Groenland – The Chase


The first album from Montreal-based band Groenland sounds nothing like the cold, glacially beautiful country the band is named after, although these orchestral indie pop tracks hold a gorgeousness of a different kind. Violins and ukuleles build a humming, glowing background warmth that lead vocalist Sabrina Halde’s melodies resonate through. Her voice is supple and strong, easily handling lyrics like “No witness standing to tell the story / I look at myself from outside my body/ Out in the open my wound’s still hot / From when I remembered and then forgot” (“Superhero”). The first time I listened to this I was on the bus the morning of an exam, and it put me in such an optimistic place — feeling happy and open and thoughtful. I’m pretty sure my grade owes a lot to this album. I think the thing about The Chase is that it feels incredibly personal, but in the way of an inspiring story, or like joy, which you want to  share with everyone. (Bonsound, Adrienne Yeung

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