Marshall & Some Buddies :: Your Band & The Accident

Marshall & Some Buddies release their debut album Dog Daddy Yeah on Transistor 66 on Friday December 8 at the Good Will Social Club. Check out the single “Your Band & The Accident” and the cover art below. The band will be joined by label mates Mmmeats,  Holy Void and Homeward Bound and have promised further collaboration with “some special friends.” Continue reading “Premiere! :: Marshall & Some Buddies :: Your Band & The Accident”

Hillbilly Highway – Mary Gauthier, Scott Nolan, Joanna Miller @ Park Theatre



by Sheldon Birnie

Monday night’s packed show at the Park Theatre was one of those perfect stops along the Hillbilly Highway that at once make you feel so glad that you’re wherever you happen to be at, while at the same time igniting (or rekindling) an “aching wanderlust” to hit the road at once. Backed by Winnipeg’s own Scott Nolan and Joanna Miller (who also opened the night), the crowd at the Park was treated to a magnificent performance from one of the best songwriters (and a dang entertaining performer and storyteller, to boot) in the biz, Mary Gauthier. Continue reading “Hillbilly Highway – Mary Gauthier, Scott Nolan, Joanna Miller @ Park Theatre”

Hillbilly Highway – A conversation with director of Chasing a Song

Chasing a Song Poster

by Sheldon Birnie

Chasing a Song is a brand new documentary from local filmmaker Charles Konowal. Some of y’all might remember Charles’ work on Happily Dysfunctional: The Story of Transistor 66 Records. Konowal’s latest is a study of the art of songwriting, by way of local songwriter Scott Nolan, who Konowal met while working on Happily Dysfunctional. The film is a beautifully shot, stirring contemplation of what makes Nolan tick as an artist, with some special appearances from Bobby Stahr and Jesse DeNatale. Shot in Winnipeg, Oklahoma, and Folsom Prison in California, Chasing a Song takes the viewer on quite the trip along the Hillbilly Highway. Stylus caught up with Konowal recently to chat about the making of the film. Continue reading “Hillbilly Highway – A conversation with director of Chasing a Song”

This Hisses :: Balsamic reduction of Anhedonia

by Shanell Dupras
This Hisses formed back in 2010 with member Julia Ryckman’s urge to record after her last project, The Gorgon, was through performing. Ryckman recruited Pat Short after attempting to make a band with him in previous years. Ryckman also asked JP (Jean-Paul) Perron to join, having no idea what to expect. They quickly became This Hisses, and pumped out their first album, Surf Noir, only three months after forming. Their sound has slowly changed, and they are now releasing a second album to show their new, more evolved sound. Stylus sat down with Ryckman, Short, and Perron over a meal of Rold Gold pretzels and wine to talk about the new album, due out February 9th. Continue reading “This Hisses :: Balsamic reduction of Anhedonia”