EP Review :: Prairie Joggers :: Going Nowhere

two men set in a living room, one on the couch playing guitar the other holing a mug sitting in a chair.

by Nischal Karki

What is better than immersing yourself in raw, indie, and emotive vocals? Yes, the Prairie Joggers bring a fresh vibe to the music scene. Their new EP, Going Nowhere, released on June 9, 2023, is different from what I usually hear. Each of the songs on this album feels like a journey through moods and emotions.

“Move Along,” the album’s first track, introduces you to alternative rock and indie folk. An acoustic guitar riff creates the tone for contemplation and motivates the listener to keep going. With a hint of irony and comedy, the lyrics are inspirational and upbeat. Likewise, “Sweet Tooth” ventures into the realm of indie-pop genres. With its sing-along chorus and guitar tune, it is really catchy. There are many metaphors in the lyrics that are funny and creative. It’s a perfect jam for hanging out with friends.

Yet, the album takes a surprising turn when you listen to “In the Wake.” The vocalist Cody Goertzen carries a significant weight of emotion. The lyrics explore themes of heartbreak and introspection, creating a sombre atmosphere that contrasts with the previous tracks. The raw vulnerability in Goertzen’s voice adds depth to the song, making it a powerful and emotional listening experience. With this playing in the background, you could picture yourself having deep thoughts. 
The Prairie Joggers have created a compilation of songs that not only speak to the listener but also invite them to think about their own personal journey. Each track on Going Nowhere demonstrates the band’s ability to capture and transmit honest emotions, leaving an indelible impression on those who listen. So, sit back, close your eyes, and let the music transport you to a world where contemplation and grief coexist.

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