Wares :: Creating Intimacy

By Charlie Fraser

Creating intimacy at a live performance can seem like an impossible thing. There is this very distinct separation between the musician(s) on the stage and everyone else on the ground below them. The space where the audience members are is very dark so the musician(s) can’t see them; meanwhile, the musician(s) are lit up with intense fluorescent lights illuminating every single one of their features and even, flaws. Continue reading “Wares :: Creating Intimacy”

Manitobandits :: Storytellers

By Kent Davies

Like the musical equivalent of Voltron or maybe a modern day local Wrecking Crew, The Manitobandits are the combination of the mighty genre-busting artists that make up Ultra Mega, Blond(e) Goth and Smoky Tiger. The group features the core backing of Josey Krahn (Ultra Mega), Aaron Johnston (Pop Crimes), Richard Bolton (Reverend Rambler) and Dan Moroz (The Flaming Trolleys) with revolving frontmen; JD Ormond (JD and the Sunshine Band), T.J. Blair (The Magnificent 7s), and Smoky Tiger/Andrew Courtnage/Nij (Youtube).  The Manitobandits enthralling live set features darkly humored satirical songs, wistful love ballads, party rock anthems and tributes to Manitoba folk heroes. The powerhouse act recently played to a packed Good Will Social Club in support of their respective album releases. Stylus caught up with the Manitobandits at their secret hideout in south Osborne in the lead up to the big show. Continue reading “Manitobandits :: Storytellers”

Nonstophiphop: 3Peat High and Rising


By Harrison Samphir

3Peat is the most exciting hip-hop crew to come out of Winnipeg in some time. Following in a long line of local groups including Different Shades of Black (Shadez), Frek Sho, Farm Fresh and The Lytics, the trio consisting of Steve, Egg and Dill The Giant are determined to make their mark on a city where emceeing is a proud, if overlooked, tradition. They dropped their self-titled debut EP on September 16, 2016. At seven tracks, it’s packed with lyrical gems, addictive hooks and strong guest appearances backed by tight production completed mostly in-house. With a likeness to the pass-the-mic chemistry and interplay of legends like De La Soul and A Tribe Called Quest, 3Peat shines with laid-back charisma and an unpretentious demeanour reinforced by the honest expressions in their songs. I was joined by the group’s three members and their manager, Anthony Carvalho, in the Stylus office to discuss their work, inspirations, and big plans for the future.
Continue reading “Nonstophiphop: 3Peat High and Rising”

We only make it if we all make it

By Matt Peters

On June 23 of this past year, the night of the Brexit referendum, I retreated to the back patio of the venue in San Francisco where my band had just finished playing and I nervously pulled out my phone to check the results. At the time, we were on a West Coast tour with Montreal’s Plants and Animals and through the open windows behind the stage I could hear them begin to strum the first few chords of their set. Their music is soaring and hopeful, exactly what you would want rising up through a peaceful California evening while having your faith in humanity restore. Continue reading “We only make it if we all make it”

iansucks :: Don’t Give In to the Bad Feelings


By Alina Moore

With the recent release of their first physical album Don’t Give In to the Bad Feelings it is apparent that Iansucks, does not suck. Like in their song “Too Hard”, this album really has been a long time coming. Radiating tones of raw, relatable, melancholic honesty that can appeal to the moody millennial of our generation, or really anyone who has feelings. Continue reading “iansucks :: Don’t Give In to the Bad Feelings”

Birthday Tapes :: Releasing New and Old Friends



By Zoe McCrea

When you grow up in a city like Winnipeg local talent can be found around every corner, which tends to inspire something different in every person to come across it. Birthday Tapes is the newest project started up by Austin Bouton and Isiah Shellenberg, a pair who plunged into Winnipeg’s music scene as soon as they knew how. Continue reading “Birthday Tapes :: Releasing New and Old Friends”

Nap Eyes: Lyrics that make you think

nap eyes

Nap Eyes (from Nova Scotia) are about to release a very thought-provoking album. It is composed of cool melodic blues-folk with lyrics that make you think: think about yourself, how others see you, your life choices, and all of the meanings behind your decisions. It’s a cool mellow way to reassess and self-reflect. To set the mood, the band recorded all seven tracks live on a porch beside the beautiful coast of Pictou, NS. Continue reading “Nap Eyes: Lyrics that make you think”