Vetiver – The Errant Charm

Vetiver’s fifth album sounds more refined and less based on folky guitar than earlier efforts. Reminiscent of Sam Prekop, The Errant Charm is a sweet and soothing pop album. Turning away from acoustic guitar and toward keyboard, electric guitar and chill, Vetiver explores ambient pop on The Errant Charm. I really enjoy the first three songs on this album. “Worse for Wear” sounds like early Vetiver, as the song maintains an emphasis on the acoustic guitar. The Sam Prekop-type pop beginning with “Hard to Break” is nice. “Can’t You Tell” is a perfect soft pop song, a partial throwback to ’80s pop yet still maintaining Vetiver’s core sound. Overall, I am chilling to this new Vetiver album. It is very relaxing and sweet. (Sub Pop, Kyra Leib