Disintegration Records :: Building a Formidable Indie Community in Winnipeg

Greg MacPherson
By Sheldon Birnie
Winnipeg-based Disintegration Records officially launched this past September, with the release of Greg Macpherson’s Disintegration Blues. The tightly knit label is also home to local acts Nova, Haunter, Slow Dancers, and Cannon Bros, whose full-length Firecracker/Cloudglow is Disintegration’s second release. Continue reading “Disintegration Records :: Building a Formidable Indie Community in Winnipeg”

Cannon Bros. release Firecracker/Cloudglow on emerging label

Local pair make Disintegration’s second
By Michael Elves

While local duo Cannon Bros. ended up releasing their self-titled debut EP last winter out of necessity, the release of their full-length Firecracker/Cloudglow came about because the pair chanced into an opportunity.
“The EP we just kind of recorded with our friend and we weren’t even really planning on releasing it,” notes Alannah Walker. She explains, “We just recorded songs when we first started playing and then we went on tour last summer and we had nothing to sell so we were like, ‘Let’s just put all the songs that we recorded onto a CD and sell it,’ so that’s how the EP came about.” Continue reading “Cannon Bros. release Firecracker/Cloudglow on emerging label”

Cannon Bros. – Just like Mario Bros.

By Taylor Burgess

Photo: Adrienne Huard
Photo: Adrienne Huard

Cannon Bros. are Cole Woods and Alannah Walker, who have lived pretty much their whole lives together—they’ve been going to the same schools since grade two and they both played on Oak Park’s water polo team. As Winnipeg scenesters might know, they’re also one half of the band the Playing Cards, a band that has been around since Walker and Woods were in junior high school.

So imagine my joy when I approach them at the Albert after one of their shows, Woods slams down an empty plastic tumbler on a table and says, “Alright, I’m good to go.”

Continue reading “Cannon Bros. – Just like Mario Bros.”