We are Enfant Terrible – Explicit Pictures

We are Enfant Terrible resurrects Nintendo from its ’80s grave with the release of their new album, Explicit Pictures. The trio (Thomas Fourney, Clo Floret and Cyril Debarge) comes out of Lille, in Northern France.  We are Enfant Terrible is dastardly catchy hipster pop. The album was recorded at Fourney’s house in Lille, with the band utilising guitars, keys, drums, Nintendo and 8-bit music. For those of you who scratch your heads and say to yourself, “8-bit? Double-you-tee-eff?” let me save you the time and energy of Wikipedia. 8-Bit is electro pop created via yesteryear’s game consoles, like Atari and/or Gameboy. Loving the “purity” of the Nintendo, these three use the “smooth and aggressive” tones of the Nintendo to forge Explicit Pictures into the mod music of 2011. They also list fashion, ’50s, ’60s and ’70s pop, Roman history, Belgian cooking and kittens as sources of inspiration. Listen to it once, you’ll think it was pretty good, but nothing you haven’t heard before. The second time will come out of curiosity. Third time? This was no accident. A final thing to note is the lyrics – they’re pretty funny, considering the rough French-English translation but it works with the unnerving and infectious melodies.  Give “Lobster Quadrille,” “A Song to You” and “So Fine” to see for yourself. (Pil Records, http://www.weareenfantterrible.com/) Victoria King