Yukon Blonde Finds Success with Latest Release

by Matt Austman

With nearly a decade of history under their belt, Yukon Blonde is on course to establishing itself as one of Canada’s most acclaimed and cherished indie rock bands. Their latest release, Tiger Talk, is a departure from their previous, more laid-back 70s inspired rock n roll, and is propelling the band past the club scene and into theatres. Recently, Stylus had the opportunity to speak with the band’s chief songwriter and lead vocalist, Jeff Innes, about the band’s success, the meaning of Tiger Talk, and the personal impact of touring full-time. Continue reading “Yukon Blonde Finds Success with Latest Release”

Hillbilly Highway – Sumner Brothers hit town Sunday

by Sheldon Birnie

The Sumner Brothers are a Vancouver based indie-roots act made up of, you guessed it, the brothers Bob and Brian Sumner. Effortlessly blending traditional themes and sounds with a fully contemporary language and feel, the Sumner Brothers craft contemporary roots music at home both within rural honky-tonks and urban dive bars where the bourbon flows free. Releasing their debut In the Garage in 2006, the Sumner Brothers have been at the vanguard of a resurgence of folk music in Vancouver. With the release of their fourth disc, I’ll Be There Tomorrow, the boys hit the road running last week, and are pulling through Winnipeg on the Hillbilly Highway this weekend with two shows lined up. After discussing their influences (large fans of Bruce Springsteen, Townes Van Zandt, and Johnny Cash), Stylus jumped into the following discussion with Brian Sumner, as the boys enjoyed a rare day off in Edmonton. Continue reading “Hillbilly Highway – Sumner Brothers hit town Sunday”