Pujol – Nasty, Brutish, And Short

Daniel Pujol is a Nashville musician with a fine punk spirit, pursuing a masters in global affairs through the University of Denver. He often collaborates with his girlfriend, Alexa Sullivant, on various writing and illustrative projects.

Pujol’s latest release (his tenth in two years), Nasty, Brutish, and Short, follows acclaimed singles, full lengths, and EPs, on labels Thirdman, Turbo Time, Infinity Cat, Evil Weevil, Jeffrey Drag, and Velocity of Sound. With a title that couldn’t be more fitting, he describes the life of mankind in its rawest form. Pujol uses uncomplicated, repetitive ’60s surf-psych and british rock influences throughout the record, with crunchy and crispy guitar chords. The EP begins with a psych warp intro on “Mayday,” setting an upbeat rock anthem to head bang to. “Scully,” shows a softer side of Pujol that manages to embody the same rock and roll vibe with a slower pace. On “Tiny Gods (Singularity),” he begins to show a slightly more melodic side of his guitar riffs and flashes a bit more solo work rather than chords. Nasty, Brutish, and Short encases a punky, colorful vintage sound. I recommend this album to any fan of classic or modern rock. (Saddle Creek, saddle-creek.com) Melanie Lemoine

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