by Chris Bryson

Following an experimental route in any artistic medium involves taking chances, sticking by them, and a drive for continued evolution. Beth’s mutating avant-garde aspirations put the trio in a wheelhouse where not many Winnipeg bands dwell, but that hasn’t kept them from digging deeper into the unknown. Continue reading “Beth”

KEN mode

by Chris Bryson

Never a band to tread the same path twice, KEN mode’s return seemed destined to cover new ground. After having taken on bold variations of sound all rooted in the jagged rage of noise, the guys have landed in darker territory on their newest offering Loved. And judging by the first couple tracks released from the album, the KEN mode fury is alive and well. Continue reading “KEN mode”

Channel 3 – Legendary hardcore band returns to the ‘Peg

by Sheldon Birnie

Founded in 1980 in Cerritos, California, Channel 3 were among the first wave of hardcore bands to burn thousand and thousands of miles of highway to play in basements, sketchy clubs, and backyards long before Warped Tour made such doing so seem like a rock n roll circus. After slowing down during the 1990s, CH3 have been ramping up their game since the release of their eponymous LP in 2000. For the first time in almost 30 years, CH3 will be returning to Winnipeg for two shows this weekend. Stylus caught up with founding member and guitar player Mike Magrann via email to discuss the changes he’s seen and the places he’s been living the hardcore dream for over 30 years. Continue reading “Channel 3 – Legendary hardcore band returns to the ‘Peg”