Manchester Orchestra – Simple Math

Simple Math was the third album released by Manchester Orchestra. They blew me away with this one—with songs that I haven’t ever seen so well written and sung. Manchester Orchestra is certainly one of Atlanta’s finest bands and Favorite Gentlemen Recordings and Columbia Records both recognized their great talent by signing them. The song “Simple Math” is just a song I had to put on repeat on my music player as I absolutely loved it. It comes out softly and then it brings in more guitar with louder vocals and more bass truly symbolizing the genre of rock. “Mighty” is a song that I also enjoyed very much mostly because of the great instrumental track. It begins with very low bass increasing the intensity of the song and you can actually feel the low bass as you listen to it through headphones. Throughout the song you can hear the riffs of the guitar over the thumping beat of the drums and bass. It’s a song that I found that had an excellent combination of instruments and vocals, as the vocals were loudly sung over the drums and bass. “Pensacola”—now that’s a song I just had to jam out and blast in my car. It’s fast-paced, and shortly in the middle of it the song, it slows down a bit and then goes back to fast paced guitar and vocals. I loved it. Simple Math is a very unique album and I enjoyed getting the pleasure to hear it. (Favorite Gentlemen, Ben Sabic