Powder Blue turn up the heavy


by Sheldon Birnie

Saskatoon’s Powder Blue are creating quite the buzz around themselves; a heavy, fuzzed out, droning buzz. The psychedelic quartet released their debut disc Dream in Black earlier this year, and have played stellar gigs across the West since. With a new member and some new tunes in tow, they return to Winnipeg this weekend to rock the Windsor with fellow ‘Toon towners Shooting Guns. Stylus caught up with Shelby Gaudet as they prepared for this mini prairie tour. Continue reading “Powder Blue turn up the heavy”

Label Profile: Eat Em Up Records

by Sheldon Birnie

“It’s been a bunk summer for venues and shows, this summer,” said Brandon Ackerman over a couple beers and smokes in Wolseley recently. “But this fall is looking promising.”
Ackerman makes up half of Eat Em Up Records, and we are discussing upcoming projects the label has coming down the pipe. “I’ve been a fan of Eat Em Up Records since it’s inception in the early 2000s,” Ackerman told Stylus.
Rounded out by Jan Quakenbush, founder of Eat Em Up Records, the two have some big plans for the little label. “We’re stepping it up, putting things out faster. Really pushing to put out vinyl,” Ackerman said. Continue reading “Label Profile: Eat Em Up Records”