KEN mode

by Chris Bryson

Never a band to tread the same path twice, KEN mode’s return seemed destined to cover new ground. After having taken on bold variations of sound all rooted in the jagged rage of noise, the guys have landed in darker territory on their newest offering Loved. And judging by the first couple tracks released from the album, the KEN mode fury is alive and well. Continue reading “KEN mode”

SXSW: Local bands hit the road to Austin, TX

royal canoe sxsw

by Sheldon Birnie

Every year, for six days in March, unwashed masses of musicians, music journalists and industry types (not to mention music fans) from across the world descend on Austin, Texas, for South By Southwest. The largest music conference and festival of its kind in the world, SXSW represents a great opportunity for emerging Manitoba artists to share their music with the world. Continue reading “SXSW: Local bands hit the road to Austin, TX”

KEN mode: From the Heart of St. Vital on

Photo by Chad Tremblay

By Marc Evans
In case you have literally or figuratively been living under a rock, the name KEN mode has affectionately been hammered into your cerebral cavities. For a decade plus, this Winnipeg trio has been executing their wartime strategy with eerie precision.  Gearing up for a relatively massive touring cycle in support of their fourth full-length album, I sat down over a lovely cup of Lavazza with drum ogre Shane Matthewson.

Stylus: Damn this coffee is great, good call. Can you sum up the timeline of the band for those not in the know?
Shane Matthewson
: Well, we formed in the heart of St. Vital in 1999.  At the core we are two loser brothers [Jesse on guitar/vocals] who refuse to quit because it’s all we know at this point (and we love doing it, and all that good stuff). Our first “studio” album was recorded in late 2001 but didn’t come out until 2003.  Since 2002, we’ve been touring whenever our busy work and school schedules have permitted.  We’ve been touring and putting on our own shows locally for a long time now, so I suppose people might say we’ve ‘paid our dues.’ I see it more as we just didn’t quit! [Laughs] Our newest album Venerable, which comes out March 15, is our first with our new label Profound Lore Records.  We’re really excited to be working with Profound Lore!
Stylus: Speaking of Profound Lore, which happens to be one of my favorite labels right now, what sparked the change from Escape Artist, to your own label Arctodus Records, to now one of the hottest forward thinking aggressive labels? Continue reading “KEN mode: From the Heart of St. Vital on”