Krafty Kuts // 11-25-11 // Wheelies

By DJ Stone
Instead of blasting music at my house last Friday night I decided to go to Totally AWESOME! BASS!! featuring Krafty Kuts. It was on Friday, November 25th at Wheelies Roller Park.  I was kind of amazed that we got a big-time DJ/producer on a Friday night in Winnipeg.
It was the same crew that brought Dieselboy for the epic Zombie Apocalypse, Jsquared Entertainment and DV8 Audio/Visual. It ran from 9-6am and was a 16+ event. It was nice to finally go to a party where you don’t have to go home at 2 a.m. because the bar was closing.
A little background on Krafty Kuts; like most killer DJs, he is from the UK and has been spinning since the late ’80s. He also has his own record label Finger Licken’ Funk, was voted by DJ Magazine as one of the top 100 DJs in the world and voted #1 breaks DJ in the world!  When I arrived Coda & Pucona (Pantohms Sound System) where playing some old-skool speed garage, with some nice rolling bass lines that brought me back to old days. There were lots of people dancing on the dark fogged up dance floor, where people had their glow sticks and hula hoops and fun fur pants, lol.
Next up to the decks were The Funk Hunters, based out Vancouver, BC, who mashed up funky disco, drum n bass and pretty much everything in between. They were very energetic and got the crowd moving.
Around 2 a.m. Krafty Kuts went on. He started off with some heavier drum and bass. He seamlessly mixed in some Red Hot Chili Peppers, and my personal favorite was the DnB mix of Wu Tang Clan’s “Bring da Ruckus,” which was just deadly.  He even did a House of Pain remix, and a remix of Flux Pavilion’s “Bass Cannon,” which I thought was going to blow up the speakers.  Oh yeah and did I mention he was mixing on four decks (yes, I said FOUR) the whole time? To top it all off, Mr. Krafty Kuts played us a new unreleased, never-before-heard dubstep track, which was pretty sick.
Overall, a pretty good show, I give it 7 out 10 dubs. I think the sound could have been better if it was at a smaller venue and it would have been nice if there was a licensed area for the 18+ crowd.  The next time Krafty Kuts comes back I recommend going to see him, amazing scratch artist.