Live Bait :: Deerhoof w/ Jan at Union Sound Hall – Wednesday June 17, 2015

Topher Duguay

“So, this band Jan, they’re…”
“They’re certainly Jan, yeah.”
“They play Janwave. It’s when you sound like a mix of every fashionable 2003-2009 indie band, but your name is also Jan.”
“It’s a bold new genre. I like it.”
“It’s got a good beat, and you can Jance to it.”
“Oh, they’re done. On to Deerhoof.”
“So this is Deerhoof?”
“Yeah, they’ve been around for about 20 years and they play math rock.”
“So they aren’t Deerhunter?”
“No, Deerhunter’s singer is tall and Deerhoof’s singer is short. That’s how you tell them apart.”
“And they don’t play math rock.”
“But they both put on good shows. Feel that jazzy little guitar riff on ‘Paradise Girls.’”
“It’s very jazz-student wave. Weren’t these guys originally a noise rock band?”
“Well yeah, but they’ve discovered the joys of pop. There’s even a singalong chorus of BA-BA-BAs on this song!”
“I see she’s trying to get the audience to sing along. They aren’t taking the bait.”
“Well, I will. BA-BA-BA-BA BA BA.”
“Topher, stop.”
“No, I’m making up for Winnipeg’s notable lack of enthusiasm for anything. BA-BA-BA-BA BA BA”
“You’re at the back. She can’t hear you.”
“Well, darn. They are awfully energetic…”
“And tight! You’re going to ruin her concentration with your BA-BA-BAing! It’s like clapping along, it never works!”
“Point taken . . . oh it’s over.”
“No encore?”
“None! Maybe they’re disappointed about the lack of BA-BA-BAs?”
“Well, shame on Winnipeg. This band deserve better.”
“My apologies to Deerhoof. At least I BA-BA-BAed.”
“Deerhoof: A band whose live show deserves a BA-along.”


They Say / Enjoy Your Pumas / The Secrets / JICAH // @ Park Theatre 09-28-12

photos & words by Ginaya Jesmer

On September 28th the Park Theatre was taken over by four very talented bands for the release of THEY SAY’s debut CD Disguises. First on stage was Enjoy Your Pumas, followed by The Secrets, then JICAH, and lastly THEY SAY. All of the bands gave very energetic performances and the enthusiasm from the audience seemed to accumulate after every performance. There was a notable amount of energy during the JICAH performance which managed to get the majority of the crowd dancing and involved. Continue reading “They Say / Enjoy Your Pumas / The Secrets / JICAH // @ Park Theatre 09-28-12”

Relic / Abstract Artform / M-Kaps / The Happy Unfortunate / VP Nights 09-20-12

by Ryan Reyes

photos by Khammy Phanthavong

Relic aka Rel McCoy is touring the country in support of his album Miles To Go. He’s a talented jack-of-all-trades who raps, produces, engineers, DJ’s and sings. The man has won a Juno for producing songs for Canadian hip hop artist Shad. His Winnipeg stop at VP Nights included local openers Abstract Artform, M-Kaps and The Happy Unfortunate. Continue reading “Relic / Abstract Artform / M-Kaps / The Happy Unfortunate / VP Nights 09-20-12”

Big Sean // R.O.Z. // Goody, Rawg, Chris Bennett & Teddy T // 09-19-12 // Live @ The Garrick

by Ryan Reyes

photos by Khammy Phanthavong

It’s 10pm and I find myself at The Garrick Centre shoe-less; security was performing a very thorough pat-down. I hope they noticed my tight sock-game. Local up and comers Goody, Rawg, Chris Bennett and Teddy T performed before main opener R.O.Z. of EMB. He started his set off with one of my favourite tracks off his Piff Music mixtape the super smooth “Rhythm of the Night.” A few tracks from his latest mixtape Piff Music 2 were performed; most notably “’97” which features D-Block’s Styles P. He ended off his strong set with the melodically hypnotic track “Rollin.’” Continue reading “Big Sean // R.O.Z. // Goody, Rawg, Chris Bennett & Teddy T // 09-19-12 // Live @ The Garrick”

Tech N9ne // Mad Child // Winnipeg’s Most // Drezus // 09-16-12 // Live @ Park Theatre Café

Review by Ryan Reyes

Photos by Khammy Phanthavong

Rappers Tech N9ne and Mad Child recorded 7 EPs and albums between them since their last visits to Winnipeg. That amount of new material would justify a show. No justification needed. Their fans are some of the most loyal and passionate around. Continue reading “Tech N9ne // Mad Child // Winnipeg’s Most // Drezus // 09-16-12 // Live @ Park Theatre Café”

TRANSISTOR 66 WEEKENDER :: Park Theatre Saturday :: April 28, 2012

TRANSISTOR 66 WEEKENDER w/ Miesha & the Spanks, This Hisses, Les Sexy, and Microdot

By Shanell Dupras

After ten years of providing Winnipeg with rock n’ roll, rockabilly, folk, and whatever other genres Art MacIntyre found exciting, it was time to celebrate! I had the pleasure of attending two out of the three shows from that weekend (although missing Friday was slightly devastating), and was impressed and disappointed all at the same time. What was disappointing was not the actual performances. No, they were all incredible in their own ways! What was disappointing was the turn out. After how much these concerts were promoted, I expected more than 30 people to show up. Continue reading “TRANSISTOR 66 WEEKENDER :: Park Theatre Saturday :: April 28, 2012”

Austra + Young Galaxy + Tasseomancy // 11-24-11 // LIVE @ WECC

Austra @ WECC
Photo by Andrew Mazurak at the WECC in Winnipeg.

By Andrew Mazurak

Toronto’s Austra came to town in late November expecting colder weather than that which welcomed them. Despite our less than wintery wonderland of a city being unseasonably warm, the WECC warmed up damn quick as the sold out crowd danced their asses off for opener Young Galaxy who just came through town a few months earlier with Junior Boys:

Continue reading “Austra + Young Galaxy + Tasseomancy // 11-24-11 // LIVE @ WECC”