Malachi – Return to the Ugly Side

To me, album artwork plays a large role in how I judge an album before I listen to it. I guess it’s just my habit as a graphic designer. At first glance I thought for sure this album was a metal album, or hardcore somewhat, but I was found wrong. I actually thought I mixed up the CD and put in Sufjan Stevens’ Age of Adz instead. The electronic drum track in their songs sounds much like one Sufjan Stevens enjoyed using in his latest album. Malachai (formerly named Malakai) is a strong ’60s Psychedelic electronic rock group with cut and paste styles all over the album. The sleepy, spooky, fast, action, slow and calm feelings in this album, creates the perfect soundtrack for a dream. I swear if you listened you would think the same. Its spot on for any dream scenario. (Double Six, Nicholas Van Doeselaar